Dominant Wife

So the wife and I decided to change things up a bit in the bedroom last night, so she was the one in charge.

She started off teasing me and my hard c*** with her hands, then moved up to her lips. After a pleasurable few minutes, she suddenly stopped and went over to the wardrobe giggling... She came back over to the bed, but not before telling me to close my eyes (which of course I did).

Next thing I knew I was handcuffed to our headboard, and left lying there completely at her mercy, which is when she really got into it.

The teasing was now fourfold what it was before, she'd occasionally go to kiss me, then pull away at the last second. She'd run her tounge up my shaft then watch me struggle as I wanted me... It was hot and made me even hornier to be honest, I'd never seen her this way.

After making me literally beg for it, she went to do what I assumed would be a handjob as usual but instead started to blow me! The surprise alone mixed with the tension from the trading had me moaning like a s*** for her, which she seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

She carried on with the teasing, mixed with blowing me and a bit of a handjob to fill the gaps until the inevitable happened... She told me it was time to c**.

So as she vigorously blew my hard c*** as I dealt with my body moving as much as I could, I gave in to her demands. She must have known because she stopped sucking, grabbed my c*** with her hand and started to toss me off, all whilst talking extremely dirty to me.

I didn't care at this point, I was going to c** and that was all that was on my mind. It wasn't until after I got a wet, warm load of c** over my neck and chin that I realised she had pointed my c*** towards me, so I'd c** over myself! All she did at this point was giggle at me, but to be honest, even with my own j*** over me I didn't care at this point, all that she had done and to finally get that release felt too good... Specially when she called me her s*** afterwards just before removing the handcuffs - definitely will be doing this again soon!

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  • Do the same but with your legs in the air and mouth open. Nothing sexier than a woman wanting you into your own mouth, that's some real domination!

  • That sounds amazing ! Perfect thing to do with my boyfriend

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