Health teacher

My health teacher is so sexy I go crazy every time she wears yoga pants I just want to grab her and f*** her brains out

Nov 3, 2013

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  • Yoga pants have that effect. My hot older sister is a teacher, and, since she has PE credit hours, sometimes subs for the PE or Health instructors at her school. She's a comfy clothes-type person, and, the first time she subbed, I saw her in the morning, wearing tight, shiny black yoga pants and zip-down, referee-type shirt with the zipper about two-thirds down.

    I remember telling her that "you're going to have the boy's full attention, especially when you bend over or that zipper goes down any further". She laughed it off, saying would be ok, it's just a few classes she was subbing for, and, wears this all the time to lounge around at home.

    Later that day, I stopped by her apartment, and she was still in the same clothes. Told me, with a smile.."You were right.. Must have had my ass grabbed or slapped about five times today..And think every boy in every class looked down my shirt. A few took cell pics". She saw it as all in fun, and, hasn't changed outfits anytime subbed for PE or Health.

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