Me and my knickers collection

I wear ladies knickers i like the soft feel thay give me. I also wear a bra around the house and out shopping. I own approximately 15 bras and 200 pairs of knickers i stared wearing knickers after a very bad marriage my then wife use to beat me . I have a good relationship with my girlfriend and she is okay with me and my knickers collection she wears them from time to time. She sometimes wears my man pants witch I find a big turn on.

Jun 1, 2015

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  • That's okay. Your "hobby" is much more common than you may think! :) My take on that is, as long as you do no harm to others or yourself, it's really just another normal behaviour in the broad range of normal behaviours. If you enjoy it and your loved one is okay with it, what's the harm? Of course, if your actual thrill is the risk of being caught, then you must be prepared to suffer the possible consequences. Imagine you have an automobile accident while wearing a bra and you need to be taken to the hospital (God forbid), you should be aware that doctors, nurses and possibly bystanders will know about your little secret. And I feel that society is okay with some forms of transvestism, as long as it remains private. So depending on your way of thinking and personal circumstances, that might make you suffer. So while I think that ethically it's okay, you must weight the pleasure you derive from your behaviour against the potential risks... Cheers! :)

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