Cheating on a test

Today in math we had to take a test. When we take test we separate our tables unlike we do for quizzes. I always get As and Bs on my quizzes because I sit next to someone smart. But today it was a test so we were all spread out. I have a 50% in my math class right now because I don't get math. All my other classes i'm doing well in and I don't cheat. Today in math my teacher knew we were going to cheat, She made two versions of the test and tried to make it look the same but I didn't realize that until after I left the class. I basically cheated of the person next to me. I feel so stupid. I knew my teacher was going to realize so after my class that was after math I came to her. She had a free period, and I started crying because I knew what I did was wrong. I told her the whole truth and she was happy with me because half the class got caught cheating and I was the only one who told her the truth about me. she said she gave our test to the office, and they have to decide the punishment. She said normally it goes on your permanent record. But if the principle lets my teacher have a say she will let me off with a warning since I told her the truth. I was relieved when I told her. But I still feel horrible about it. I probably got a 20% on it which will lower my grade and ive never gotten an F on my report card.

Mar 30, 2016

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  • Good for you for coming clean. Really, owning up to what you did is huge because a lot of other people wouldn't admit to cheating. Math is hard for some people. But you know what you can do now is find a tutor and work a little harder in it and chances are because your teacher knows you are having problems, she may work with you a bit more too.

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