Craving my boyfriends best friend

I'm in a relationship of a year and few months, with my wonderful boyfriend. We had some struggles way back then while we were taking and my boyfriend did things that hurt me and his best friend didn't agree with what he was doing. So his best friend was always there to comfort me and make me feel better for the stupid mistakes my boyfriend was making. I slowly stared to fall for his best friend. When my boyfriend and I started dating I forgot all about the feelings I had for his best friend. Then recently, I started looking at his best friend the way I used to look at him before. The feelings come and go from time to time. We are all very close friends, we're always together. I'm very comfortable with my boyfriends best friend, I can lay on him in a way that we don't feel awkward, we both feel comfortable. Sometimes when I'm with the both of them I just stare at him and day dream, I get lost in my thoughts... Like... what's it like to kiss him, what it like to have him fully hug me, what's it like to get intense with him? I know it's so wrong !!! But I just can't stop can't fantasizing about him. He's just so tall and his arms are so muscular.

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  • Go f*** him.

  • Your boyfriend's best friend has potent hormones & knows what he is doing.. Nature trumps any friendship & this young man has desires & needs.. As a girl, you strongly feel your need to satisfy this young man. He controls you subliminally & you know it. The rest will be nature dictating this man's behavior toward you..

  • .. His friend has to be aware of some of your emotion.. Additionally, I'd bet the house that it's merely a matter of days until he's depositing his s**** into your v***** honey.. i.e. you're toast..

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