Don't ask me why. I don't know why.

I have fallen in love with a h*****. Just a plain prostitute. No, she's not a high-class call-girl. She's not an escort or a courtesan. And she's certainly not Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman". Not close. She's just an ordinary street-walker. I mean, she's a great lay, don't get me wrong: the s** is incredible. But there's nothing about her that, at first glance, would make you think she IS anything beyond what she DOES. I picked her up downtown one night about two months ago, as she was standing at a corner. I had no intention (or hope) of making any permanent connection: I just wanted a BJ. And the one she gave me was spectacular. But I kept going back for a few weeks and eventually fell in love with her. I know she'll freak, but I'm going to take her to dinner this weekend, and I'm going to ask her to marry me. Why? Because I love her, but I really don't understand it even myself.

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  • My experience: prostitutes are either crazy and addicts or both. But whatever else they are, their lives are constantly filled with DRAMA. Everything has to produce a wild story, and they are always being dumped on (by family, by friends, or by society), and it all revolves around money, and it all has to get resolved (or paid) Now. NOW!! They need money because their car broke down, because their baby is sick, because their dog got kidnapped, whatever. Taking her out of the life isn't going to stop the DRAMA. There will always be DRAMA. Even after you marry her. You can't see that right now, but trust me: I've been there already. These b****** are all the same. It's why they do what they do: they can't do anything else.

  • Dude maybe you are so starving for companionship that you are confusing your feelings for love.... I mean you dont even know what this person's view of life is or what she expects or wants out of live (which in my opinion are critical views to be with a person for the rest of your life) Im not saying dont get to know her, sure... ask her out if you want, and get to know her.... but this "asking to marry her" dude you need to be smacked in the f****** head!

  • Check her out for STDs.

  • That is beautiful <3

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