When my girlfriend wears nylons or tights she never wears underwear, except when she's on her period. I was wondering how many other women do this. I think its sexy as h***.

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  • I would like a sexy commando police officer as a husband.

  • The thought of woman not wearing underwear always makes me totall hot. Especially when you can guess or can actually see that a woman is not wearing a bra and from that I jump to the conclusion in my male imagination that she not wearing knicker either.

    I have a great relationship with my wife and we always talk openly about our fantasies, desires and what turns us on. So we have this thing that whenever she can she will always go "commando" underneath her dress. Only if work or where she needs to go she can't do that then she will comply with the normal dress standard. But unless it is in the middle of the winter and cold I can always rely up me slipping my hand into her trousers or up her skirt or dress to find a fully accessible, smooth, soft p**** that by the time my hands and fingers reach is already pretty wet. Then we quickly need to find a bush, a bathroom, a garage and quiet corner where we hope that nobody catches us.

    Great girl my wife.

  • My hot older sister never wears panties or undies. At most, a thong, and even that's a bit rare. Just prefers to be free. In her early teaching days, she didn't realize, yet, what her going bare, wearing a skirt or professional dress, did to the high school boys, who quickly befriended her and hung around her as much as possible. She taught 3rd grade, but the high school was in the same building. I heard it thousands of times...Dude, your sister's ass is SO hot..We've all grabbed her...Did you know she doesn't wear anything underneath her clothes?

    I asked her about it one night at her apartment (where she really never wore undies, and often only short, cotton shorts or a tiny robe), and she confirmed..Yeah, the boys do have their fun with me, but, I'm not going to be uncomfortable and wear something I don't want to.. I loved that she was so out there and willing..

  • This is graphic, but i swear, it's true. I LOVE the look of a bald pzzy through a pair of nylons. All different colors of nylons, too. The scent of a clean girl, her sweat, mixed with her nylons gets me high.

    Plus, when a girl gets a turned on, it makes the most beautiful wet spot.

    My ex knew how much I loved her soft, sweet lips in just nylons, no panties. She wore a loose skirt to the restaurant, once. At the table, she whispered to me there was a little hole in the front of them. If I could find it, I could do what I want.

    Needless to say, it was fun searching with one finger, under her skirt, under the table. She was soaking wet. I loved playing with her fun button, while she was talking to the waitress. She almost knocked her glass over.

    Eventually, I found the evasive little hole in the material. When I saw nobody was looking, I reached over with my other hand and ripped her nylons open. Her pzzy was bright pink. Her nylons were drenched.

    We f***** like animals, that night.

  • Not gonna lie. I got a little hard reading this. You are a lucky man.

  • I wear tights or pantyhose nearly every day at work. I only wear underwear with them when I'm on my period or in thr winter time when its super cold. You want an eye opener. Try feeling a sub zero wind shoot up your skirt and onto your nearly naked bit.

  • Tell me about it. Chicago winters can rough with that cold wind shooting up your skirt. Last winter I think I nearly got frostbite down below.

  • I usually don't wear both together but it just kind of depends.

  • You wear Depends with nylons? Okay, that's pretty hot.

  • I used to always wear underwear. My girlfriend and I started going undie free afew days a week. It makes me feel sexy and naughty. We try and flash each other on the subway with anyone noticing. Tuesday she sat across from me with her legs spread just enough to give me a peek. I should probably do my own confession about this. :-) Don't want to hijack yours.

  • Don't poke the troll. It's what they like.

  • You write like a ignorant millennial or generation x'er First, put this concept in perspective i.e. This babe you refer to most likely owns & actually paid for those strings of fabric they label as thongs.. The fact is those don't count as underwear & any fool can see why. Hence, like all the other dames that heve them, she never wears underwear..

  • Please enlighten us oh great one. So because my thongs cover my v***** but not my butt they don't count as underwear?

  • Duh.. Well, you always were a quart low.. Like that brilliant example of your failure to know anatomy.. I'll take you to school.. One cannot cover an internal organ, in this case you alluding to covering your v*****.. Underwear covers the female's mons pubis & V**** girl ; not v*****, as well as her butt & hips.. Gawd, when will they learn??

  • How are thongs not underwear?

  • I guess I'm old fashion. I never go without underwear.

  • If you own/wear them silly thongs you do..

  • I only do around my period. I like the freedom, plus no panty lines. I know some of my girlfriends would never ditch their underwear with nylons.

  • It depends. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. When my hubby and I have a date night out I usually don't. I love going undie free in the summer time.

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