Lost cries

Sometimes on this site my posts just don't go on the website. They aren't even really sexual or violent but they just disappear into the aether of the Internet.

It's not really a confession if noone hears it.

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  • Ask the no-life basement dwellers around here how they do it-- post "confession" after "confession" of the same exact thing, usually to do with panties. Inane repetitive s*** seems to go through without any trouble whatsoever.

  • The man from Iceland

    I am a 16 year old bisexual male and at my school I have recently met an exchange student from Iceland. He is tallish, has bright orange hair, very pale and perfect skin and is charismatic, funny, the whole thing.

    It is really strange but the very first time I met him, I walked beside him and I instantly got really, REALLY h****, just from being close to his body.

    I've heard of humans having a sort of pheromone and I was wondering if it is something like that because he doesn't even have to do anything and he makes me extremely sexually charged and lately I've been 'fooling around' with my friend who is living with me for a while, just before we have to go back to our separate rooms just to get rid of this frustration.

    But man does that guy get me going. I honestly would get a rock-solid b**** if he just simply embraced me from behind. If he asked if he could f*** me, I would instantly say yes, I don't care if it was in the bush, behind a cabin on camp.

    H***, if the people in my or his cabin were ok with it, I'd be willing to get f***** by him on his bed in front of them.

    I'd do anything for him and I hardly know him! I can't believe I'm this obsessed with him and he just has to be close enough for me to smell him.

  • That was sexual but glad you got to post it.

  • Post them here in the comment section

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