Your next

You hurt her and now you will pay.

You lead her on and made us think that she had found a really nice and caring guy after that horrible experience she had. He f****** raped her, she is damaged and now she is almost broken because of those pictures you posted of her.

You will pay for what you have done.

I know where you live

I know where you hang out

I know where you can be found every single day.

I'm going to inflict the amount of pain you did to her a thousand times over and you'll be awake for the entirety of it. Or I might just ambush you in an alley and smash your brains out with a pipe, who knows?

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  • Some trifling assclown you are. You have no right of any kind to inflict such suffering and "pain" upon such a man. Rather, it speaks volumes about your character from your words stated here. You are a piece of s***, no less s***** than the guy you aggrandize as being despicable.

  • And furthermore, can you even prove this rape? B**** please, leave this up to the law and the police.

  • Shut your pie hole. The law won't do s***, as usual. Sometimes a m*********** just needs a beating.............

  • I don't know you, you don't know me, but make him suffer

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