Deeply ashamed that I molested a 7th grade girl

It was the 1980’s and the nightclub for teens in Fort Lauderdale was called Napenthe. My friend Ted had realized that a LOT of girls would sneak out of their houses, with the promise of meeting an older boy who would give them a ride home later. Ted would show up around closing time, and look for girls who looked panicked that they had no way of getting home. Those were the girls he would offer rides in exchange for a “small” favor. I was 18, Ted was 19, and the two girls we offered a ride to were in 7th grade (so 12 or 13). While the girl who got in the front of the car with Ted didn’t want much to do with him, the girl who got in the back with me asked me “you wanna make out, or something?”. We did. While we were kissing, she whispered to me, “you want me to touch your thing?”, without a single thought, I said yes, and undid my pants. I didn’t give it a second thought, I was 18, and a beautiful girl was about to touch me. Then she asked me “what do I do?”. That was when I realized that she was a kid, regardless of the make-up which made her look 20, she had never even touched a man before, but as I began to think sensibly, that I should re-zip and button my pants, I felt her hand wrap around my shaft, my god it felt good, and all rational thought vanished! She leaned over and continued kissing me passionately. She was kinda rough in the way she touched me, so I placed my hand over hers, and said “do it like this.” Several times she asked if it felt good for me, and it really did! As we kissed, I caressed her thigh. Her skirt was so short I could see her underwear, but her legs were together, as I pushed my hand between them at about an inch below... well, you know, she willingly opened her legs, and I began to lightly rub her c*******, she held me even tighter, and kissed me deeper. She seemed to get lost in the moment and would stop stroking me, but a little prompting was all it took for her to be even more enthusiastic with her stroking. After about 10 minutes I e********* on her left leg, her skirt, and some got on her pubes. b/c I was basically on my right side, so I could reach her, and she, me. I cleaned her leg, and stopped my sperm from dribbling on her v***** with a beach towel that was on the back seat. Then I cleaned myself. The only evidence left was a crusty white stain on her black skirt. We continued kissing, and I even tried to give her an o*****, but because of the way men are after they c**, the reality of her age set in. Was she 12, or 13? Either way, I was ashamed that I allowed my “hornyness” to overcome my common sense. This girl really liked me, she even offered me her number, and although I did take it, I was being polite... I had no intention of ever calling her. I felt so bad about what happened, I still do! Although just a kid myself, I WAS an adult, and she was a little girl. I molested her, and although it was over 30 years ago I still feel terrible to this day whenever I think about it! If I knew she was reading this, all I would say is how very sorry I am. I realize it was consentual, but you were too young to give consent. Please forgive me.

Oct 28, 2020

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  • Far out, what a little s l u t.

  • Never happened

  • Just look back and enjoy the memories. You are only young once. She obviously enjoyed it tremendously so there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's only in the west and in last few years that we've started viewing pubescent girls as off-limits. In history and in many other societies they correctly recognise that 7th grade age girls are ripe for s** and impregnation, that's what they're for. Their mothers can bring up their babies in the extended family. That's how humans are meant to be.

  • They Cant Consent

  • Oh yes they can, and they do, frequently. But even if they don't they'll still love it.

  • That's so true, it's often not until you've had your pleasure with their tight little hole holding them down with your hand over their mouth to shut them up that they realise they loved it and want to go again!

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