Did we go too far

My boyfriend and I have always been open and honest with one another. He had always been honest with me about liking to show me off to his friends. Honestly, I like being shown off also. He asked me if I would like to entertain his poker buddies sometime, I asked what he meant by entertain and he said dress, ** and tease. I asked him if that meant taking my clothes off for his friends and he said that was up to me. I said I know you like to show me off, but just how far do you want me to go? He said he liked it when I dressed ** and some of the guys had told him how hot they thought I was. He surprised me a little when he said he wouldn’t mind me showing my ** to the guys. I laughed and said oh you want me to go **? He said you do whatever you’re comfortable with and if you wanna show your ** I’m OK with that. I laughed a little because I couldn’t imagine going ** for his friends, but it does sound like fun. He said ** if you wanna go, naked, go naked. I asked him if he would really let me go naked in front of his friends, and he said yes if I was comfortable with it. I asked him if I went naked with his friends be able to touch me? He asked me why I asked, and I said I was just thinking That if he wanted me to go naked then, maybe I could have a little fun too by letting them touch. I thought this would stop him cold, but it didn’t. He asked me flat out if I wanted his friends to have ** with me. I said OMG I hadn’t really considered that. Again, he surprised me, when he said if that’s what I wanted to do, I could as long as he could watch. I thought about it and said I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when that day comes.

Well, he had a poker party, and I decided that I was going to try it and see if it was something we both might like. I dress, ** like he wanted me to and after a couple hours of playing poker, the guys took a break. They started asking me why I didn’t get naked and give them a show. I kind of chuckled thinking about what my boyfriend and I had talked about And I kind of jokingly said if you want to see me naked, then you’ll have to take my clothes off. The guys wasted no time and surrounding me and I thought to myself. Oh my here we go. My blouse came off and my skirt came off, and I was just in high heels , my bra and **. A part of me wanted them to continue And part of me was a little scared. I was only that way for a few minutes, and I felt someone unclasp my bra. My bra fell off, and my bare ** was there for them to see I felt hands wrapped around me from behind and feeling my **. I admit I was excited and it all felt good, but I wondered how far this was really going to go or how far I could go. I felt hands on my legs and my ** and of course there were still hands feeling my **. I felt myself getting turned on. Then I felt a tug on my ** and I remember saying OMG, you really are going to strip me naked. I looked at my boyfriend, who was just watching what they were doing and I felt my ** coming down. I closed my eyes as I felt hands all over my body. Again, it felt good, and I was excited, and still wondering how far this was going to go. One of the guys said you should get on your hands and knees. I said wait what did you say? They were pushing me down towards the floor. I didn’t resist much and I got on my hands and knees , like they suggested. Someone was reaching under me and playing with my ** some more, and I felt someone’s foot aping on my knees. Someone said come on now spread those knees apart. I found myself spreading my knees wide, giving them access and a view. I felt hands coming up my thighs and fingers between my legs. I looked up at my boyfriend who was watching and smiling as I felt someone slide their fingers into me. I have to admit it felt good. I looked around and the guys were taking off their clothes too. I felt someone mount me from behind and slide their ** into me. For some reason it felt really good and really exciting watching my boyfriend watch me one by one. All of them had me and then one of them slid inside my **. OMG I moaned. I had never had anyone in my ** before , I had several ** as the five of them took turns on me. I was almost exhausted when my boyfriend reached his hand down to help me up. I stood there, looking at all of them, still admiring my body, knowing all of them had just had me. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up because I had ** on me. The guys went back to playing poker and I came back still naked. I enjoyed being naked for them. I enjoyed all of them having me.

When everyone had left, my boyfriend and I talked about it. He said he loves seeing me naked and watching me have **. I told him I wasn’t sure about how I felt about all of them having me even though I did enjoy it. I did tell him though that I loved being naked in front of all the guys. I told him I thought I might enjoy doing it again but next time I wasn’t sure I really wanted them to have me. I told him if they wanted to play with my ** or ** me I could probably live with that. He said he loves showing me off naked. He said he loved watching me have an **. He said he enjoyed watching their hands play with my **. He said he wouldn’t stop me from having ** with the guys if that’s what I wanted . Our ** life is great and he is having more guys over for another poker party in a couple of weeks. He said he would love for me to be his naked hostess, but everything else was up to me. I’m looking forward to the next party. I love the guys looking at me naked. But are we going too far? If I want to have ** with the guys and my boyfriend wants to watch, should we continue or will this destroy us?

Would like to hear from some other women and men too, if they want to comment.

24 days

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