Shagged my son's friend

I f***** my sons 14 year old mate! My son had gone of fishing with his dad and I was gonna have a nice lazy day: washing my hair, watch TV and m********* - those sort of good things. I was laying totally naked on my bed with a d**** in my p**** and one up my a*** and having a great time when I heard a voice downstairs and I realized it was one of my son's friends Paul. I put on a cheeky little housecoat, which was very short, very revealing, had no button it just tied and it tended to come open when I moved about and went down to greet Paul. He said hello, I said hello and I could see he was looking at my legs. We sat down on the sofa and I sat very close to him and sure enough after a while and a bit of moving about the top of my housecoat had come open and I could see Paul staring at my t***. I asked him if he liked the view and the poor thing could barely talk, he just managed to say yes but was sorry for looking at them. I laughed and told him he had no need to be sorry and with that I stood up and took my housecoat off and stood naked in front of Paul. I knelt down in front of him and took his trousers and pants down and started to suck his c*** and in probably less than 30 seconds I felt a hot burst of c** in my mouth - delicious. Without swallowing it I started to snog with Paul and low and behold after a few minutes of this and him sucking my nipples I could feel him getting hard again - what joy. I sucked his c*** again and told him to lick my p**** and once I was seriously wet I sat astride him so that his c*** slid right in to me. His second o***** took a bit longer and when he had shot his load into my p**** I immediately started sucking his c*** again. Men are so sensitive after they have c** that if you start serious sucking immediately post-o***** the pleasure will almost hurt. Eventually after a couple of hours poor young Paul was spent and I had to let him go. I went upstairs to lay naked on my bed and do you know what the window cleaner had picked that afternoon to clean my windows. I just laid there while he looked at me and when he knocked for payment I invited him in and paid him not with money but with a b******* and you know he didn't take that long to c** either. Gosh I suppose that makes me a prostitute. What a golden day, I even shagged my husband when they got back that evening, I wanted to do my son but though better of it. Next time I saw Paul and was able to talk to him he told me that his c*** was sore for a couple of days. I laughed and told him that they were going fishing next wednesday and would he like ne to make his c*** sore again and he said YES.


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  • Every woman does but my wife in particular loves good looking men. I her fifties she can't hide it and stares at every young man around. I'm sure she would f*** any of our son's friends if they would dare to hit on her.

  • I miss your stories!!

  • You want some more?

  • Me too. When I was 12 I had a BF who was 13 and we were very much in love - what they call puppy love. We started to experiment with s** and he would lick my p**** and I would tug him off. One day my face was very close to his n** when he shot his load and most of it went on my face and some went in my mouth. My first reaction was horror but I soon realised that I actually liked the taste of his c** and from that moment on I could not get enough c**. One of my uncles used to touch me up when we were alone and I must admit I quite enjoyed it, he was very handsome. So the next time we were alone I shocked him by getting his n** out and sucking until he came. I further shocked him by blowing bubbles with it before swallowing it. I have made a few p*** films, some l**** and some straight but my favourite is bukkake of course and I get moist just thinking about it.

  • What is it with uncles? My first s** was with an uncle much older than me - I was 11 and he was in his 50s when he first f***** me. He did some very kinky things with me and I loved it, I used to dream about him every night. I got to really love the taste of his c** and loved it when he c** on my face - some him or I would lick up and some I would leave to dry. I used to p*** in his mouth when he was licking me out. I never said a word to my friends at school but it used to make me laugh when they went on about the 'daring' things they used to do with their boy friends - like feel his d*** from outside his trousers!!!!! lol I am now 35, happily married with children and my uncle is approaching 80 but we still often have s** and it is still very kinky.

  • LOverly.

  • You sound like the sort of girl my mother would like. NOT

  • Ah what a sweet story.

  • I love to hear your adventures. I am also a woman who is liberated like yourself and cannot get enough s**. My erotic journey started when I was 9 years old and one of my uncles used to put his hand up my skirt and feel my p**** and I loved it and him. I started to spend as much time with him as possible and if we were going to be alone I used to take my panties off beforehand. I had seen the d**** of some of the boys at school and I liked to to kiss and lick their helmets and one day my uncle exposed himself and I was shocked at the size of it - it was huge! I immediately took hold of it and I could hear him gaps with pleasure and this gasp got louder when I kissed and licked it. Very shortly he spurted a massive load of c** into my mouth and on my face and I was in heaven, the smell, taste and the feel of c** has given me so much pleasure over the ensuing years. After a while my mouth got big enough to suck my uncle's c*** and he was the man to take my virginity, I was 14. I am now 26 and I still sometimes see my uncle and we f*** like rabbits whenever we are together, even though I am now married - I have an understanding hubby. But I just cannot get enough c** and so I have a little side-job with a number of bukkake clubs. These guys pay a girl or girls a chunk of money to do a bukkake session with them but please don't tell them that I would do it for nothing! Made £500+ quid last night (tax free lol) and got to drink a massive load of c** and rub c** all over my body and I haven't showered since, I can smell it so very much. I met my husband at one these sessions, which is why he is so understanding.

  • So what happened over that weekend???? :)

  • Ahh that weekend. It was a little while back now. My husband had gone fishing for the weekend and me, my son and Paul went to visit my friend. We treated the boys to a girl-on-girl show and showed them how to properly lick p**** and to do a rim job. After that the boys were keen to show us how they f*** one another and me and my friend were treated to 2 arsehole cream pies from each boy which we licked up rather greedily. The rest of the weekend was glorious, we had all stripped naked as soon as we arrived at my friends and we never dressed again till just before we left. I could swear that since I have been f****** the two boys that their c**** have grown, I know that all the c** I have swallowed has made my t*** bigger. Nowadays my son f**** me all the time, that is whenever is father is not around and often Paul will be with him and so they both f*** me. Every morning before my son goes to school we have a quicky and you know I just love the idea of a quicky, I know it is not romantic but I just love it. Because my son often f**** Paul a*** he has started to really enjoy taking me up the a*** too and I also love it. My son and Paul are also in the process of seducing a couple of even younger boys and my son asked me if it will be OK to bring them back home, guess what I said? Not much else to say really. Oooh yes there is, we have booked a cottage in Devon in July and me, my friend and the boys will be staying in it for a fortnight. Hopefully there new friends will be joining us and we are hoping that a couple of girlfriends we have will spend at least a few days with us too. Should be good.

  • I have also stayed over at my friends (lets call her Jenny) a couple of times and her boys entertained us. I love licking up creampies and I licked two off Jenny in one go, she had a p**** and a*** creampie at the same time and I licked the lot up - lip smackingly good. When I stuck my tongue up her p**** it was full of c** and it was stunning the feel and taste of c** in a p**** - what is not to like. Then a couple of the boys did the same for me and Jenny had my a*** & p**** creampie. Girls those of you who haven't had one up the a*** and one up the p**** at the same time have not lived, you simply have to try it. The ultimate is a c*** in mouth, up a***, up p**** and one in each hand, cracking.. In my first post I mentioned our window cleaner and he was round again today, he made a great job of the windows and I blew him as payment. He has asked me if I would like to do a threesome with him and his paraplegic wife and I would love to! I will keep you up to date.

  • Sounds awesome, anything else happened since!? :)

  • sad......

  • Confess more!! :)

  • I have some lovely pics of my daughter Julie 'performing' with our local football team and her horse. You won't believe the horse video. If you would like to see them then email me at

  • All I got was a rude reply from some old git.

  • Yeah whats his beef man.

  • Let me clear this up. We will be giving 12 pics, which are hot and free. We then hope that people will make a little donation and we will send another 100, these are even hotter.

  • Arsehole.

  • Yeah why don't you take advantage of your poor daughter!

  • S*** a brick these pics are hot hot hot

  • My ex-husband used to beat me and my son Jack until it came to a head and he put me in hospital and the fuzz carted him away. His mental condition deteriorated, visions, paranoia, etc, he is now still safely locked up in a secure mental facility and I hope the crazy b****** rots in there. While I was in hospital my mother & father looked after Jack, he was 12 at the time and not finding it easy to cope. That day I got out of hospital was joyous, my mother and father took us out for a lovely night, after all that had happened it felt like a dream. The first night we were alone I as just dozing when I felt Jack getting into bed with me, he was sobbing and he just clung to me and wouldn't let go. This was fine except for the fact that I sleep naked, but I ignored that and I made sure that next morning I was not shy with exposing myself, just natural. The next night Jack again crept into bed with me but this time I noticed he was also naked and from that day to this, 8 years on we have always slept naked together. At first we would just cuddle until we fell asleep, those early days were difficult but great in a way because we were still alive and well. Soon though Jack's hand would brush across my b****** and hesitate on its way across, to my surprise I really loved it. One night his hand brushed across my b****** and when it moved away I grabbed hold of it and put it back on one of my b******.

  • [cont from above] From then on Jack would fondle my b****** regularly, if we were sitting watching TV he would ask me to take my top off and bury his head in my b******. He would suck my nipples and it felt just like when he was a baby and I was breast feeding him. One night we were in bed, he was sucking my t*** and I desperately wanted his p****, so I reached out and took hold of it and started moving his foreskin back and forward until he came all over me - it was bliss. Soon after we had oral s** and not long after that Jack f***** me. He is now at University, a big rugby playing lad with a huge p**** and we still have s** whenever he is at home. He will be going back to Uni soon and we have had a lovely little break, I will miss him so much.

  • Any more stuff to tell??? :)

  • You obviously know that what you are doing is wrong as does the lady who wrote the original post but you cannot chose who you love in a romantic (ie sexual) relationship. I started an affair with a very young boy, he was 12 and I was 53 when we first had s** and even though I knew it was wrong I could not stop myself. At 12 he was very advanced for his age, he would visit me and fondle my b******, rub my bottom and crotch and I could not stop him and then one day he came round and simply stripped naked. I was stunned at how beautiful he was and at how large his manhood was for a boy of his age. I just got down on my knees and sucked him dry and from that moment on we have been having a wild sexual affair. That was 9 years ago and we now live together and still have wild s**. I don't know how long it will last, this boy is the love of my life and that's that.

  • I also like older women , i am f****** my next door neighbour i'm fourteen she's thirty nine, it all began when she asked me to cut her lawn. her husband was away and she didn't have time to do it. So i said i'll do it for her, she said thank you and got the mower out. While i was doing the lawn she was sunbathing in a very small bikini and i could not stop looking at her, after awhile i got one of the biggest h****** ever as i kept looking at her. She must have seen the large bulge in my shorts and am i making you feel uncomfortable in my bikini. i said a little bit, she replied why don't you come and have glass of lemonade and have a rest. so i sat down with her and drank my lemonade.

  • Lovely lady!

  • You're a disgusting pedophile!

  • So you're a pedophile. Well done you sick piece of filth.

  • Tell us more! :)

  • Hi, I have made his c*** sore a few times since the first post. Young Paul has come on in leaps and bounds since that first day. The only problem we had was that one day my son caught us together. I think maybe Paul had told him what was going down because he straightaway joined in with us. I would not have ever thought that my own son would s*** me but he has. I would really like to get a few of their friends around but I think this situation only works because Paul and my son are such good friends. In fact they are both bi because during that session they were sucking each others c**** as well as doing me. I confessed my 'sin' to a friend who I know for a fact is a super-s*** and she owned up to regularly doing a bunch of young lads and so one day i joined in and we had 12 young lads having their way with us. What fun and once they started coming it was sensational, me and my friend had c** running down our faces into our mouths and dripping on to our t***. I licked the c** off her and she licked the c** of me and we dribbled it into each others mouth. it was simply superb and we will be having another session this week. Thankfully my friend lives a few miles away and her boys do not know my son or Paul. My friend will be joining in with me, my son and Paul also this week, the boys don't know yet but I have seen the way my son looks at my friend and I know he will want to f*** her. Before you say it, yes I know it is wrong to f*** your own son but is it ever convenient? His dad goes out (pub, snooker, fishing etc) and we f*** like rabbits, what an arrangement. My husband has a fishing holiday (2 weeks) every summer and I take my son away somewhere but this year young Paul will be joining us. What a 2 weeks that will be.

  • You got caught by your son?!
    And you shagged your son!? :)
    What was the second encounter with Paul!?
    Tell us about you, your friend, your son and Paul's encounter!! :)

  • Well it was a true threesome. I was surprised to see the boys sucking each other, I am broad minded but that was a shock. I found out later that they had been exploring gay s** for a few months, they were yet to have a*** s** but I think they will. But it was great, we did all the different combinations and I thought I would get them to f*** my a*** to give them some experience in that area. At one point I had Paul up my a*** and my son in my p****. I will talk more about my friend later!

  • I would love to hear about your friend! :)
    Oh you let them f*** your a***?
    How did that go? :)

  • Bit of news about my friend! This weekend my husband will be away until Monday evening and Paul will be having a sleep over here. The boys don't know it yet but so will my friend, the plan being that we will demonstrate some girl-on-girl for the boys. If it goes well I hope my friend can come away with us this coming Spring/Summer. It would be great if she could bring some of her f*** buddies as well but I think this might freak my son and Paul. Her f*** buddies are bigger and older than my boys and when I had a session with them they are very forceful, it was a bit S&M-like but lovely. So this weekend should be a stunner, f****** young boys and girl-on-girl - what could be better?

  • It went well, I love taking it up the a***, not as much as down my throat but jolly good anyway. The boys were around this morning and they both had a go up my a*** and then they asked me if it would be OK to do it to each other. I remembered how painful my first a*** f*** was and I made sure they were creamed up, in fact it was great fun sticking my fingers up their arses while applying a bit of E45, which was all I had at home. First of all my son f***** Paul and it was just so h**** to watch, as he was f****** Paul I was kissing him or licking his a*** and I got my tongue right up Paul's a*** when my son pulled his d*** out. Then did the same while Paul was f****** my son but I also went down on all fours in front of my son so he could lick me while being f*****. It was a lovely session, shame you couldn't be there honey. He has just read what I have written and he now has his head between my legs, ooh I can feel his tongue sliding in and out of my p****. I have been giving him some p**** licking training and is he ever a good learner as is young Paul.

  • From the sounds of it, it's going to be a good weekend with your friend there.

  • Just got back and yes it was fun, my p**** is very sore and my jaw aches. A great time was had by all. In a rush at the moment but I will get back.

  • Ooooh, what happened?
    In a rush?, Haha.

    I look forward to hearing all about it! :)

  • How could you watch your own under age son sucking the c*** of his under age friend and vice versa. You are seriously perverted, what would you say if your husband was f****** your daughter?

  • I haven't got a daughter you silly a***!

  • OMG THATS SO FUNNNY I cant believe that. how old are you and how old is ur son?

  • Well looking at your English I see you are a lot younger than her son. Don't worry a few more years at school (or skool as you might say) and you will get the hang of it.

  • I think this whole thread is nonsense. The fantasies of an old perverted MAN.

  • Well you would know. lol

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