I hate that I'm too cowardly to kill myself

What is the point.

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  • While you may feel you have no reason to live you also have no reason to die. Face the music and survive and find something you like. Life is as simple as that.

  • There is no point. You're right. I'm not gonna give you the bs cuddly answer everyone else gives of it's worth it and don't do it. Life can suck. And be unfair. And torture. And ultimately there is no point. It's a tough thing to come to terms with. Nietzsche thought that the ultimate thing humanity would have to deal with would be exactly this question - the fight against nihilism, about there being no point.

    That being said. You are also biologically wired to experience pleasure. To laugh. Enjoy food. S**. Thrills. Whatever. You also have a capability to help others. To help them have a better time, or make them laugh. Maybe to them life is worthwhile. And even if you don't agree, you can still help them enjoy life. And maybe in doing so enjoy things a bit more yourself.

    There's also the danger of you being at times the worst judge of whether something is worthwhile. Your brain can do funny things. Depending on what chemicals - prolonged moods - you have whirling around, you can feel like something is the best thing very, or the worst torture ever. It's neither. It's just a personal thing. And the problem here is, that if on one day when you think everything is terrible, and you take a final decision, suicide - you could have just made the biggest mistake you'll ever make, because the day after, you'd have felt better, things would be good, and you'd be enjoying yourself.

    Suicide they say, is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Which is often true.

    If you're having a bad day or a bad week, just roll with it. Tomorrow will be a better day. Some tomorrow. And in the meantime. Just enjoy the littlest things. Even if that's just being curled up in a ball in a duvet watching TV.

  • Killing yourself will do nothing to solve your real problems. Problems have solutions. Killing yourself would be an ultimate cowardly act. Don't ever harm yourself. Please call your doctor, go to a hospital E.R. or get therapy. Your life will likely then improve. Living well is the point.

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