I think I Got My Married Neice By Marriage Pregnant

My wife's nephew and his new wife came to stay at our home for about two months so he could finish up his school. My niece is a cute girl of 23 and in many ways is like a child in her attitude. She is actually a fun girl to be around and I was very fond of her because I've always wanted a daughter and she seemed to fit that bill.

She was always spending time with me in innocent things like watching television, helping me cook, or doing the gardening. Her husband is a bit of a knucklehead and a selfish person and was always either playing on his computer, sleeping, or going to class. They never went out together and she only left the house if it was with my wife and I.

At 53, I was also way past the romantic feelings for a young girl. I treated her like a daughter and my wife was fine with that.

About a week before she was to leave back to their home in another state she became very depressed. I felt so sorry for her but didn't know what to do. We started talking at night so I could try and cheer her up. I also suffer from insomnia badly and the only way I can sleep is if I start out in the living room watching television and fall asleep until about 1 a.m. and then I can go to bed with my wife. I've been doing this for years so it's no big deal for my wife any longer and she expects it.

It was during this television time that my niece and I would talk while her husband was busy with his computer games. I have to admit that I started developing inappropriate feelings for her during this last week while we talked. Plus, she was starting to come down stairs barefoot for our talk and in a robe which she kept tightly tied up at first but when we were alone she would untie it to reveal a rather sexy outfit underneath.

One night about four days before she was to leave she went upstairs to after our nightly talk and I then went to sleep on the couch. About an hour later I was awakened by someone laying next to touching my private parts. When I opened my eyes and there was my niece. i tried to protest at first but my l*** got the better of me and before I knew it we were quietly and gently making love.

I came inside her without protection but she didn't seem to mind. She then pulled her dressing gown up and returned upstairs.

We repeated this over the next three nights and each night I came inside her. I was a bit concerned but she assured me she was on birth control.

Finally, she and her husband both left and I have to admit I was relieved as I didn't think I'd be able to keep this double life up for long as the guilt was getting to me.

A month later and to my horror she announced that she was pregnant. There has been no mention of our little nighttime cheating but the timing would have been right if it were my child.

I have no doubt that I'm the father since she told me that and her husband had been having very little s**.

I haven't spoken to her about this and so far nothing has been said.

But I'm in a panic right now as she is due to give birth in about a month. What if the child looks like me and not her husband? Is my life about to come crashing down?

Mar 22, 2016

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  • Sperm donor plain and simple.

  • It sounds like she used you as a sperm donor because her worthless husband wasn't up to the job. I doubt that she will tell anyone and probably wants everyone to think that it's her husband's baby.

  • Relax, you did her a favor and she gave you a bigger one.

  • Why would you do this? You need to repent to Christ and let him clean you of this terrible sin.

  • What a load of bollocks

  • What did I say that was wrong? Christ and Him crucified is what will save both you and the unfortunate uncle who is facing the h*** fires of the devil for his foul deed.

  • Well, what a man sows he shall also reap....guess it is as true today as in the Biblical days. There are several little bumps in the road here,,,,if she ever get mad at her husband and blurts out that the kid aint hissen,,,,or maybe her husband becomes suspicious that it is not his and he demands a DNA test,,,,or she gets mad at you or your wife, decides to tell your wife that the kid is yours,,,,,or she may decide she needs a new car and wants you to buy it, soooo...,,,,There are so many little imine fields here, you will be stepping around for a long time.

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