I'm a 20 year old girl and I love watching older men j*******. I also really want to be p***** all over and have a man p*** inside me. So bad but sounds so good...

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  • I date, and fk, the younger girls from sports bar I go to, pretty regularly. Just one of my things. Anyway, I was with a hot little 19 year old (and, mom of a 2 year old) one night, we did our thing, then she hit me with the "I want you to pee on my body..Stand up and pee on me".. I didn't know what to think, but, lucky for her..Had to go anyway.. So, I stood up, and relieved myself on her upper body.. Didn't ask why, but, figured she must have her reasons..

  • IM a 29 year old male and I love this and have no issue p****** while fully erecte.

  • Sounds like you are like me I want a women to pee on me

  • I would enjoy giving you the golden shower! Getting it inside you can be difficult because men tend to go soft as they drain their dragons. It's not impossible though and I'd love to try some day.

  • You sound like fun, hope i find you near me so i can help ya with that

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