3 times a day and every day !

I confess that from last couple of years I have been drinking heavily for no resons. Due to which I have lost respect in my own family.

So after i finish my drink which I ordered now , I declare to go sober and non alchiholic.

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  • Many of us tried that reasoning however we found it just doesn't work.. We'd prefer to say "Just one more".. My personal favorite : "I'll never drink again".. It's much more enjoyable to be roarin' drunk, shitfaced, plastered or plowed.. I also recommend a.a. It's a great social club for meeting others to go to the bar with after a.a.meetings ; all under the guise of recovery.. Brilliant!!

  • Congratulations on making such a wonderful decision! Please get into an outpatient alcohol treatment program or Alcoholics Anonymous. Doing this will help you to remain sober. Be well.

  • Good luck!! I'm physically addicted to pills, and mentally to cocaine! I totally understand how addiction can be. Stay strong and focused and you will succeed...

  • Stay strong man I'm addicted to pills and in need of help desperately

  • Good luck. I hope you can do it. :-)

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