I'm so bad

I've had s** with my aunt, my cousin (my aunts daughter), older step sister, all 3 of my brothers gf/wives, my best friends wife, my ex wife's daughter (finally after so many years of jerking thinking of it lol). I wouldn't change a thing.

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  • My friend used to have s** with his Aunt. It does happen and I don't see a problem with it.

  • I see no problem with it either. As long as s** is consensual, it shouldn't matter at all who you have s** with. Thanks for the reply :)

  • Everyone should have the right to choose.

  • Totally agreed

  • Jesus you are the MAN!

  • Thank you, I try. Lol

  • So beautiful. So deep. So loving.

  • Thank you :)

  • My God, this is one of the most romantic things I have ever read anywhere. I have a zillion questions, but for now (and without getting your permission for any others) I will just ask if any of these women/girls know about your involvement with any of the others? I think you are amazing!!!

  • Well thank you. No, none of the women know of the others except my cousin. After my aunt passed away and my cousin and I hooked up, we got talking about her mom, so I spilled it to her. Ask anything you want.

  • Wow, that really opens a door I hadn't expected, so I'll explore that, if you don't mind. Once she learned of your involvement with her mom, was your cousin curious about what the two of you had done together? Did she ask about details? Did it deepen your relationship with her (meaning did it make her want more of you)? Was she freakier after you told her? Did she ask if she was better than her mother? Did she try to outdo her mom in bed? Are you still involved with the daughter? And since she already knows about her mom now, are you ever tempted to tell her about any of the other females she knows?

  • No. She thought it was hot. But she was already freakier then her mom. She loved a*** and oral. Her mom didn't. Unfortunately we have lost contact. Would love to reconnect with her again.

  • Did you date any of these during the same periods of time? Or were they all separate from one another? And of all of them who did you think was the best and why?

  • There was no dating. Just s**. They were all separate. The best was probably my ex wife's daughter. She just loved it from behind and loved to be spanked and choked. She also loved to talk dirty. It was a one time thing, but was amazing. One night of pure l***.

  • Were there any that enjoyed the risky/taboo nature of the relationship as much as you did? Did you ever secretly wish -- or even openly express -- that a particular relationship would wind up being permanent or exclusive? Or was the short-term and electric nature of things so much a part of the relationship that a serious impulse might have spoiled it? Are any of these affairs still ongoing?

  • I think my aunt liked the taboo most. She would grab my c*** under the table if we were out. My mom right across from us. She had no problem blowing me in my room with my mom still up. As for wanting a relationship, the only one I would have wanted and still do is my ex wife's 24 yr old daughter. We have a great connection. Unfortunately it was a one time thing. Hopefully once she dumps this loser bf she has I can try again.

  • I really and truly do hope that your ex-step-daughter drops her boyfriend and reopens that door again, or perhaps that you can sort out a way to take her from him with her knowing you want her full-time: that would be so romantic.

    I'm also quite curious about how you managed to bag your best friend's wife. Was it a sudden urge that both of you acted on, or had you been working her for a long time? Was it a LTR or just a fling? Do you ever get with her now, or is it pretty much a thing of the past? Do you still see her with him and have the desire to pull her off to the side and just wreck her holes and end her marriage?

    Also, a woman I've worked with forever had a child about eight years ago that everyone believes was fathered by her husband, but I know that someone else was actually the father: she kept it secret from everyone (including the baby daddy). Do you have any children by any of these women that are secrets to the world?

  • So much to type. Would u like to email?

  • If these s** acts are consensual then there is nothing wrong. Rather they all had great sexual pleasure which you too enjoyed. Carry on!! By the way, which ones you loved most - younger or older/mature ones?

  • Yes. All consensual. I would never just do it without consent. Hard to say which I loved the most. They all were amazing. Just the naughtiness of what we did, from them cheating on their husbands or boyfriends, to the taboo, all were exciting in their own way.

  • Love your reply. I too have incestuous s** with my aunt aged 42 or so and a niece 22 yo. I prefer to f*** my aunt more than my wife or the niece. It is a great joy to suck on her puffed engorged p**** lips and enter her smooth wet p****, and she is abandoned to my every whims!!

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