Wanting a baby

I am desperate for a baby. I've always wanted one, my whole life I've wanted to be a mother. I literally have dreams about being pregnant and wake up so disappointed. I'm finally in a position where that can happen, but my husband is scared of having kids, and our financial situation would make it incredibly irresponsible to do so. But I just can't wait to be pregnant. Sometimes I think about sabotaging my birthcontrol. I want this so bad but my husband just doesn't understand.

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  • Great idea! Drag another person into an overpopulated world because you neeeeeeeed a baby like just soooooo bad. They don't remain babies very long, but they're consumers forever. Why don't you breeder r3tards ever, EVER think about that?! It's just "hurrrr babby babby babby hurrr" with you morons. God, no wonder "Idiocracy" has become a documentary.

  • Tell ya what...if ur descent looking, I would be happy to knock you up.
    You sound desperate and that is sad.
    I want to help....I have two beautiful children, 1 boy 15, 1 girl 12. Both in AP courses , both excellent athlete's.
    I have always wanted another but my wife said she was done 12 years ago...I can give you a secret monthly allowance as well.

  • Please for the love of god, don't give in to the baby rabies. Don't bring a person out of that good night into a world where you can't take care of them. That's a sin beyond most sins. And if your husband doesn't want kids, and you sabotage the f****** birth control to "oops" him, you should go to prison for a long, long time. That's s** offender material in my opinion. If nothing else..... WAIT. Be patient. Wait until you can afford it. Babies are f****** expensive. Don't expect "the village" to take care of you. And TALK to your husband about it for crying out loud!!!

  • Does he ever want to have kids? Because if that is something you want and he definitely doesn't want..you may want to rethink your marriage.

  • If he is not ready to give you one let me know..I will give you a few:).A buddy of mine sabotaged his wife's Birth control pills 20 years ago n the two kids he had never were quite normal-they were slow learners or something.They ended up breaking up anyway and he has ended up with extreme mental problems for years. Good luck,you sound like you will make an awesome mother.

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