Teenage bedwetter

I'm 20 years old and I'm a bed wetter. Until I was 17 I'd never woken up in a dry bed, I didn't go to sleepovers when I was a kid, or on school camps. After I turn 17 it seemed to just 'dry up' over night, it was great, I could have a real girlfriend and we could sleep in same bed without her getting wet. So that's wht I did, i got a girl friend and we moved in together amd had a baby. Now after 2 years together, I've started wetting the bed again. I started off once or twice a week but now its every night. I havent been dry at night for 2 months now. My gf is really nice about it bit she gets me to wear adult diapers to bed so she doesn't wake up wet and so the sheets don't have to be washed every day. I don't mind wearing them, they're comfortable and I like the security of knowing I won't wake up to a huge mess.

I hate having to hide this, I just gets so hard sometimes. I want people to know so I don't have to worry about them finding out but I'm too nervous to tell them.

So, my name Corey long and this my secret.

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  • I too used to wet my bed till the other day, when in sleep I raped and lady who was bathing in out backyard. It happened so that I wondered how an unknown lady could bath in our backyard and it chanced upon me that I am dreaming. That thought of me is still in the dreams gave me the idea to f*** the bathing lady. I groped the lady and bend her forward and my happy throbbing d*** was already in her p****. Had thrust in two or four times and just had a load of c*** breaking my dream and stark awake with my bed wet with my full lot of c***. The first experience of my c****** in dream which stopped my bed wetting with urine. Thanks after that I had f***** all those who comes into my dream.

  • Do you experience incontinence during the day? Just at night? Have you spoken to a doctor about this? It doesn't have to be embarrassing to speak to a doctor about this. This condition does exist for adults. But something else (medically) could be going on with you...

  • I would like to help you.To stop wetting the bed,be sure to urinate before getting into bed, and if you are awake,about two hours afterwards. This is always a good technique. Also, remember that if there is a humid draft coming into your room, it will work just like a glass of warm water.

    p.s.i'm about 14 but i have been correct on every therapeutic thing ive ever said.Trust me.

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