Vietnamese brutally killing dogs for meat

The other day a woman I work with posted a video of a dog hanging by its leg, tied to a rope. A man (monster) smashed the dog in the head with a bat then cut its head off. I thought I was going to throw up. I researched as to why this is being done. Apparently, they are running out of meat in this country. Either way I can't help but think there must be a more humane way to do this, but more importantly, I came to the conclusion that if the us got that bad, I will eat beans and rice instead. What I really don't understand is why (sheeple - people) can't figure out that Earth is overpopulated. Until the problem of controlling unwanted births is resolved Earths inhabitants are going to destroy it all. I'm not talking about abortion, I mean birth control or heaven forbid abstinence. Truly sad I saw that, wouldn't blame God for sending a tidal wave :(

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  • It's going to get a LOT worse than killing dogs for food. Just keep pounding out stupid, doomed baby after stupid, doomed baby without any thought about the long game. We're already seeing the early effects.

    This world needs another plague.

  • What makes a dog better than a cow?

  • Good point I am now asking myself that

  • It's happening in other countries not sure of their laws

  • Why didn't you simply call the ASPCA? Different cultu

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