Pension money never goes far enough anymore always in debt

Foundation are s**** ok, do not sign with them for courses they lie, don't do aust trainer insti courses $17-20 k for rubbish! that are over priced and scams for paying n******- white people are paying 3x the amount to help little n****** who don't know how to survive in our world and disadvantaged white people should be the last of people to help them, let the rich whites and doctors and lawyers and business people pay up first, let the black rich c**** help us poor white folk, f*** you c****. I just should never have signed to this f****** cert 3 course in australia the courses are over priced and I was done over by this black niggar jock, If I had seen how smug, jock and mr big time he thinks he is there is no way I would have signed up, the c*** f****** ripped me off. I signed to a $800 course then the muscle builder j*** of indian/middle eastern appearance which is creepy.... p***** off from the job and I think that dirtbag knew all along the contract was under his lies. how many little n****** is he getting me to pay in secret for those dental courses. they look a ugly couple that middle eastern pair, she has ugly black whichy hair and skin and so does he with creepy looks.

Mar 19, 2016

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