I feel like a major disappointment

I'm afraid I'll never get pregnant & I've let my husband down by not being able to give him a child.

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  • Are you not capable of adoption? If it's too expensive or troublesome or if you're worried about the background check, you shouldn't be reproducing anyway. Check into that instead of whining like the infertile myrtle you are on a crappy anonymous website!

  • He could have low sperm count too don't just blame ur self

  • To be succinct, I have a nearly guaranteed solution however due to your failure to offer more information, I am forced to withhold until it's presented..

  • Are you certain that the obstacle is with you? Couldn't the problem also be with him?

  • If you cannot get pregnant yourself, there are other options. Is the idea to have a baby with your husband? Why don't you two have a heart to heart about this matter and research your options. Life is too long to stress over this. Take care.

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