Back in the closet.

I am struggling to maintain my sanity. The wife was away for two days and I slipped out of my closet and tried to play a bit. I managed one encounter with a gentleman in the park, and almost another last night. Unfortunately everything kept going wrong, and I was not able to take full advantage of my freedom. Still, I got all revved up and anxious.
Now she is home and I am having great difficulty getting back into my closet. I don't want to go back. I don't want to put away the sexy thong, and toys. I don't want to stop looking for men to sleep with. I cannot stay out of the closet no matter how much I want to, and so I sit here crying inside, desperately choking back the scream that would out me. I just want to be me, whatever that is.
Those of you who are lucky enough to be who you want to be, stop whining, confessing petty little nonsense, and get on with life. I will watch you with envy from my ironclad closet.

May 14, 2016

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  • Poor little princess. If you want to be who you are, then DO IT!!! Get that divorce, even though it means saying goodbye to all the benefits of being a Smug Married. Unless you're having more fun throwing a pout and stewing in jealousy toward people you don't even f ucking KNOW. Queens do stupid s**** like that, I'll never understand why.

  • Sweetie, the only one keeping yourself in the closet is YOU. Have an honest talk with her. Be your authentic self, love. Take care.

  • Come out of the closet

  • You probably should ask for a divorce and then you can live your life outside of the closet. You could try to tell your wife, she may understand but just not want to continue being married to you.

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