Mother in Law

I'm in Love with my mother in law. I don't know what it is about her but she stays on my mind constantly. She's so sexy and looks beautiful for her age. She's awesome to talk to and look at. I hate how I feel

Apr 6, 2016

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  • I look at pictures of my mil and j****** everyday. I’m obsessed with her and her body and my wife knows it. I tell my wife everything every detail of what I want to do to her mom. At first she hated it but I think she’s coming around and might would at watch us and get some pictures for me if I can get her mom in bed.

  • There's a part of me that acknowledges (only to myself) that I married my wife only to be closer to her mother. I fantasize about her every day, and frequently, while having s** with my wife, I'll close my eyes and imagine it's her mother who's riding me.

  • You don't even state if the babe has a man.. If she has any attention at all from men, you don't have a chance..

  • I love her mouth and her ass. damn.....

  • I am super horned out for my m-i-l too. The b**** is hot and I want her. BAD.

  • Look, due to your failure to provide much information regarding this dilemma, it is difficult to advise you in any direction. Ages, backgrounds, prior behaviors, moods, dispositions, mother's status, histories, it all aids in drawing rational conclusions prior to aiding you in advice.. That stated; above all DO NOT despise how you feel. Being confused & possibly awkward at this point in time you're probably young as well, making it natural for you to feel the way you do with all these dynamics present for you to manage.. Beyond that, I can't as I stated advise anything prudent now, lacking more given information.. Work on it..

  • I get it. I do. Totally. I have felt the same about mine for about three years. Sometimes, I think she knows how I feel. And I almost get brave enough to discuss it with her. Other times, I'm sure she doesn't know, and would blow up my marriage to her daughter if I breathed a word, or even looked at her with even slight desire. I hate being in this position, but I love her and I'm happy any time I'm around her. So I stay in this position. Waiting. Hoping. Wanting.

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