Stop with the fake White Girls Black Guys thing !

Why is this thing so popular but we all know that white girls dont like black guys, maybe just some ugly girls
And stop creating fake accounts and pretend to be a white girl who likes 'big black guys'

Mar 27, 2016

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  • I am a white married women and I enjoy the company of black men. They do it right.

  • You sound like an angry loser. If you had a life, you wouldn't care who's sleeping with who.

  • Hey I'm a cheating white wife and love to cheat with the black guys. They are very good in bed.

  • That's because you're a w**** black meat b****

  • My wife is a "N***** f****** w****" I make her tell this when I f*** her and she is. She has a black guy that not only f**** her any time he wants he has her f****** his friends.

  • I'm a white girl, love c***. Never had a black one and don't want one

  • Girl you have no idea what you are missing

  • Yes I do you w*****

  • Oh yes I do, w*****

  • White hurls love bbc

  • Learn to spell you illiterate w*****

  • Ignore the trolls op, white women hate s*******

  • Haha think this dude speakin out his ass with nothing but butthurt as some1 rejected his tiny white d*** for some proper dark man meat!

  • F****** stereo type Blackman who thinks his little d*** is huge, never f***** anyone you w*****

  • White women love us. U mad bro?

  • No they don't w*****, there are a few slags but real white women don't want black c***. I am a real white woman and never had and don't want a pathetic black c***

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