I am in love with a Jewish man. Yes, my boyfriend is Jewish. I am disgusted that some people claim that Jewish people killed Christ. You know what?? The Romans did! Has any of these Jew haters ever read the Bible? I have not, but my boyfriend has. And he is respectful of his holidays, but doesn't practice much, or wear a yarmulke. He and I are both cocaine addicts, and are big time deviants! He is very successful, intelligent, **, great in bed (no guy has ever made me come in my life but him), he's thoughtful, sweet, and has many Brooklyn "Italian" friends haha. (He is also from Brooklyn). People who claim to be Christian, or to "love Christ" who hate Jews are full of **! Christ was a loving, open minded man who was... Guess what?? Jewish! So the next time you hear someone putting down Jewish people, remember my writing, and please think twice about your response. Ignorance is bliss.. Peace!

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I'm in love with my best friend.

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  • I just think it's sad she will never experience the joy of a foreskin.

  • I am Jewish and can confirm that due to our intellect and ability to understand complex situations easily, us Jewish men are able to make women ** every time.

    Part of the allure of Jewish men is the taboo. We are dark, mysterious with cunning fingers and we will trick you and get you **...

    Did we kill Jesus.. ? ;) maybe... does it matter? Not when you are **...

  • Pontius

  • ** someone must have had a bump already seriously lady not that I care but it was the Jews who pleaded with Pontiac to crucify Jesus yes while it was the Romans that did it, the Jews still demanded he be punished.

  • Wow, that's a whole lot of crazy right there. I'd quite the coke if I was you - you're coming across as deranged.

  • Wait, so your Jewish boyfriend told you that in the Bible, the Jews didn't kill Jesus? And you believe him? Wow. Then again, you are a coke head...

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