Sick sick sick

When my daughter was 9 I found out she was being molested by a man 25 years older than her. I found out when I found her love letters from him, which went into a lot of detail. I was going to turn him in and save my daughter, but she said that if I did, she would tell the cops that I was the guilty party! She loved him, he was "her boyfriend" and she wanted to protect him and their relationship.
So we compromised. Actually, I caved in and she got to see him without sneaking around. Seeing them together, it was obvious that she called the shots and he was her meek little b****, despite being older than me. She would slap him and call him names and hit him with a belt and make him suck her toes. When they went to her room they would make love very loudly and I'd get hot and j*** off despite myself.
She's 13 now and they're still together and she's added another man to her stable. She's turned into a proper little dominatrix and she's not even done growing yet. She makes me j*** off in front of her and lick it off her and tells me how sick I am for wanting her and she's right.

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  • Yes it is sick but I came in my pants reading it. It is so hot. Lucky you, I love slutty.
    Send me details please
    kitweboys1975 at

  • copypasta?!

  • this guy is a 13 year old who has loli incest bdsm fantasies. next post will be about her getting one of the guys getting him up the ass.

  • ^^^Yes, this is total bullshit. Very sick and twisted bullshit though. If you really are a father, I really hope you get hit by a f****** bus.

  • Nice imagination you got there.

    YAAAAWWWNNN ! ! ! ! !

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