I finally did it

I've been married to my husband for 9 years. Sometimes it's happy and sometimes it's not. We have s** once a week. He wants it more but sometimes I just pick a fight just to get him to leave the room.

I don't work. When he is at work and the kids are at school, I get naked and stay that way all day. Do housework. Watch tv. Sometimes m*********. All naked. I've gotten so used to being naked at home, I answered the door naked. Didn't even occur to me that I wasn't wearing clothes. It was my neighbor.

His eyes got huge. Then I realized I wasn't wearing anything. I said, "Sorry. Totally forgot I was naked." He said, "That's alright. You look damn good." I'm not in shape. I do consider myself a bbw. Chubby is all. Big t***, a bit of a tummy, firm, round ass.

I said, "Did you need something?" He said, "Yeah." and adjusted his hardening c***. I haven't cheated on my husband ever despite having guys hit on me on occasion. I said to him, "Come on in and sit down and let me take care of that while you remember what it is you wanted."

He sat on the couch. I took off his shorts. I got on my knees and started sucking his d***. I'm not used to a d*** his size. My husbands is only 5 inches. This one was about 8. He held my head and said, "You do this a lot?" I said, "Nope. First time." I got up and sat down facing him. I positioned his c*** and slid it into my p****. He started sucking on my nipples as i f***** him. It didn't take either of us long to c**. I was first. I had a pretty damn good o*****. He followed filling my p**** with his c**. Afterwards he said he had to go back home.

I went back to my bedroom and laid on the bed lightly stroking my p**** and his c** that was drooling out. Then I heard my husband pull up. I quickly grabbed a wipe and cleaned up the c** mess. He walked back and saw me naked laying on the bed. He said, "Damn baby. I like seeing you naked. H****?" I said, "Just got off but I'm good for another one."


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  • Mmhmm.. And everybody like this sexist freak dame is so liberaal & of course BLIND, they don't realize so much wrong with this scenario.. Freaking broads have WAY too many choices & in general are sexistly abusive in a major way toward men it should make your head spin.. This scumbag wife should face the retribution of being publicly whipped..

  • You are such a w*****, keep your bullshit to yourself

  • I love chubby women. If they are nudists even better. I like to hang around naked. We should chat.

  • I like to be naked at home, let the postman see me a few times but never f***** him. May do next time as hubby neglect's me sexually. I'm 60 and chubby

  • I am seventy eight and can still get a h******,i would love to f*** you ,tell me were your door is and i be round there like a shot and f*** your sixty year old c***

  • Yes please

  • You can f*** me any time, where you from?

  • Wish you where my neighbor

  • Great!
    Nice confession.

    Did you keep doing it or no?

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