I just don't get it.

I just don't get it. You know I've been sleeping with your husband for almost five months. You know he loves me more than you. You know I'm 14 yrs younger than you and a hundred times prettier and a thousand times better in bed. Why don't you just leave?

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  • I wish my gf was as aggressive as you. Shes just the 'whatever' type. Most guys like their mistresses to be laid back and non-demanding, but I would really LOVE it if mine was like you.

  • Something that worked for me in blowing up a marriage was putting on my filthiest and most whorish outfit and then meeting him and his wife at the restaurant during the middle of their wedding anniversary dinner. I walked in sat in his lap straddling him with my back to her and I started dry humping him in his chair. Like a lap dance but without any music and without any actual dancing. I knew he couldn't resist it. He didn't. She got up and left and granted the divorce. He and I have been married now for nine years. She never got married again! :)

  • In my situation what it took was that I called up his wife one night while he was home with her and their kids and when she picked up the phone I said "Hi this is Adrienne!" like really happy and like we were friends and then I said "Could you please tell your husband to get over here and f*** me like he did last night??? Thanks ever so much!!!!!!" That was all it took!!!

  • Such whores. Hard to believe such people exist in the world. Shameful.

  • What????
    So your wife was a w**** when she dated you?
    These people wanted divorce you twit

  • You f****** dirty w****

  • There are plenty of men around. (And plenty of men that are also dogs.) Go find yourself one that isn't already tied to another woman.

  • He obviously loves you more than he loves her. How could he NOT? Do whatever it takes to eliminate her from his life. And from yours.

  • Eventually, she will get tired of being in second place behind you and she'll leave on her own. These things just take time. And certainly longer than five months. I wish you luck and love. I think you deserve both of them, and that you'll get both.

  • You need to make her connection to him painful. Call him whenever you want, leave phone messages at their home phone telling him to come over to your house, and explaining what kind of s** awaits him there. Go out on dates with him, and frequent the places you know her friends go, so everybody sees the two of you together and knows you are a couple. And by all means, you MUST have her come in while you're f****** him in their house and particularly in their bed.

  • She stays with him because she needs the support. If he really loved you hed divorce his wife to have you but he'll never do that.

  • Deep down you know he is just using you for your body. I hope you learn your lesson.

  • When he's with you, and the two of you are making love, call her from his cell phone and let her listen to all the things he's doing to your body. And all the things that you're doing to his. Yummy. So yummy.

  • I've been where you are and I have to admit that I loved the cheating (by him) and the going behind her back (by me) and the ultimate confrontation (by both of us). Yes, I ruined their marriage and their family, but oh my dear sweet Mother of Christ.......I loved it. To this day, it was the most enjoyable and exciting and loving thing I've ever done.

  • Face it, you're just a amateur, fool & not too streetwise.. You failed to remember "What goes around, comes around" girl.. That trumps ANYTHING you may feel you can brag about.. What is more enjoyable is watching what happens to scumbags like you.. "I love it when a plan comes together"..

  • Same for me. I was his wife in every way except the paperwork. And his paperwork wife knew she was in a distant second place to me.

  • Every time hes between your legs remind him: "i am going to take you from her."

  • You need to do whatever it takes to drop a bomb in the middle of their marriage. AND END IT. Call him at home on their land line and when she answers, identify yourself and ask to speak to her husband (do this every night). Let her "catch" you f****** her husband in their bed at home. Or better yet, use the time-honored tradition of (1) getting off your birth control, and (2) having him knock you up. If he won't leave home, and she won't go away on her own, end their marriage for them. That would be best for all involved.

  • ....she's right..........this b**** he's married to is in your way.....she needs to go.......now...

  • Yes yes yes yes YES! Get her out your way!!!!!!!

  • Men don't leave their wives, and you shouldn't want him too. You're obviously trying to satisfy your ego instead of just enjoying the benefits of what this really is a temporary tryst.

  • Yup

  • I hope she leave, so later in life the past repeat itself on you. (:

  • I'm a woman on the other side of this equation. My husband cheats and I know the b**** he's f******. She used to be my best friend. But I'm not going to let go. I won't give her the pleasure. She's going to waste her life waiting for me to leave. But I'm not going anywhere. And neither is my husband.

  • Thats the zeal keep it up go kick some a**** around

  • Exactly & that is the method in which nature meant this to work.. Married or not, nature designed & created a man to be generous with his s****. Sensible married gals acknowledge this, accept it & embrace it as part of having a strong, virile mate while being faithful to him as a woman was created to do.. You are strong in that sense girl, knowing your spouse, like many, needs the diversity of another v***** at times to quench his testosterone surges.. At the same time you know & have the security of him staying with you per your vows. This tramp is merely a dump for him to deposit s**** into. Good for you to be understanding..

  • If he was going to leave, don't you think he would have by now? You're delusional. You will waste years of your life with a man who isn't truly yours. And if he has kids, they will always come first. All you are good for is s**. Close your legs and see what happens. And note this..let's say he does leave his wife..there will ALWAYS be someone prettier, younger, better in bed than you. And chances are, if he is so willing to cheat on his wife, he will cheat on you. You are not that special. Smarten up, Respect yourself and have enough integrity to not put yourself in this positition. Find a guy who is single and available, who can put you first. Seriously, don't be that girl.

  • She won't leave because she is WIFE and you are person wasting your time with her HUSBAND. Grow up and stop allowing yourself to be used and tossed aside until next he gets h****,

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