Joke's on me

I've been in love (at a distance) with my first boyfriend for the past 50 years. I've just discovered, via the internet and facebook, that he's a Trump supporter and a gun nut. Time to rearrange my position on topics like interrupted destiny, thwarted soulmates, and star-crossed lovers. And ponder "dodged a bullet", no pun intended.

Apr 19, 2016

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  • "Gun nut"?? Gun nut?? You'd be well advised to get onboard with the real world, put your life in perspective & remember forever that liberalism is a mental disease BEYOND DISPUTE that clearly worsens over time, & destroys entire civilized societies of the world.. The brilliant example currently is Europe.. Undoubtably the next & ongoing victim of liberalism.. Furthermore, get used to saying, PRESIDENT TRUMP..

  • Another MAGAT who thinks everyone else is a liberal and that only MAGATs know how guns work. You're in for a big f****** surprise if you ever throw down with the wrong person, friend.

  • Sign him up anonymously for all of Hillary's campaign emails so that he gets them but can't tell why. She is clearly -- and objectively -- the best-qualified candidate. (Actually, I think she's the ONLY qualified one.) And maybe once he starts seeing all of the background on her and her attributes and accomplishments he will start to see the error of his ways. That probably won't happen but even if it only p***** him off it'll be worthwhile won't it??!? :)

  • "That probably won't happen".. So true. Clinton is a lifelong felon & going to jail rather than any whitehouse.. I'll give you some wise advice fool : Practice saying President Trump.

  • LOL! You absolutely did so! Lucky girl!

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