I was caught in my mom's pantys an bra an hose.

As I got home from school as it was finals at school it was a earily day we got out it was a friday mom was gone tell Sunday as my aunty was watching me as. I pass the laundry room going to my room as. I walk pass I saw a silksatin blk bra,silksatin blk pantys,a pr of mom's silksatin blk pantyhose in the laundry hamper as she wear the night before. As my curiosity mined was to find out how mom's hot sexy silksatin blk garments felt on me as. I smelled mom's scent an them as I gather them up an took them to my room as I left my books in my room an striped off all my clothes Shoes,shorts,boxers,tee shirt as. I was nake as I gathering moms clothing an walked over to mom's bedroom an set her silksatin blk garments on her bed as.I wanted the hole filling as I walk to moms vanity table an sat.down on the seat an grab a bottle of hot pinkish fushia metallic nail polish an applied it to my toes an nails as. It was drying. I started brush my hair like mom does an styled it like her as. I have long blk hair as I placed in a ponytail an slip a pinkish fusahia flower hair clip on my rightside of my hair as. I was done with brushing my hair. I decided to apply some make-up on as. I put some silksatin foundation,pink eyeshadow,Blk mascara,blk eyeliner,redish fusahia 7/24 lipstick on,7/24 lip clear lip sealer on. As my toes an nails wear dried. I got up off the vanity chair an slip on the silksatin blk Pantys an bra set as I inserted a sanitary napkin to hide my c*** as. I slip on moms blk silksatin bra an added DD breast inserts in the bra as I sat on mom's bed an grab the silksatin blk pantyhose an rolled one of the pantyhose leg up an slip my toes in the hose as. I did the other foot in the hose as I pull them on my feet pass my ankles up my legs an thights to my waisted an strengthen them as it was still early in the day. I slip mom's bellarina blk yoga pants on an a fushia halters top on as. I grab mom's long blk sweater an a pink belt/attached fusahia purse as I was done I slip mom's fusahia clear open toe mule on my feet first the right one then the left on my feet an i slip on the ankle straps as I slip on mom's fushia ankle bracelet on my right leg as. I was done dressing I walk in too the kitchen an clean the entire kitchen an house but the yard as I wash the clothes an fold them an put them away as. I turn on my cell phones video camera an made a movie showing her. I clean the house entire as. I forgot I place my video camera down as. I went to get something on the table I accidentally pass in front of the video camera dress in mom's clothes as. I sent it to her forgetting. I was dress in her clothes as. I got a phone call on my cell. As mom said that's what you do when i'm gone you dress up in my clothes an clean the house entirely spotless as I explained too mom that. I was very curious to see how your clothes felt on me as I slip on you silksatin blk pantys an bra then the pantyhose as I started getting in your yoga pants halter top an shoes as make up an styley her as mom said it alright that your dress like me in my clothes ad. I ask her if I can go get grocerys for the house she said only if you stay in my clothes an do it as I said ok as she told me we're she stashes the house grocery cash an mom said take extra cash for you clean the house as I grab the money an slip it in the belt purse as my California driver license,my credit card my medical cards an cash,my make-up I had on as. I applied more lipstick on as mom was still on the phone she I have your car as she said take my pink convertable key are on the wall hanging as. I did. As I pull out of the garage an closed the garage door with the remote. As I drove to the mall an grocery store to do the weekly shopping as. I went to eat after shopping as. I was driving home about 7:30 p.m in the evening as. I got a call from mom as I got home I change in to mom's silksatin blk nightie/robe with fusahia trim as I slip off the pantyhose an slip on moms silk blk stay-up stockings an silksatin blk/ fusahia pom poms on them on my feet as. I slip them on an went to the livingroom to watch some television an get comfortable on the sofa as. I was talking to mom she ask me go ahead an put my silksatin black nightie on an get relaxed for the night an sleep in my bed tonight.

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