My Mother’s closet

When I was a young boy , 8 years old, I used to sneak into my Mother’s closet. There was a crawl space under the house with access point in the closet in my parents room. I had noticed that after my father had left for work, my mother would have visitors. They would always go into my parents bedroom. My Mom thought I was out of the house but I knew how to sneak into the crawl space from the outside. I crawled under the house and came up quietly inside my parents closet. From there I could see my mother having s** with a man on the bed. As I watched I started to feel the excitement. I was really enjoying watching. I saw that after my mother and the man finished, the man would give her money. Later that day there would be a different man. I felt bad for my father but I didn’t want to loose that feeling I was getting while I watched. I watched my Mom and her visitors for quite a few years and started masterbating while I was watching. I never told my father.

May 17

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  • After one of her sessions you should have approached your momsaying you were lonely and sad and told her she smelled good! Maybe she would have privately give you her best!!

  • Depending in your age ask your mom about those years. Tell her it helped you. It’d be an interesting conversation.

  • That’s awesome

  • I bet that your father knew what was going on. He liked the money she earned.

  • Must have been quite an educating experience! Did the men use condoms or did your mom take creampies?

  • Sometimes but my mom seemed more vocal when there was no condom

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