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I pretend 2 be my own bff on imvu! i call her naoko. i talk 2 myself everyday as naoko with my real charter. just so i have someone 2 talk 2!My own bf doesn't even know its me! Even my friends on imvu! When I'm with him i confess everything I'm going thru.! i use my phone 2 be her so i can tell my friends everything I'm going thru. i feel guilty abit.I even called out my own ex! It was f****** funny ass h***! i found out s*** he never told me! i do it everyay! i even private message my own bf and tell him everthing that i go thru as her. He doesn't know! he be crushed if he knew!i do it cuz Im lonley and have no one 2 talk 2 on imvu.

Apr 19, 2016

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  • Take it from someone who has done similar things multiple times... It isn't going to end well. They will eventually find out. They always do. Especially if these are people you know IRL as well.

    You have 2 options:
    1. Come clean and tell everyone. (Start with those you trust who you know accepts and loves you as you are. Tell them WHY you did it, they will be more understanding if you say you did it because you felt lonely)
    2. Delete 'Naoko' which will make them all ask you about her, ask where she went, etc which will make you need to lie more
    3. Delete imvu all together.

    I suggest you begin the journey to self-love and self-confidence as well. You are enough. You are wonderful as you are.

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