I lost my virginity to my older stepbrother.

It was Thanksgiving and everyone was hanging out in my room, see I'm the only girl out of 3 brothers... My oldest brother ( blood brother ) doesn't live with us and my stepbrother and cousin had came down to be with us during thanksgiving... My parents trust him a lot so they didn't think of anything when both boys decided to sleep in my room with me since I was pretty cool... I was only 13, he was 17... We all started playing truth or dare, and my step cousin dared Shawn and I to go into my closet and have s**, I lied and told him I wasn't a virgin even though I was. I didn't want to seem like a buzz kill, so he got a condom out of his bag, took me by the arm and led me into my walk-in closet, closed the door and we had s** for almost 30 minutes.... I think about it almost EVERY day and 3 years later I hate myself for losing it too someone who's that close and basically family even though my mother and his father are now divorced... I'm going to Spring Break with him and his friends in the springtime of 2012. I just hope he doesn't try anything... Ugh :/


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  • Just watch the movie version. It's much, much better....

  • I lost mine at fifteen. Our parents weren't married, but they were dating. Thankfully, they broke up like eight months later.

  • I like how all of the people commenting on this are making this guy out to be the bad guy (and yes I am a girl) you agreed to have s** with him that was your choice. So don't feel offended if he does try something just tell him your not into that.

  • Hey sweetheart just buy yourself a bottle of pepperspray and I think you will be fine.

  • Tell him it's not okay. If he comes near you you f****** wack the s*** out of him.

    My first kiss was stolen by someone I used to live with. I was only 8 years old. I had no idea.

    So you f****** fight back with all your life girl. I completely understand.

  • he probably will because he thinks it was ok. dont go with those users.

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