I'm a horrible wife.

On the day of my wedding last June I had s** with the guy I had been dating before I met my fiancé. He did me three times that day. Whenever I had broke up with him before that he told me he could come back whenever he wanted and do me and that I wouldn't stop him. I laughed at him then but then he showed up the morning of the wedding after not talking to me for like a year and he was right. I couldn't say no. I also haven't been able to say no since then whenever he comes back for more. I haven't told him no even once. Not once. I'm terrible but I can't help myself around the guy. It feels like my body was made just for his d***. And he knows that. I don't love him at all but I can't stay off him. My husband is the love of my life but he has no idea of what I'm doing. I hate myself for this.

Mar 25, 2016

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  • Nothing to see here.. Slowly now but picking up pace is sharia law regarding women, due to the backlash we always knew was arriving in response to over 40 years of female emancipation crap.. Soon, when the Mrs. knows that there will be lawfully justified, severe punishment such as Arab females receive, one won't be reading of babes bragging of their despicable, criminal behavior.

  • Even if you're right, we women will still be f******, still be cheating, still enjoying our lives and our bodies, we just won't be talking about it. But one thing is for certain: none of us will be f****** YOU. :)


  • I cheated on my husband during our honeymoon. My best friend did the same on her honeymoon. It's no biggie. Consider yourself lucky that you have enough love in your life.

  • You aren't horrible, so please stop beating yourself up over these occurrences. You have a need for two men because neither of these are enough man for you by himself. Millions of women are involved in this type of circumstance. Stop hating yourself and start enjoying yourself. S** is supposed to be fun. Let it be fun.

  • Stop pacifying the scumbag & get lost somewhere.. This a****** is behaving as if she was single & has no business making a mockery of marriage by acting in such a despicable manner.. As adults reasonable people adhere to rules that we as a peaceful society have established for civility.. All you argue for is more excuses that deploy liberalism ; the very dynamic that has a founded history for the destruction of a reasonable society.. When one acutely observes, that itself is what is occurring all over Europe at present.. Liberalism : the mental disease that keeps on ruining..

  • Jeez.....your arguments are all from the 1950s, as interpreted by Fox News. It's time to wake up and smell the 21st Century. She deserves to enjoy herself and her men.


  • Clearly you should get a divorce so that you can have the s** life you've always wanted. Love is not important to you but s** rules!

  • I must agree with your suggestion. Gals like these should be severely punished in some way for insulting the state of marriage with such crude carelessness and disrespect..

  • True. I lost my first wife AND my second wife to men with huge c****.

  • Ri-ight ; and I have a successful catering service in Antarctica.. Look, you aren't fooling anyone with your foolish, perverted fetish Miss..

  • They were both black. I guess that had something to do with it....... :(

  • Mmhmm, and we understand from your gynecologist that you are now inflicted with the Human Immunodeficiency virus & are set for life. When that is coupled with the severe weekly beatings you receive from the n*****, we are sure you couldn't be more of a stupid scumbag..

  • I know what you mean. I have a facial expression, it's in the eyes, that I can deliver to certain women that draws them to me seemingly from the results, solely to be seduced & inseminated.

  • To the man who claims below to have an "aura" over women: you are not fooling anybody. If you ever found yourself in the presence of a feminist, independent, self-actualized and fertile woman -- a REAL woman, a domina -- you would succumb and surrender immediately. You would be unable to run your little shell game on her, and you would find yourself, perhaps for the first time in your life, in the deeply submissive role of servancy to the supreme femme. You know this, somewhere in your subconscious, so you hide behind your pathetic little façade of macho nonsense in order to compensate for your inadequacies. I could transform and train you to be at my heel, and you would gladly humble yourself before my superiority, and you'd happily do so in front of all your male friends. I won't waste my time trying to persuade you of this. No. You already know this is true.

  • I'll be honest. When I met and married my husband 2yrs ago I was settling. We never said it but we both knew it. I was still addicted to my ex-boyfriend and his spectacular spectacular spectacular c*** and the way he f***** me with it. And I still am. I think about his c*** all the time. Every day. I think about a lot of things but I mostly remember the sight of being under him with my legs slung over his shoulders and him pounding me then looking down at my belly and seeing the bulge under my skin and stomach muscle where his c*** was sliding in and out. Just the sight of it made me c** every time. And now......just the memory of it makes me c** every time. The only difference is that when my ex-boyfriend actually caused the bulge and I came.......it made me squirt. My husband has never made me squirt not even when I am thinking of my ex and dreaming that it's him who's f****** me. If my ex came back around I'd f*** him every day. Maybe twice a day. Big d**** are just better. And any woman who tells you different is just lying to you.

  • De scumbag is correct.. Dis squirting theory is merely that ; theory however having a extra large & ALL the BETTER Circumcised P**** elevates a man like me as blessed and gifted.. We are in a class of our own ; a cut above, if you will.. When, as a man one knows due to all the positive feedback, that he has the unbridled ability as well as command to pleasure women far more than others, he feels his advanced degree of demand & worth emotionally as well as physically.. Personally, I remember one woman of 28 giving me what I consider to be one of de finest & complete compliments I ever received regarding my impeccable P**** when she said "I can feel it everywhere at de same time"..

  • Yeah, you'll be honest. After all, everyone is honest now, right?? Look, with a posting like that & as ugly & corrupt as your account apeears, your word is about as healthy & credible as scumbag H. Clinton..

  • Look Mrs.__, your view on this issue is appreciated ; by the same token expressing that any woman who doesn't agree with you is a liar not only irritates many, it proves your lack of intelligence by failure to indicate any specifics, data or studies to support such a ludicrous, astonishing generalization. As a woman I can say that personally the issue has never had any effect on me. Try to remember that we are not all on a one track mind with respect to being satisfied sexually..

  • LOL :) I'm not saying a woman can't LOVE a small-d*** man. I'm just saying a small-d*** man can't please her. Yes......big d**** are always ALWAYS better and no honest woman can deny it.

  • I still f*** my old boyfriend after 12 years of marriage to my husband. I don't see a problem. I love my husband but also get something out of having s** with my old boyfriend. It's real fun having daily s** with two lovers.

  • .. And then you woke up..

  • In my opinion, you simply need to adjust your attitude about the outside relationship. These sorts of affairs happen millions of times every day, and you shouldn't worry so much about being one among many. Relax and let yourself experience and enjoy the pleasures of your former and once-again lover, and that incredible c*** of his. If he pleases you, let him. If he satisfies you, keep him. Your husband doesn't need to know. If your husband was doing a better job of taking care of your needs, you wouldn't feel any need for more. The fact that you want more tells me that your body and your heart need more than just one man. Keep in mind: one day, perhaps soon, you may find yourself needing more than two men. That will be a happy day. Look forward to it.

  • My husband knows what I need and he knows he can't give it to me. He has no choice but to step aside whilst I go out and fetch it. What is "it"? Big d****.

  • Being a promiscuous heifer never leaves room for any class at all.. What you're referring to is more accurately & eloquently phrased as a oversized P****.. Furthermore, dames like you are easy prey for a man like myself..

  • My wife and I had been members of a swinger/BDSM club for a couple of years, when she met a man just like you. We're still married, but now he owns her and she no longer has s** with me, just with him, and I no longer go to the club gatherings: she goes on his arm. And on his meat. You're right about women being easy prey for you. Once she got on that "oversized P****", her life changed immediately.

  • You better believe it.. I used to be amazed at the interest I attained until I retraced & evaluated the framing of my disposition, verbiage & posture with regard to a chosen gal's proximity.. It required some experimentation until I discovered why they become enthralled with me. The dynamic is subliminally pheromonal.. Rational reasoning only lead to me adroitly seducing them. Naturally their resulting addiction is to what triggered all the uncontrollable, amazing emotions they experienced during my penetration of their v***** ; i.e. my oversized P****.. I can identify with your posting, having posted victories over several husbands of women who preferred my occupation of their v***** over their spouses'.. Furthermore, I never counted how many children resulted from my countless, joyous womanizing & inseminations via nature dictating my behavior.. Additionally, whether it was immediate or not, I have overlooked considering how much or little I may have altered any dame's path in life by her addiction to my oversized P****.. After all, it's just nature..

  • You are so so so so sooooooo right about this and especially for my wife when you speak of the "uncontrollable amazing emotions" that a woman experiences when they are first penetrated by a man of such size and incredible skill. My wife said at the BDSM club the first night with Ryan (the "owner" I mentioned) that she felt a form of ecstasy and hunger and desire and love that she had never felt before, along with many other emotions that don't have words to describe them. So, yes: you thoroughly understand the physical and emotional state that these women have when properly stimulated. And another thing is worth mentioning. Ryan has said, also like you, that he has fathered many children, even more than he is aware of, and that surprisingly, over three-quarters of the mothers are married to other men (or at least they were, at the time of the impregnations). Yes, you and Ryan and other endowed men like you both are certainly altering the paths of many many women. And making them happy. Much more happy than their husbands ever had or ever could.

  • First, I must comment on the composition of your message. Judging from the attentive, caring word & sentence structure, it reads softly & with emotion, as if written from a feminine point of view. Fundamentally, I prefer communicating with women anyhow.. Anyhow that stated, it is a very rewarding emotion, knowing I posses such a degree of dynamic power due to the way I manage my decisions & what women I select to interact with..

  • Furthermore, it's quite obvious I am spot on once again!!

  • Their exist many cases where select, blessed men knowing they have the prolific endowment designed for pleasing a woman are adroit at projecting it & how they carry themselves, mysteriously & seductively creating this aura over women or one women sense if they are a chosen sexual target of his. Nature then dictates her behavior. Whether the premise is for hours or weeks, she is helpless to deny or refuse her fate. Much of her behavior may become involuntary & preparatory for their inevitable coitus.. Unfortunately, even the dynamic of institution [such as marriage] is helpless when facing the force of nature. Man's perpetual authority & supremacy over women, dictated by nature is undeniable beyond dispute.

  • Jesus F****** Christ! What you are saying is totally correct, though I can't imagine how you know so well what women like me feel in these circumstances. "Nature dictates her behavior." The perfect example in my life happened three weeks ago, at a wake, the evening before the funeral the next morning. I was standing with my husband, speaking with a woman whose husband had just died, when I noticed a man watching me from across the room. I had never met or seen him before, but I could tell just from the way he was standing and glancing at me that he was H-U-N-G. No, I couldn't see a bulge in his pants, and nobody had told me anything about his c*** size, but I knew. I was drawn to him as if magnetized. I walked over to him without my husband, and he smiled knowingly as I approached, realizing already that he could do with me whatever he wanted. He told me (he didn't ask) to wait five minutes and then come meet him behind the funeral home. I had been given no choice, so I went. As I moved toward him in the dark behind the building, I could see well enough to tell he was taking his c*** out of his pants. He first had me kneel and blow him, then he bent me over an A/C ground unit and f***** me. He came in me without asking about my birth control status. The load was the biggest I'd ever received. And then he sent me back to my husband, with his cream swimming in me. I felt drunk. He came back inside a few minutes later, found me, and told me that I belong to him now. He took my phone number, and told me that I was to come to him whenever he called. In the three weeks since, I have come to him each time he called. Why? Just what you said: even the dynamic institution of marriage is helpless when facing the force of nature represented by big d*** meat. Yes, size matters.

  • I know so well how many women feel in a given set of circumstances due to comprehending psychology, by simply studying women, their habits & most of all by being attuned to how nature interacts with psychology for the accurate, dependable results I stated.. Furthermore I include myself regarding my statements.. Ever since I can remember, I have the undeniable capacity to exhibit confident, knowing presence just by the method in which I posture myself among mixed company or especially when being observed by women, that emits a pheromonal message to a woman.. The first few instances are sometimes puzzling to a young man when he finds himself the subject of attention.. Once I retraced & evaluated however, I smiled often at the gift[s] I knew were mine to exploit ; much like the man you alluded to.. Conquests become countless.. The emotional apex of authority & will I realized I have over women is always refreshing & energizing.. Additionally, it's common knowledge that birth control is the dame's responsibility.. My s**** is always deposited at her cervix or swallowed..

  • Whoever the guy is that's writing these things is making me weak in the knees and wet in the slit. I mean, G******, it's like he's writing these things JUST FOR ME and is subliminally telling me to surrender my cervix. And my soul. The way he talks about his s**** makes me feel like I can taste it, AND that it's also flowing past my cervix and knocking me up. He is what all men should be.

  • You have healthy fantasy however in the real world my aura over you would beckon you to obey my word.. To be honest, it's nearly obvious sometimes how weak & wet my being, persona & charm cause some women to become.. It gives a man quite a sense of accomplishment being able to adjust my dynamics toward manipulating a woman's emotional state.. Furthermore, I'm satisfied that my template for being manly is unique, yet cannot be copied.. I'm greedy that way girl..

  • What ^this^ woman said about her MAN not inquiring about birth control was my most recent experience, too. I actually asked mine about using a condom, and He just said He was primed for impregnation, since He hadn't had an o***** in four days. My husband will s*** if this MAN knocked me up. Why? He's black. And my husband and I aren't. It's risky behavior, but a woman like me doesn't say "no" to a MAN like this one. He is ALL MAN.

  • I'm sort of in the same situation with my step-sister. She's married and we're ambivalent towards each other. We always end up having wild primal s** during reunions.

  • The psychological train of thought expressed by most of the postings here indicates nature itself profoundly dictating both man's & women's behavior. Additionally, the overwhelming preference for promiscuity among females as a gender is unmistakable & undeniable.. Noted are assertions beyond dispute of : an endowed given man having a spell over a gal, inability of random women to refuse attention to a man's P****, LOVE for a man's P****, a man's P**** proclaimed to be a force of nature, desire to be filled to the core by a man's P**** & above all the realization beyond dispute that it is truly the MAN'S CHOICE when to subdue a woman for copulation.. These admitted and/or confessed premises are coupled with the multi studied, conclusive evidence indicating more females than not clearly have the desire to be taken and forced to copulate at any given time.. As documented & admitted by several of women's accounts here, almost independently nature dictates a man's sexually aggressive behavior as well as a females need to submit to him, thereby indicating how appropriate it indeed is for a man to subdue a woman when he deems necessary.. This chain of events dictated by nature itself neatly & conclusively dispels & dismantles theories regarding sexual assault or sexual misconduct, as well as the fabrication that "rape" always is.. A man acts by nature ANYTIME he takes & penetrates a woman with his P**** ; furthermore, her submission to him even when overpowered mentally or physically is not by choice but by nature.. Per this conclusive, rational reasoning, there only exists ALLEGED sexual misconduct or sexual assault on a female..

  • If more of us women would submit to men -- but only to men with big d**** -- we would all be much, MUCH happier. I told my husband before we got married that any time I have the chance to hook it with a guy packing heavy meat, I'm going to do it, whether I go on to date him, or just f*** him once and never see him again. Hubby don't like it, but he deals with it. He has no choice.

  • Indeed.. He deals with it much the same way a dame deals with a spouse who like me who is gifted with endowment & is one of those men designed by nature to spread their seed via extra marital relations.. She has no choice.

  • When this man says "She has no choice", I really feel like I actually have no choice. My husband would never understand my desires for men with gigantic meat.

  • Believe me, you don't & you know you don't.. After all, you're only a woman.. You're subject to the dynamics of a man's manipulation & subjugation.. Additionally, your spouse's conflict with comprehension is irrelevant.. The overtaking, emotional apex you would undergo with my oversized P**** completely filling you with my every thrust trumps all else that matters anyhow..

  • I had to weigh in here, being one of the more fortunate men regarding the subject matter.. Indeed, to state that I revel in the ability to control dames due to my generous genitalia endowment, paired with technique is a understatement.. I always knew I was a unique man in more ways than one. For some time I pondered why a dame would constantly find a way to be where I was. Time after time though after bedding every one, they were addicted beyond any control of theirs & I found them at my call anytime.. I reasoned early on why the common denominator was their desire to feel me deposit my s**** at their core.. ALL of them had hinted or indicated my awesome, potent, circumcised P**** as being big and/or thick.. Moreover, it's always been convenient & rewarding to exploit dames womanize & inseminate them at my will.. They know too well that when I appear, they will submit to me.. Their subservience is expected & engaged.. I further contend that it is EVERY man's right to procure a woman at any time regarding his need to release s**** within her.

  • Every word this man says is true, and he really understands women like us who need this sort of command and control. Yes, we submit. We submit because men like this give us no choice. They know what we want, they know what they're doing to us, and they are good at keeping us in absolute need of those humungous d****. We tell them to stay away, we say we don't want it anymore, but these men laugh that off because they know our bodies are craving the feeling of being entered and grinded and hammered by those incredible c****. I wish he wasn't right, but he's exactly right. We need them to f*** us. And we need them to breed us.

  • Thank you for your considerate, articulated reaction to my reply.. You're quite a perceptive woman who's clearly in my wheelhouse.. Additionally, I know you don't at all wish I wasn't right ; rather my accuracy is a key component to what makes you happy as a woman..

  • You're right about what my wish was. When a man with a huge c*** wants to breed me -- and he TELLS me so -- then yes....I ache to be used by him. I want him to use my body and my womb, and I want him to humiliate BOTH me AND my husband in doing so. Yes, you are so perceptive. I actually do love that.

  • I bet you do love that & I relish shining my armor in being perceptive, being superior to other men & having adroit ability to humiliate my targets..

  • This is very well stated. Actually, it's incredibly well stated. My dad had the same problem with his second wife (my step-mom). She remained involved with her prior husband throughout her marriage to my dad and the guy humiliated both of them by openly and brazenly dating her and dictating to my dad when she would come to him. They dated right out in the open, and she wasn't very shy about explaining why: the guy had meat (according to her) that no woman could possibly resist. She claimed it was over 12 inches. And just exactly as this guy said above, my step-mom openly acknowledged that her ex was superior to my dad in every way that mattered, and that he was superior to all others as well. He loved humiliating both of them and he did just that frequently. I was glad to have been able to move out of the house before it got so ugly and lurid.

  • Not being one to worry although due to there being MANY, I wondered at times why I have never been approached by anyone I have humiliated. I refuse to believe there are THAT many masochists out there. It must be as I said, my capacity to project superiority in many ways rather than only one.. Thank you, I am adroit with ability to articulate as well..

  • I agree with the other ladies who have access to big d**** outside their marriages, but I'll take it a step further. Although the feelings are certainly complicated, I think the feelings we have for our big-dicked lovers actually IS love. And I don't think we ought to feel bad about that. Loving big d**** is nothing to be ashamed of, and if our husbands aren't packing that kind of meat, I think we have the right -- and the obligation -- to go out and get it wherever and whenever we can. I have two extreeeeeemely well-hung lovers at the moment (one black, one Hispanic), and my husband doesn't know. But I also think my husband benefits from the extra action I'm getting, because being f***** so often by such big d**** just makes me hornier and more aggressive and more skilled. I love big d**** and I would never apologize for that. Even if my husband caught me, I'd tell him, "Well, honey, just grow a bigger d*** and I'll consider dumping my boyfriends." :) But one of the other ladies said it best here: "There's no such thing as too much love." But there certainly is such a thing as too little love. :)

  • I to have the same problem but my X BF came back to town after three years of being away and I had s** with him the second day he was back. I can't refuse him for he has some sort of a spell over me but if he want to f*** me in the front yard I would but luckily he hasn't asked that of me yet. The big trouble is I still love him and yet I'm married to my love of my life but I still can't refuse his c***. Wow that's it in a nut shell I can't refuse his c***. About every two or three days he has me meet him and we go to the spot where he took my cherry and he makes love to me all over again right out in the open and I just pray someone I know don't see me.

  • For what it's worth I really admire the way you get what you need. I wish I could do this in my marriage too. I have an ex who I know would want to get with me. But I just don't think I'm bold enough.

  • Cool your jets babe.. You AREN'T bold enough because you have little to offer.. Now GET OVER YOURSELF & focus on the your dang marriage.. You're probably fortunate to be married girl..

  • I really get that. "Not being able to refuse his c***". That's a great explanation for how some men affect us in powerful, inexplicable and irresistible ways. I had a man like that in my own life, but unfortunately he moved like 1200 miles away and so now I can't get on him like I once did. I still occasionally give my husband a plausible lie, fly out to meet my "owner", get a hotel room and spend 4-6 days f****** him at every chance he has to get away from his wife. I used the word "owner" because that's what he is. I submitted to him the very day I first met him 9 years ago and I have loved every moment of every visit we have, and they're all with me in the inferior position. I hadn't ever thought of our relationship in the way you described it (so beautifully), but now I doubt I can ever think of in any other way. His c*** is a force of nature and I truly cannot refuse taking it into my body and my life. Thank you for your very instructive and encouraging report. You're very lucky.

  • Keep in mind that you are very lucky as well ; lucky to still have a spouse & lucky to have a owner.. Then again I would own you too if we ever crossed paths, just due to nature. To expand on your narrative, the P**** on any man is a force of nature especially when involuntarily aroused & again by nature women CANNOT refuse accepting it into their [body] v***** thus ; the fabrication that "rape" always is & always will be. It naturally follows that there can only be ALLEGED sexual abuse/sexual misconduct..

  • It's all in how you look at the relationship. I look at it as sexy. Very, very, very sexy. And so should you.

  • Some people are going to call you a w****, but you aren't a w****. You have two men in your life, and both of them want to be there. One in your heart, and one between your legs. If you can handle the balance, then just let it all happen. Love them both. There's no such thing as too much love.

  • Don't hate yourself, please. You're just making things h****** yourself. Our hearts want what our hearts want, and our bodies want what our bodies want, and we can't help that. You want both men, so that means you NEED both men, for different reasons and in different degrees. Let yourself enjoy both relationships. You totally deserve that.

  • Weakling. I hope your husband finds out and divorce the H*** out of you.

  • OMG......I have the same issue in my marriage. My second husband still comes around pretty often and I can never tell him "no". My current husband thinks I'm a nice sweet quiet wife and has no clue what my second husband is doing to me, or how h**** he makes me, or how nasty the s** is that I have with him. I feel like such a w****.......but I totally cannot help myself. It's like the man has some kind of spell over me. I hate myself...........but I love the filthy f******* he gives me.

  • Same for me. I was kept by a married man -- a very very HUNG married man -- for six years before I finally accepted the simple fact that he wasn't going to leave his wife. So, I broke it off and quite soon met and married my current husband. My former lover didn't stay away long. Three weeks before my wedding, he came back into my life and told me he would never let me go. I told him it wasn't his choice, but as soon as he took out his c***, I realized it really WAS his choice, and I couldn't resist that meat of his. It was too big to reject. He knew I was addicted and he used it against me. I got married anyway, but now we have an affair going that shows no signs of ever ending. He wants me to have his child and not tell anyone who the father is, and allow everyone to assume it's my husband's child. I don't know what to do about that, but what I do know now is that for as long as this big-dicked man wants me, he's going to have me. I think you're in the same situation, and I expect your ex has one of those gigantic schlongs that nobody can resist. Good luck with both relationships.

  • I know exactly what you mean my XBF is hung very big and I to love his big hard c*** for he keeps it up for well over a hour when he f**** me silly and I can't refuse him at all and he knows it. He even f***** me two hours before I said I do and again at the reception. Luckily he's been gone overseas for the past almost three years and I dread the day he returns but I know I can't say NO to him.

  • The same for me. I walked down the aisle with my ex's c** in me. I felt like such a w**** but I totally loved it.

  • .....theres realy something with these guys with the big d**** who know how to control us with them.........for me its this filthy horuse-hung black guy i used to work with. hes really crude and rough and hes not somebody i would marry but.....i mean godfuckingdamn he knows how to jack me up on that humungous c*** of his and althoughhes been fucken me for almost 4 yrs i cant remeber once ever resisting him or even trying because i know i cant. my husband is clueless......but the thing that scares me most is the black guy now is talking about taking me off the pill and knocking me up......WHILE I'M STILL F****** MARIED! it gets me scared to think of it but at the very same time the idea is turning my nasty ass ON!!

  • I have to say that the girl who wrote in about getting shagged two hours before her wedding and then again at the reception, well that is the most sexy thing I ever read!!!

  • One of my exes showed up at my wedding, and I saw him as I was walking down the aisle. I was so distracted the whole time during the ceremony that I could hardly focus on what the preacher was saying and what I supposed to be doing. I just kept thinking that my ex had come there to f*** me and how good it would feel to have him f*** me. And I was right. That's exactly what he did. He f***** me at the reception. More than once. And he's kept f****** me ever since then. He says I'm even nastier now than I was when we were dating. And we also f*** more now that I'm married than we ever did while we were dating. I love having both him and my husband in my life. I'm living the dream.

  • You never know, your husband may find it hot. Maybe you can end up with two c**** stuffed in you, or you can put a cage on your hubby's c*** and make him clean your BF's c** out of your p**** after he creams in you.

    If you were my wife, I'd lick your c*** while you f*** him.

  • I hope this is what happens for you. :)

  • I think you should tell your husband before it's too late and maybe place a restraining order on the guy if he just comes up to you and tries to f*** you.

  • Get Serious.. You're conspicuously clueless regarding this issue.. Look, the dame's prior man_friend clearly owns her. What is occurring here is ACTUALLY the way nature intended man & woman to exist.. A man has a build up or accumulation of s**** in his plumbing if you will that needs release. HE selects a suitable woman to copulate with & deposit his s**** to. She must submit to him due to man possessing dominance, authority & strength over a woman.. Marriage here just poses as a obstacle to a woman being a servant, by nature, to a man.. Hence why the female was created SECOND, to again, serve as a complement to Man..

  • Yes, ownership is actually what this is, and it's what it feels like. I love the idea and the feel of being "owned" by a man other than my husband. When that man knows I'm married and yet still comes after me and refuses to take "no" for any kind of an answer, that's heaven. Absolute heaven.

  • Of course it is heaven.. What you're stating is in agreement with what I will always stipulate as well as what nature intended.. EVERY dame alive inherently understands her natural feeling is to obey a man, be directed BY a man & always SUBMIT to a man's sexual needs regardless.. I can honestly testify that I have never been refused by any of the countless women I have inseminated, all of which received more than one deposit of my s****.. Of course there are many married dames whom I concluded have a pansy_ass for a spouse.. Whenever I called, they made themselves available for my deposit.. You could say I owned them until I moved on.. I feel accomplished in my lifestyle having given heaven to as many dames as I have.. Being a gifted man, it's enjoyable to posses the authority my oversized P**** commands..

  • ....ommfg.......what ^you^ wrote brought so many memories flooding back to me......and by flood i mean something like a tsunami of s****. during my first almost-three years of marriage to my husband (we are still together) i was also romantically and sexually involved with a man much like you. huge p****.....HUGE.......really not to be believed...and he produced a literal river of s**** each time he came and whether he came in me or on me. i had always thought of myself as a feminist and an independent woman.....no man was my equal. or so i thought until i met this man with the huge p****.........he absolutely brought me to my proper place. subservient and always open-legged. i made myself available for his "deposits" as you call them any time he wanted me. i submitted. totally. my husband knew about the relationship the entire time but could do nothing to end it. he knew this man was my owner and that he was giving me heaven each time we met. he would even come by our house knowing my husband was there and make his deposits in me while my husband was in the house. he and his huge p**** were in control and my husband (the pansy ass you called him) was helpless to stop him. this man loved the fact that i was married and still surrendering to him......body and soul. he humiliated me and my husband regularly. and i surrendered one more thing to him...........my womb. i had 2 children by him before he moved on. he was the love of my life and i would have happily divorced my husband and married him but i knew the first time he f***** me that we would never be married: he had more women to ruin like he ruined me. yes.....he was just like you. i loved him. and so i also love you. that's right darling.........I LOVE YOU.

  • Of course ^you^ love me my dear.. Like me, you wish that concept could be exerted to fruition.. Under the aura of the meaning my written words have triggered in you, returns what you crave & need ; to feel me as a man at my best.. I understand the need you have to feel me loving ^you^ mutually can be a painfully intense combination of emotions.. That stated, the amazing force I generate over you gives me a command of you subliminally.. It peaks my emotions to a point of feeling nearly invincible wielding such superiority over the weaker s**.. Although we are not seen out frequently, I've always felt that my spouse must be aware of how other women look at me.. Like other women for now anyhow, you l*** for me involuntarily.. Your love for me will quickly follow after I have intimately & generously given you personal warmth via my s****.. Although we've yet to meet, you will never question my integrity.. Additionally, I can't be sure however I think we exchanged on this forum in above comments.. Your sentiment & choice of words seems to correspond.. As for you claiming to being "ruined", I comprehend your use of the word figuratively although I prefer to say I spoiled them for life.. Correspondingly, I lead girls & women to the same mindset. One of my favorite compliments was spoken by a overwhelmed Cuban woman following lovemaking : "I feel you everywhere at the same time".. I believe my deposits to her cervix had to cease at about 30, due to her becoming pregnant from me.. She was single but told me on the phone she forgot her Pill that day.. My promise : "You will never suffer any penalty from my early withdrawl" ; I ALWAYS finish within.. I LOVE YOU

  • Oh my darling yes yes yes....... i comprehend exactly what your cuban lover said and meant by feeling you everywhere at once, and also what you meant about the involuntary reactions you create in women, and also what you expressed about the warmth you give being something that lasts within the bodies of the women you bless.......yes you are giving all of your women a blessing. a blessing to our cervixes god yes......but also to our hearts and souls.....your wife will just have to understand the need we all have for you.....the love we all have for you. yes......it's love. LOVE.

  • Yes sweetheart I agree it IS Love.... Thankfully you are among the select women you refer to & that I appreciate in knowing the many ways I can bless you.. Certainly as a recipient, my wife understands my near celebrity status among women due to what you referenced prior.. That stated, we all understand that nature will not be denied.. Since you appear to be ready to undertake our aforementioned love with its mutual benefits, perhaps we can begin by pursuing a more personal form of digital communication.. [email maybe] After all darling, we are seeking to consummate our LOVE.. If not, oh well.. We expressed here.

  • Good call, adroit perception and you knew where to leave her cackling ; in the garbage.

  • Indeed.. It's easy to spot a bimbo's desperate language..

  • For someone that you call the love of your life, you treat him very poorly. You don't respect him, your marriage or yourself. You are clearly not ready for marriage. Eventually something will happen and your husband will find out and leave you. The guilt will eat away at you. That guy you're sleeping with doesn't care about your husband, he has nothing to lose. And he doesn't care about you, but you invite him willingly into your life. It really is a matter of time and when the s*** hits the fan, and someday it will. You'll deserve it.

  • You should. Fell bad

  • My wife is in the same situation with her ex-husband. We live on a different continent now but I knew about it since the day we met. She said she was divorced but her husband would still come round when he wanted and f*** her when he wanted and she couldn's say No. I always was a cuckold and always loved the thought of my girls getting f***** by other men.
    Work has meant that we had to move back to my country but still her ex who is quite well off comes on a business trip at least twice a year and he stays (and we welcome him) as a guest in our house. I move into the guest room for those days or join in. Depends on the situation and the mood.
    I guess for some this would be a problem but for me it is what I have always wanted. We are still deeply in love and lead a "normal" family life (except for one aspect!).

  • ^Similar situation^ for me, too. My wife simply cannot stay away from her ex-husband. Any time the guy calls and wants to see her she drops everything (including work, me and our children) and goes running off to climb up on his huge c***. Can't help herself, she says. And I believe her.

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