I recently just had s** with my former high school teacher who is a married man with adult children. I'm 18 and out of school but I helped out at this year's prom. I'd always had a crush on him and we used to subtly flirt with each other, it was more of a joke than anything. Obviously he did know I had a huge crush on him (I made it very clear) but I was still surprised when he asked me to dance with him in a broom closet at the recreation center. Of course I did and it was like something out of a movie for awhile, cute and romantic, innocent. I then decided to kiss him and one thing turned into another and before I knew it we were having the best s** I'd ever had in my life in a janitor closet. It was definitely how I would have rather my prom had went my senior year, haha.

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  • I had s** with a former softball player I coached years ago. Always thought she'd turn into a beautiful, sexy woman, and I was correct. Met up with her a few months ago, we chatted and caught up..Found out she was divorced and had an interest in me going back to our softball days, and, when she was on the dance team my sister instructed. I did recall my sister mentioning "Kelly" (name change) a few times, but figured the girl was just being polite b/c her instructor was my sister.

    After catching up, we exchanged numbers, and within 2 weeks, boom...My house for wild, years in the making romp in bed. Gone were the "she's my softball player" days. Now, it was simply "This is a beautiful woman in my bed"..

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