Is there a way

To detach yourself from someone to no longer love or care bout them almost as if you never met?

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  • No because the memories stay forever

  • Several ways. Depends on what kind of person you are and where you are mentally speaking.

    Closure. You can do the cold turkey route. Cut off all ties and memories of that person. Involves throwing everything out that reminds you of them. In time you'll forget. This is also some serious ass avoidance however, and not entirely healthy. But it can work.

    You can cut off contact, put away memories and things, but deal with them over time. Come to terms with it being just another milestone in your life.

    You can embrace it, completely own the relationship, pull all your feelings out, come to terms with possible abandonment issues, loneliness, who you are, and eventually someone else will be along, put things into perspective and let them be part of you - but not control you. Probably the most honest thing to do, also somewhat brutal, can be difficult to cope with depending who you are. Most people would rather play avoidance than actually confront their feelings and meaning in life. Whatever works best for you at the end of the day, but being honest with yourself will pay dividends in the end. Hiding from stuff will just leave you in some perpetual immature state, unable to cope in some situations.

    Time. Heals most things. It will never full go away. But it will become bearable. And the number one way to get over someone. Is to find someone new. It's a biological thing. There is a rough saying that you only truly get over someone when you've slept with someone else.

  • Alzheimer is the only way

  • Yes, cut all contact with the person by tech, space and time. Moving away sometimes does it too.

  • Time....and finding someone else...changing your thoughts when you think of that person.

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