Went away with the wife for a dirty weekend and while out for a meal see made a comment about how fit the waiter was. I pushed this topic a little and we started talking about which of our friends are hot, this went on most of the night. The more drunk she got the more detailed she went into, till she said 'you've not said anything about my mum' 'so' I replied 'don't you think she is hot' then kissed me we started to talk about how hot her mum is and to be fair she is, right down smoking. When we got back to the hotel and started to get down to business she stop me and said imagine I'm my mum! F*** me like you would f*** her! So I did shouting out her name to which my wife kept calling me naughty for f****** her mummy! It was so f****** hot!

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  • A threesome with mom would be amazing!

  • That's damn hot. WOW, its a nice fantasy to have during the loving time. Maybe she will encourage you to have a go with her mom.

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