I am just starting to not care and i want to move out

I am going to get this off my Mind. I look after my big brother, he never had a job, he has not had a job for going on 12 years, 12 f****** years and yet he depends on me for money, he has welfare and he gets 500 dollars a month . Yet he only gives me 5 percent of that welfare support Money of 800 dollars ( 500 dollars in support cash) . I have worked for going on 13 long years and I get a lot of Money, 3000 dollars a month in Hard Labor . Yet it is not enough for me to find a Girlfriend , to many unattractive women live in my town. None of them are worth my Time. I want to move out of my one horse town and get away from my stupid brother , But I leave him behind to be poor . he drinks hard stuff, He does drugs , Weed and cocaine . I want to leave him behind so he can live and survive on his own. I might be the bad guy when I leave him behind to be poor like so many other people are poor and jobless in my town and he might be joining them in the gutter and likely he will not have money for his 24/7 habit of Drinking and Drugs all month long. I am going to leave him behind because I have not lived my own life yet. I never had a real nice girlfriend before in my life ever. not one that does not drink Alcohol or smoking or does Drugs . I never even drove a Car before in my Life, thank God for that, If I had a Car, I would be so fat right now. as soon as I leave or get released from my high paying Job. I am taking my U.I and I am moving out of my stupid one horse town and I am moving 1000 mile's away from his stupid Alcoholic Drug induced Life. and I hope he kill's himself after I leave him behind , I will not even attend his funeral or visit his Grave in my life ever. I am the good guy in this, I have to live my own life after my high paying job is over in about 3 or 5 years. I am still young, I still got lots of time left in my life.

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  • You can move away if you choose and perhaps should do so soon but first, please figure out who will help to take care of your brother whom you have enabled for so long. Another thing - you sound very. angry but try to resolve it before moving to a new place. A bad attitude is one of the worst things that repel women. Be well now

  • Nobody is gonna look after him. He is a scum bag . A crook and thief and a Liar.
    He sleeps with whores and drinks Alcohol and drug interactions analysis with crack and Weed.
    And yet people suspect that I don't look after him alot better.
    But these people that criticize me are just as bad as my big brother is.
    Me leaving my big brother behind is a good thing for my life.
    I am pretty angry and mad because I am no longer lying that I like my brother and I certainly do not like all the people that say to me that I don't look after my brother enough.
    I was asked to look after so many things in life with alot of money that I made.
    I am truthful in telling everybody in saying this.
    They have no control in my decisions in telling me on what I may do with me life.
    And what I may not do with my life.
    I never had a life of my own yet.
    I was always special.
    But I never known about the word special. It actually meant stupid dumb moron all my life and I wish I murdered everybody so I could have felt alot better about my self.
    I grew up in a Christian School until I was 14 year's old.
    I was better off in the Christian school than a cursed public school system.
    I had nobody to talk to.
    I had no friends and no real hope in the public school system.
    I was better off in the private Christian school
    A Christian School in which I was surrounded by friendship and friends .
    I hated everyone and everything and I even hated my family for taking me away from that private school in which I grew up in.
    I should have been put down and died since I grown up all alone.
    Who is the bad guy now.
    Is it me or the people around me.

  • Good for you for making this decision. He sounds very toxic! Good that you realized that he will never bring you up, and he'll only bring you down in life. Move on to bigger and better things; sounds like you have a good job & motivation to change your life. Go for it!

  • Where do you live Alaska? Just curious. Tell you brother he has a deadline, I cannot believe he gets that much from welfare and has no job requirements.

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