My step daughter

Having s** with my wife's mature daughter she's 41 wife's 57 been f****** her over 6 months can't get enough great to know I'm f****** mother and daughter xx

Oct 9, 2018

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  • I got laid by my wife's Mother long before I ever saw my wife to be naked. After we got married, that stopped, but her sister was up for a visit, the mentioned she knew all about that with her Mom and asked me when her turn was, so I gave it to her.
    She comes back at Christmas for a visit, I bet I get some more of that.

  • F****** my stepdaughters too.

  • Why can't I see the comments??

  • Out of them who is the better f***?

  • You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family unit. Are you planning on having a child or children with the daughter?

  • Tell your mom you love her and give her a hug and kiss and that you promise to be better. I love you sis.

  • Are you still there sister kk

  • Well done girls I'm nude too xxx

  • What you say to me sister kk

  • Were are you sister kk

  • Hello sis.

  • Im in bed ages sister kk and my mom would not let me of sister kk and still spanked me kk sister

  • Get used to getting spanked for telling lies. When your brain finally realizes that when I am good I will not get spanked.

  • Thanks alot sister kk

  • Why are you just ignore me sister kk

  • I am proud of you sis you did not cuss talking to me that is awesome. You need a hug and kiss you deserve it.

  • But my mom did not have to spank me sister kk and you are given me a hug sister kk

  • I will kiss you on the lips to because I love you sis.

  • Kk sister and you can stay here with me sister kk please

  • I love your tongue sis.

  • What you mean sister kk

  • It is called a french kiss. Your tongue meets my tongue and causes my nipples to get hard. I love you so much.

  • Were you gone again sister kk

  • Are you nude now? XXX

  • Why who is this kk

  • Someone up for some fun, do you like to have you pee pee kissed? XX

  • Not by you. Mister.

  • If you don't want to that's fine, I wouldn't force anyone, I would love to give you a tongue kiss xxx

  • I dont no i guess kind of kk

  • Only my sister can I was raped by males.

  • Hi sister kk and if your not im not either sister kk and were did you go sister kk

  • I'm sorry to hear that, not all males are like that!
    I would show you both love xxx

  • Were you from kk

  • Didn't think you wanted to?

  • Im sasha kk and my sister never got back to me kk though she is nice and kind kk

  • OK then Sasha open your legs wide and I will lick your pee pee, use your finger where you want my tongue xx

  • Kk i have my legs open all the way kk and have finger there kk

  • Rub up and try and find a rough bit inside you and rub you little button I'm going to make squirt xxx

  • I am doing it fast kk

  • OOOO Yes Sasha yes yes! Keep doing it I'm rubbing my c*ck for you Sasha faster faster Sasha Sasha Sasha xxxxxx

  • I feel like i have to pee kk

  • Push as hard as you can Sasha and keep rubbing xxxxx

  • I nearly peed kk

  • Did you come? XXX

  • Sorry i dont no kk but it felt so nice kk

  • When you felt like you were going to pee keep rubbing you will not pee.

  • Sister why did you not answer me kk im so freak fed up sister kk my mom is makeing me do studie sister kk and even though I have no school sister kk

  • Sis that guy irritated me. I am sorry I left it caused some bad memories. I hope you will understand.I thought it would be just the two of us. I do love you sis.

  • Morn rich and emma sweetheart. I hope yous are ok. I know Sasha was deeply upset i kept her off here last night in the end. I have few things to do today and will brling sasha with me. I will call her in hour or so and try get her to studie. Though as i told yous i had a hard time with her yesterday. If honest she was upset i confronted her on her behaviour on here and attitude towards me a few times yesterday. I do beleave though she missed emma and yourself rich. I have few things to do in the afternoon. Weather here again is wet and damp and cold. I already have Sasha clothes set out for her. They are blue dungareens' white t-shirt' white socks and panties and blue runners and into the mix her blue rain jacket with moms angel on the hack. Love to yous and hugs amanda xx

  • I hope your day will go better as will mine.Thanks for your continuing love. A hug to both of you with love.

  • Thanks alot sister kk for nothing sister

  • You are most welcome sis. I just got here and I am nude and I have mom's vibrator.

  • You are be bold to me sister kk and please stop sister kk

  • Bold to you no way jose'.

  • Please stop tease me sister kk

  • You just can not go a day without getting spanked because of your mouth and your bold actions. You just will not learn to be a good girl.

  • Hay stop sister kk i am not bold kk

  • When are you going to grow up and love your mom?

  • Stop sticking your tongue out at me unless you are going to use it sis.

  • How did you see me sister kk and moms go to spank me kk and can you tell her not to sister please kk sister

  • Mom is going to spank you better get naked and spread your legs apart and your slit so mom can spank you.

  • Uehay stop it sister kk tease me kk

  • Your teasing me with your tongue put your tongue to good use sis.

  • My mom spanked me sister kk and no clothes kk sister and she is bold kk sister

  • Are you going to be a good girl from now on?

  • I could not get you sister kk and my bum is sting me sister kk

  • Be a good girl control your mouth and be awesome. It would be great not to get spanked anymore. Sis prove to me that you can be good.

  • Kk i will try sister kk and dont fight with me sister kk

  • I will be very proud of you sis. I know you can be good.
    I love you sis.

  • What did i do on you sister kk and moms already give out to me sister kk

  • Everything is ok. Just finished baking some more banana bread with grand dad.

  • Sister did you make lots of cakes and i have to go out in a while with my mom kk and i have to go to my school and see my prinsable kk over everything i dont want to sister kk

  • Sis please behave good today so I can be proud of you.Yes I am still staying with grand dad and grandma's.

  • Why are you ignore me sister kk and stop fight with me kk sister please

  • Sasha I am back and I am not fighting with you. I want to be proud of you. I see you are improving even grandad says you are improving. We both love you so much.

  • Kk and i did not mean to say it sister kk and mom should not have done that sister kk and i love yous also sister kk

  • Sis some advice for the future when you are in some situations think of what you are going to say before you say it. Will what I say get me in trouble for saying it. I am not scolding you sis just friendly advice. You know we both love you and want the best for you.

  • Kk sister im try my best sister kk i truely am sister kk and she just should not have done that sister kk

  • Sis do not dwell on what happened look to the future to the better days. I know you can do it sis I did it.

  • Kk sister but i bet you never got spanked with prinsable or others in shops look at you sister kk i love you sister kk

  • I behaved properly and never got spanked in public. At home yes I was spanked and took my brain sometime to realize that if I behaved real good I would not get spanked. When you realize that sis you will go without spanking also.
    I love you sis keep trying to be better I know you can do it.

  • Thanks alot sister kk for not boter get f back to me sister kk

  • Sis are you cussing again ? You better quit it.

  • Why should i sister kk and you did not give a s*** sister kk

  • Why should i sister kk and you did not even f care sister kk

  • OK we will do it your way when will you f*** grow up and keep f****** things up for yourself. Your nothing but a f****** b****.

  • Well if your mom or grandad seen what you said sister kk to me and curse at me like that sister kk then you would be spanked kk so there sister kk

  • Your the one sister be mean kk and look at all the curse words and bad names you just called me sister kk

  • You don't like it do you ? Well I do not like hearing it or saying it this is final.
    I thought you were doing better. Try harder sis you can do it. Sorry for cussing at you. I do love you sis.

  • Can we not fight sister kk and i said im sorry also sister kk and i love you also

  • Sis I am back had to take care of a few things, Sis I know you are going to be a awesome girl and very loving to your mom giving her hugs and telling her how much you love her.Just like I will hug and tell you I love you sis.


  • My heads recked sister kk and i love you to sister

  • What is the matter sis?
    Did you drink some alcohol?

  • I snuck it sister kk please dont tell my mom sister kk

  • Sis do you feel a little silly.To much of it you will have a big headache. Sometimes you feel like taking your clothes off and do other things you normally would not.
    I love you sis.

  • Sister i need you kk and want to chat with you sister kk and my belly hurts also now sistet kk and did yous tell on me sister kk because mom found it sister kk and says she is go think about go back to do what she says for month sister kk i want to chat sister kk

  • Sis I did not say anything to anyone. Your mom is smart maybe she smelled alcohol on your breath. That was the chance you took.

  • Hi my sister and why did you not get back to me kk and are you stay with your grandad sister kk and do you think he might have told my mom on me sister kk and its just like that my mom came into my room and looked under my bed straight way sister kk and dragged me out of my bed sister kk and you no allready what she dis again sister kk and plus your grandad and my mom she says are friends kk and he alkways was no what i was do and wareing sister kk and i dont no how he does it sister kk do you no how he does it sister and could you find out please sister kk and do you play any sport or anything sister do you want a hugg sister kk i dont mint its up to you sister kk its cool if you dont laters sister

  • Sister no one said anything to your mom. Do you know that parents just know about kids drinking alcohol. My granddad has his ways of knowing things.
    Your mom is a wonderful person I wish I could give her a hug and kiss everyday and tell her how much I love her.
    I am going to give you a hug and kiss because I love you.
    I just gave granddad a hug and kiss on his lips to tell him I love him.
    At the present time I am not playing any sports.

  • Why are you ignore me sister kk

  • Not ignoring you sis. The electricity was out for awhile just got back on.
    At the computer now. You are angry at me sis.
    I love you sis.

  • Sister please kk im not fight with you kk and im just upset and cant beleave it sister kk back to a whole month my mom said sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Im not angry sister its cool kk and i was not able to send you lots of mesages earlier sister kk but im in so much trouble over drink sister kk and my mom is like totaly over react sister kk im not a baby like and its stupid sister kk i wish we could hang out sister kk and did your grandad find out what i did sister kkk as my mom keeps say she might tell him and get him over to deal with me and i hope shes not for real sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Sis you really need to start being a good girl and love your mom. Give her a hug and kiss and tell her you will be better and tell her you love her and really mean it.

  • Sister are you mad at me kk and i dont want to fight sister kk and i wished i always had a sister kk i love you sister

  • Do not beat up on your self. Sister you can be better you have to try harder. I know it is hard to forgive someone I forgave those boys for what they did to me. I did it so I can move on and I am a better person than they are. The law will punish them.
    Sis start with go and hug your mom and tell her you love her and that you will try your best to be better daughter for her. Your mom loves loves you she really does. Her heart is hurt because of the naughty things you have done.
    Sis your mom is wonderful and she is coping with a bad husband that hurt both of you so bad.

    You need to start being a good girl and you can do it. I love you so much I want to kiss you and hug you.

  • Why are you so nice sister kk and im so bad kk sister and i wish we could hang out sister kk i love you sister

  • Im to bold sister kk and i let my dad do things and i never told you sister kk but also somebody else sister kk and my mom hates me sister kk and i think she be more happy if im gone sister kk and its cool sister kk and you were the sister i always wish for kk and im 10 sister kk and i love you sister kk

  • Sis I know about what your dad did to you and your friends brother. They forced themselves on you. Their actions are not your fault
    Your mom hates your cussing and your fighting at school and stealing from shops and now your drinking.
    Love is much better than hating. Go and hug your mom now and kiss her start being a loving and awesome sister.
    I love you.

  • Are you there sister kk and im head recked sister kk and thank you for being my sister kk and i love you also sister kk

  • Sis what happened to your head?

  • Sister why is my mom be so bold kk

  • Just do your best. I love you sis.

  • Sister are you there kk and i kept try get you sister kk and can we not fight sister kk my heads i love you sister kk

  • I am not fighting sister I am just giving you some advice to help you become a awesome girl. I love you sis.

  • Please answer me sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Sister I am here what is up?

  • Sister and i asked my mom not to do a whole month again kk but she wont listen sister kk and i said im sorry sister kk and want to be good sister kk

  • Did you hug her and kiss her and tell your mom you love her?

  • I hate fight with you sister kk i love you my sister kk

  • Sister and i dont no why im so bad kk and it makes me feel like im better not be alive anymore sister kk and my mom be better and more happy and maybe get a new family she could sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Are there sister kk

  • Kk sister and sister and im even in more trouble over it now kk and mom said she is so back to month of what she said over it sister kk i love you to sister kk and if i was there we could play games sister kk

  • Are you comeing back sister kk

  • Kk sister and i beleave you sister kk

  • Kk sister i beleave you kk and she used two things sister kk

  • Are you there sister kk and i need to talk to you please sister kk i love you sister and did yous tell my mom on me sister kk and dont fight with me sister please kk sister

  • Kk im sorry also sister kk and i dont want to be fight with you sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Whatever sister kk

  • Im try my very best sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Sister are you there kk and i had to get my phone without my mom no kk sister and please dont tell her and it was not my fault what happend with prinsable sister kk and he was the first one to say i was bold in my teachers classs and lots more kk sister and i was try to say sorry kk and he said to stop intrubtin sister kk and it slipped out sister kk and i said shut your face kk and i promise i did not mean it sister kk i mean it and mom lifted me up sister kk and smacked my skirt like 10 times sister kk and i had to say sorry sister kk and mom put me face against wall and made my face very red sister kk and i see prinable f smile sister kk but i promise i did not say anything again sister kk i promise and im meant start school back next week sister kk even thogh i dont want to and i hared my mom say to him that she is go to wollop my bare bum at home sister kk and i reealy wanted to say to her shut her f face sister kk and i did not sister kk she had no f rite to smack me sister kk or say it to him kk and she did sister kk and im in my room and my pjs on already sister kk and mom f used spoon on me already daddy kk and she f is bold kk sister and said im in for it very hard at bedtime sister kk please dont fight with me sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Hay sister are you still there kk

  • Ate you come back sister kk and are you at your grandads sister kk

  • Guess what my mom did today sister kk and i love you to sister kk

  • Sister my mom made a show of me kk sister and why wont you answer me sister kk please

  • Please answer me sister kk

  • Are you there sister kk and moms bold sister kk something happend sister kk

  • Hi rich and emma sweetheart. I would like to talk with yous before putting Sasha on. Im disapointed in her behaviour here and i had to spank her again. I hope your day is going well and well done Emma sweetie for not doing what Sasha did last night. Love and hugs xx

  • Are you not talking to me sister kk and what did i do do on you sister kk

  • Plus pleeease dont tell my mom sister kk and she fought me when i was little with my friend show our self's sister kk to two boys on computer sister kk

  • Kk sister its cool and i felt bad also sister kk let him do it sister kk because my own dad did even worse sister kk and it kind of felt nice that someone liked me sister kk and i love you to sister kk

  • Sister I see you were masturbating and it felt good. Now it is my turn.

  • I would love to kiss your pee pee, and your friend, rub your pee pee for me xxx

  • I forgot your naked sister kk and i will take my PJs of sister kk

  • Well done girls I've got nude too xx

  • Stop ignore me sister please kk

  • What you talk about sister kk

  • Amanda I heard what happened yesterday are you OK ? Sasha was doing what most kids would do when they are afraid of getting hurt from a bad parent they run to safety. Out of the house just to get away from violence.
    Why did you and her uncle spank her?

  • Hi sweetheart and my brother had told her several times to go back to bed and stay there. It got quite heated with husband and i think Sasha is leaveing out some details angel. She kept back talking her uncle and went to kick him after he got her hugs xx

  • With Sasha details are always fuzzy. Did ex break in? I am glad you were not hurt. He needs to go get locked up.

  • Thats ok sweetheart. He kicked and banged door. My brother went out to him and all h*** broke loose. Police came in the end and he was gone. Im bringing Sasha to store soon and will you warn her sweetie. Than in no uncertain terms if she acts up. I will spank her on the spot hugs xx

  • Sister please were are you kk

  • Sis I needed to take a shower I was stinking so bad. I feel better now.What's up?

  • Why f*** are you not answer me sister kk and do you not even f****** care sister kk I wanted to talk with you sister kk

  • Were you my sister kk please

  • You can not last an hour without cussing you have no control no self discipline. Sis prove me wrong.

  • But I stayed in bed sister kk and waited ages sister kk my mom spanked me and bath me sister kk

  • I am proud of you for obeying your mom

  • But i was in bed at like 7 sister kk and mom hit my bum ages sister kk with her hand sister kk and bath brush sister kk and put my legs in the air sister kk i wish she not spank me sister kk

  • You have to suffer for two weeks instead of original month. Do not add more time be cool. I love you so much sis.

  • But sister two weeks is ages kk and hurt reeealy bad sister kk

  • Yes it is ages if you will be good maybe you will not be spanked ever again.

  • You mean you talk to my mom sister kk and tell her to let me of sister kk please sister kk

  • Sis it is late let me cuddle with you. I love you so much sis.

  • Sister i woke up and had nightmare kk and can you pleease tell my mom later not to give me baths and spanks or ground me and like bed at 7 kk sister like two weeks sister is ages kk sister and my aunt and uncle is come over and i forgot mom said over something i did on them sister kk Mom say she is go let them spank me kk sister and will you want to no what i did sister kk if you want hug I give you one sister kk

  • Sis I see you are getting better in talking with me and I am proud of you for that.Sis you know I love you very much and a hug would feel great and if you are up to it a kiss would be nice also.

  • Were you sister kk and please talk my mom sister kk I beg you sister kk

  • Taking money is stealing. Stealing leads to discipline or arrest.You must pay the price of stealing in your case spanking from auntie and uncle. The best thing for you to do is be already fully nude when they arrive and stay nude the rest of day.
    One of theses days sis I hope soon you grow up and realize bad behavior leads to spanking.
    I love you sis I wish you mature faster.

  • Hay sister thats not fair kk sister and no way hosay i be naked sister kk mom said they go to spank me like her after bath sister kk please sister I dont want them look or spank me sister kk pleeease sister

  • Sis you should get used to being nude like me and my mom and grand dad.We love being nude and we have seen each other's parts many times it is no big deal anymore. I see grand dad pee standing up and he sees me peeing all natural.
    Just make sure this is the last time they spank you be nice to them from now on and no more cussing or stealing.
    I love you sis.

  • Are you there sister kk please sister kk

  • But you have b**** and hair sister kk and I dont want to get even spanked sister kk and I love you to kk

  • Sis you decided to cuss and steal and call your mom names.You just can not keep doing that without getting punished I found that out when I was your age the more I disobeyed the more I got spanked. My brain one day said I had enough of this so I decided to tell mom I love her and said I am sorry for cussing at you and I hugged her. I started doing hugs each day.
    Sis regarding body hair I have armpit hair and I have a line of hair from my pubic hair to my belly button.
    I love you sis.
    I have not been spanked in three years.

  • Your lucky sister kk and part ofe says run of sister kk but I wont kk sister or mean more spanks and stuff sister kk I am scared sister kk and can you talk with me in bed later to sister kk please

  • My mom was meant to me when I was cussing at her and doing naughty things I got spanked pretty bad at times. I changed and I started loving my mom and I never got spanked again. I love my mom very much and is so easy to love.
    I love you very much. Better to love than fight.

  • I have go for bath sister and I am crying sister they are here sister kk

  • Sis I will bathe with you I am nude already and you will see my hair everywhere.You can wash me if you want.
    I love you sis.

  • Answer me sister kk please

  • Let me kiss your bum and put some lotion on it. I love you sis.

  • I was try to get you all night sister kk and something happens sister kk

  • What happened sis?

  • You promise not to get mad sister kk and it was kind of not even my fault sister kk

  • Not your fault you have been saying that for quite awhile. Sis if you did something then say it do not lie.

  • My f****** dad came around sister kk and they were all shouting and fighting and i got scared sister kk and my uncle told me to get hack in bed sister kk and i cursed by mistake sister kk and ran of sister kk and it was dark sister kk stop fight with me sister please

  • Your uncle was protecting you.Did any one get hurt?
    Let's hug sister.

  • They were fighting sister kk and i ran and ran sister kk and nearly got knocked down sister kk and my uncle got me sister kk and kept smack my bum all the way home kk sister and mom pulled my PJs down kk and got spoon kk and now said i might be back for a month again sister kk and can you please talk with my mom sister kk i was just scared sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Sis I will have grand dad talk with your mom. Spanking this time should not have happened. Protecting should have been the most important. Your dad should have been kicked out of house real fast.
    Sis you were only doing this to protect yourself.

  • Please talk to my mom sister kk im beg you sister kk i love you sister kk

  • Thank you sister kk and i just got afraid sister kk and can yous please talk to my mom please sister kk and i love you sister kk

  • Sister and Im sorry kk Im in bed sister kk and they all spanked me sister kk my bum is hurt me sister kk

  • Hi sister kk and i give you a hug kk can you please talk with my mom kk and tell her not to ground and spank me and other stuff kk sister for two weeks kk and tell her not to let my aunt and uncle spank me later sister kk please and it was because I took money on them when they were the last time sister kk

  • Kk sister and nite sister kk i love you to sis kk

  • And plus Im get spanked after my bath and mom said she is go to bath me sister kk

  • I have to get a bath soon sister kk and it is way to early sister kk

  • Hi sweetheart. It is Sashas mommy here. My love to yous hugs xx

  • Sasha sister I see you do not want me in your life because I obey my mom. I do not run away or smoke or drink. I am to boring for you. You hate your mom so much and everyone else you cuss so much. I cleaned up my act and I got older and smarter. I have not been spanked in three years and you sis can not even last a half day without cussing and being angry at your mom, You do not love anyone not even your self.

  • And who told you I even smoked sister kk or drink kk sister and Im 10 you no sister kk

  • And anyway sister I have plans not to be in this dumb life long sister kk

  • You are so selfish sis.
    You hate yourself because of what your dad was doing with you sexually.
    I was raped and I know it was not my fault. I did not think for one moment I was going to take my own life? I love my mom very much and I love grand dad very much also.
    Sis I do love you a bunch I just wish you would get more mature and never get spanked anymore.
    Grand dad and I would miss you very much and now I am going to cry.

  • Ye like why would yous even miss me like sister kk and Im sad what happend to you sister kk but your better than me sister kk and will you talk with my mom please and make a deal with her kk sister please andbl l she said Im grounded for a whole month plus bed at like 7 for whole month and said Im get bath before bed for month and spanked sister and that'ls to many spanks sister kk please I'm beg tell mom not that many and way to early for bed sister kk please

  • Sis I would love to hug you so much. I wish you could live with me and I am sure you could become a awesome sister. I could even hug your mom a bunch and tell her I love her. Oh sis I would miss you so much and grand dad would miss you the most he really loves you so much and he would cry for days.

  • You are make me cry sister kk and Im not always bold sister kk would yous be really sad just for me sister kk and let me even live with yous sister kk can yous please tell my mom not to ground me that long or bed at 7 sister kk and bath before bed and plus spank me sister kk and that is to much sister kk please Im beg you sister kk

  • Sis you promise me not to cuss to your mom and actually go to her and give her a big hug and tell her you love her please do that.

  • I will sister kk but will you please talk with her please kk sister

  • Amanda can I please have a couple of words with you? Emma

  • Off course sweetheart hugs xx

  • Did Sasha give you a hug and tell you she loved you?

  • You ok sweetheart hugs xx

  • Yes she did sweetheart and thank you for talking with her. I am not plan on letting her off lightley though angel. As you you no her behaviour and actions and all round rudeness will not be tolerated hugs xx

  • She will need to hug you and tell you that every day. But please give her a half month punishment.

  • I understand angel. Though Im very tempted to follow through. You can talk with her now sweetheart. But I will make it two weeks instead. Though it still stands the same. Grounded for two weeks' bath and in bed before 7 for next two weeks and a spanking sweetheart before bedtime. If she fights me on any off this. I will go back to month as i said. Your a good girl Emma hugs xx

  • So sis you want to die now?

  • So what if I do sister kk people be better of anyway sister kk

  • I dont care if no one loves me sister kk I hate myself anyway kk

  • Please my sister kk i ran away k what will i do my sister kk and please stop fight with me sistrr kk

  • My sister and and dont tell my mom im here kk and i snuck my ipad back sister kk and she is so bold sister kk and mean sister kk

  • Your mom cares and loves you, and you shouldn't even be swearing, and learn what the words your are using mean it just makes you sound stupid!

  • Sister Sasha I have some bad news for you. Do you have any idea?

  • Whats wrong sister kk are you not well sister kk

  • Grand dad had a phone call from a restaurant owner about a incident yesterday.

  • Whatever sister kk and i dont no what you are saying sister kk

  • Well sister what happend kk and i dont get what you mean sister kk

  • There was a girl in the restaurant that was so angry at the staff there she kicked a chair and hit someone and mouthed off at the staff.

  • I dont no sister kk there was a girl i seen allright in restront and she was kind of bold i guess sister kk and she was not that bad sister kk

  • Well sister this girl had a black skirt a white button down top. She had on black tights and black slip on shoes.

  • I think i no what you mean sister kk i bumped into a table kk sister and i might of hit chair by mistake sister kk if thats it kk sister but its cool sister kk

  • There was a girl dressed like you that took something from s shop. I think that you should get naked and take your hairbrush and go see your mom for a spanking now.
    I love you sis.

  • Hi my sister kk it was kind of mistake kk and its cool sister kk

  • My mom is annoy me sister kk and wants me to get a bath sister kk

  • What sister kk it might be a mistake sister kk and how do you even no what clothes im wareing sister kk

  • You better take off your pink skirt and t shirt and those white socks and panties right now.

  • Hay sister you cant be serious kk and how h*** you no what im wareing kk sister

  • We just know and we will see you soon. Grandad says you better be nude. Love you sis.

  • Hay sister yous can go home kk its cool sister kk

  • Did you see your mom for spanking?

  • Hello like sister its cool and yous go back home sister kk

  • See you real soon grandad just changed flat tire and we will see you real soon.

  • Were are yous sister kk and yous can go back home sister kk its cool sister kk

  • OK sis good night.

  • Morn rich and are you free to chat and hows emma. love to yous amanda hugs xx

  • It has been a busy day with physical therapies and other things.Emma is doing great but disappointed about Sasha,'s behaviour. We send our love.

  • Morn rich and no problems. i do hope you and emma are well and if you or emma get chance to talk with her again. i would realy appreciate it and het attitude and behaviour is way out off hand. she ran off yesterday for hours and my neighbour hared her give attitude to some copil. my neighbour approached sasha and she cursed at her and called her names to which i wont repeat. i never brought her back to that shop to return the item she stole rich. though i plan on doing it later with her this afternoon. i also invited my neighbour over and i told sasha she will apolagise to her. she has blatanly told me she wont and to f off and worse. would you recommend i spank her in front off my neighbour and maybe even in front of person at shop if she refuses. i have not told sasha what i plan to do. she just yelled and stuff and said i cant do jack s***. i realy need to make an impression on her rich and dont want to go over board. but i beleave she needs a shock and perhaps a bit of embarassment. my sister and her husband have left. im going into call sasha soon and get her to do some studieing. so as yous know what she will be wareing. a loose moave short dresse and move cardigan with matching socks and panties and as said in previous post a while ago. im tempted to leave her pantiless. i hope yous have a good day rich. love amanda hugs xx

  • This particular story appears and vanishes. Sometimes a post will go through and other times it just freezes and gone. Will do our best. Will be back in a couple of hours. Love you.

  • Mr were is my sister emma kk please answer me kk and somebody is being mean to me mr kk and mom did something in shop on me mr kk

  • Yes spank her in front of neighbor and shop keeper, when you do she has to be pantyless, if they want to spank her too, allow them to!
    For extra embarrassment make her nude, if they may want to to be nude allow that! It will add to the embarassment! If they wish to talk with her on thier own allow that too they have that right!
    I am a teacher and know many ways to discipline, and structure

  • Are you m or f and im so disapointed in her behaviour xx

  • I'm male and a teacher, extreme behavior needs extreme actions

  • I have her here at moment and she isbso bold. would you like to talk to her and please do not take and attitude off her xx

  • Make sure she is completely nude she needs to be embarrassed, stand with her to start with, in case she needs spanking!

  • I will put her on too you now. at moment she is in her nightie xx and as you know her name is sasha xx

  • Hello sasha! Want to say anything?

  • Who the f*** are you kk

  • I'm a teacher and I don't care for your language! Now take off all you clothes mom can help you!

  • Are you actualy f****** crazy or what kk and who the f*** are you talking to kk im nearly 11 and you have no rite to talk to me like that got it kk

  • Is your mom still there!

  • She is clean up and whats it to f*** do with you kk and who the h*** are you kk

  • I know you like the f word so you should know what it means? It means you want a Willy inside you! Is that what you want?

  • Shut your damm mouth kk and you would not want to mess with me kk

  • You took a long time there Sasha! You like having Willie's inside you!
    I think that your front bum is tingling isn't it?

  • Do you no your annoy me kk and watch your f****** mouth kk

  • I know you are rubbing your self right now!

  • No i am not kk and my b**** mom wants you kk

  • Hello are you there mom?

  • Hi its sashas mommy here and i clearly see her behaviour has not changed. i ought to redden the a*** off her dont you think xx

  • Yes definitely, strip her first, and your self that will make her self conscious, try to aim for the same part each time

  • ? have you children and i will do it now. she is being so disrespectfull xx

  • About two thousand I'm a teacher, yes let me know when you are done?

  • I have to go soon and maybe chat later xx

  • Well its sashas mom here xx

  • Sorry internet went down what's happening now?

  • She is standing in corner nude...

  • Are you nude too!

  • Lost connection and no. will be back later sorry xx

  • Amanda and Sasha we send our love to the both of you.

  • You there rich and haveing some problems with connecion. we are just left shop and im parked up with sasha sobbing in back off car and kicking my seat hugs xx

  • Teacher here, how did it go in the shop?

  • Yes we did and she refused to apolagise. i took her a side privatley with owner and spanked her. she is in tears here. would you like to speak to her and take know attitude. i will be driveing and tell her if she continues to yell in car and kick seat. her bottom will be glowing red xx

  • Put her on then!

  • She be on next thanks xx

  • OK!

  • Hello and what the f*** do you want kk

  • Where are you now! And don't talk to me like that!

  • A****** kk

  • What the h*** has it to do with you kk and im in car with my f****** b**** mom kk

  • Don't talk like that! Now take off all your clothes or you will get another spanking!!

  • Who f****** told you i got spanked anyway kk

  • You are actualy f****** crazy kk and im in car kk and mom invited our c*** neighbour over later and she tginks im go to say sorry over something stupid kk

  • Let's put it this way if you start behaving then all the things you don't like will stop

  • What are you talk about kk im f*** good kk mom is just bold kk

  • Obviously you wasn't spanked hard enough! Your mom loves you and cares for you you shouldn't be swearing at all!
    And if you want to use words know what they mean first!!

  • We are hom kk and mom started it kk and has no rite to spank me kk

  • But you have the right to hit people and swear and misbehave?

  • Sis why are you behaving bad again ? you can not last a day without cussing and mouthing off to your mom or neighbor.

  • Sister stop give out to me kk please sisterbkk mom spanked me in shop for no reason kk

  • No reason sis ? Did you apologize to the shop owner? Did you cuss again? You had to make a scene ? Look at me I am Sasha and I can steal and I can cuss you all and no one is going to tell me I can not.

  • Please stop sis kk i just took something small sis kk and neighbour is hete sister kk and please tell mom not to spank me again sister kk please

  • You stole even when it is small I am so ashamed of you.

  • You got me in more triuble sister kk and thanks alot kk sister and you never f*** answerd me sister kk andbi god mad and did something sister kk and mom is being a total b**** over hardley nothing sister kk and she is wreck my head kk and you and your grandad just stay f*** away sister kk and dont dare come here sister kk and im not a f*** baby kk im nearly 11 kk sister and if mom try spank me again i will do something back to her sister kk and yous stop get in my face for no reason sister kk and dont dare come over kk sister im not mess here kk so watch it kk and we have to see my b****** princable later sister kk and i want to tell him hes a ass wipe kk sister and stop fight with me sister kk i just want you to be my sister kk and not fight with me kk

  • Stop your cussing and quit passing the blame.Sis you cause your own problems because of your arrogant moves.GROW UP and sis when you have a child of your own she can be just like you I am my own boss. You deserve the child's behavior. You will be a very good example.

  • Hi rich and are you ok and sasha is in bed. Hugs Amanda xx

  • Hi rich and emma sweethearts. sasha will be getting droped home in next half hour. she was seeing with a smoke and. some kind off drink in her hand along with another bunch off kids apparantly alot older than her by another neighbour. apparantley she was cheeky and sarcastic and very flippant. im at my wits end as i said and i for sure intend to blister her bum red raw as soon as she walks in door. then bath her and spank her wet bottom and bed hugs xx

  • Hi rich and my sweetheart emma. sasha ran off earlier and wont answer her phone. im so scared and concernd for her. i see she has being on here and thinks i dont see this. if she is on to yous again. would you please tell her to get herself home. im at my wits end and i am going to call into some off her friends houses. i have a spatula here and i plan on useing it. my brother in law and sister are also out looking for her. im greatfull for everything hugs amanda xx

  • Hi rich and are you free to talk. love to emma also hugs xx

  • Please sister tell my mom not to spank me kk sister im beg you sister kk please

  • Hay stop it rite now sister kk please sister kk mom said she is go redden my bum kk sister say her not to please kk

  • Please stop sister kk and mom says im to say sorry to yous and neighbour kk and get clothes of sistrr kk and guess what sister she said over me curse at neighbour that she willbspank me kk then mom sister kk and put nose in corner and go to bed sister kk please tell my mom not to make me do it sister kk im be you sister kk

  • You have been naughty sis get your clothes off now all of them. You need to get spanked by neighbor and your mom.
    I suppose I could do it myself and I will be nude when I spank you. I will tell grandad and we will leave soon.

  • Fine sister i will kk and its not fair sister kk just this once let us of kk sister im beg you sister kk

  • Good choice sis.

  • I hate yous sister kk and yous dont care sister kk and never get back to me kk f*** yous sister kk and i was be ok sister kk

  • You hate me sister kk and im even in bed kk and my bum stings bad sister kk

  • Were are you sister kk its sore sister kk im in bed sister kk

  • Are you there sister kk im crying now sister kk

  • This is the teacher again, you have done these things and must take responsibility for your actions! Instead of trying to get out of it apologize! It very simple.
    Or you will find that people won't want to be your friend!
    Treat others as you wish to be treated

  • Mr i wil say sorry kk but i dont want to get spanked kk

  • That is alot better Sasha, you will find that if you are kind, courteous and respectful life will be alot enjoyable.

  • Kk im sorry then kk and its sore kk

  • I accept your apology Sasha.
    Namaste Sasha, be well

  • Kk and do you want a hug kk

  • Sasha you hitting people again? I am so ashamed of you.

  • Hi rich and heading out to that shop now with sasha. be in touch and love amanda hugs xx

  • Remember what I said!

  • You there and im leaveing on my own panties and bra. sasha is nude and sobbing her eye out xx

  • Sorry who is this...

  • I did it sister kk and im in bed kk and it not rite sister kk so night sister kk. and my mom hurt me bad sister kk

  • Please go back home sister kk its cool sister kk

  • Fine i go to my mom sis kk

  • No sister kk and its cool sister kk yous go back home sister kk

  • Hay wait a sec sister kk go back home pleeease sister kk

  • Sis grandad says we are leaving now.
    I love you sis.

  • Hay sister and were are yous going kk sister kk and its cool sister i said kk

  • Were are yous going sister kk pleease tell me sister kk

  • What do you mean sister kk and what happend sister kk

  • Sister sister when are you going to grow up? Maybe in another ten years?

  • Hi rich and i truely hope you and all are well. thinking off yous. love and hugs amanda xx

  • I have had a lot of paperwork to take care of.I am caught up now. Love you both.

  • I can put sasha on now rich and if you and emma could have a word with sasha please and do as i suggested earlier. thank you again hugs xx

  • Mornn rich and i hope signal is better today. first off all give emma my sweetheart a kiss and big hug from me. sasha was totaly out off control yesterday. i was disgustet with her behaviour and sorry i could not get through to yous. as saha said im all mouth and you and emma wont be over or emma wont spank her rich. i told her your car broke down. but she will not be getting off with how she acted in restaraunt. my brother in law wanted to spank her on the spot rich. i only noticed also after words she took something from a shop we were visiting. i plan to take her back later and apolagize. im at my wits end rich and would you suggest i spank her in front off owner rich to reinforce to her im not fooling around and please rich. latet on i would love emma also to talk with her and i plan on bath her myself. but i would like emma to get sasha to submit to me and strip and bring her hairbrush to me and ask for a spanking. im going to blister that bottom good. my sisster and her husband had to go yesterday. though they will be back this evening. i will dresse her in pink skirt' pink t, shirt'white socks and white panties and im tempted to leave her without panties rich hugs and love amanda xx

  • Hi rich and i cant beleave it. im just getting into bed now. i could not get a signal for some reason and i apolagise. thanks again and how yous doing. love to all and give emma an extra hug from me hugs xx

  • Sasha you break my heart sister you can not follow instructions can you ? You completely ignore them.. Now you have to deal with me sister and you must follow my instructions fully and no cussing back at me understood?
    I love you sister.

  • What are you say sis kk i did noting kk so watch it sister kk

  • Are you threatening me?
    I understood you were going to be good the whole day and you start it this morning. Sis I am ashamed of you.

  • Kk sister whatever kk stop reck my head kk sister

  • Why are you fight with me sister kk and stop it this sec kk and what you go do sister kk sister

  • Sis take your clothes off all of them leave them in your room. Go see your uncle give him a kiss and go stand in corner half hour and no talking.
    I love you sis.

  • Why i did nothing sister kk i cant do it kk sister stop fight with me rite now sister kk

  • You want me come over and spank you is that what you want?
    Remember last night you were to get twenty spanks from me and you weaseled out of that one.. Go see your uncle and get spanked leave all your clothes in your room go nude to him. He has seen all you have before,

  • Hello sister were you sister kk and its cool sister kk

  • Pleaaaese sister no im not kk and dont come over sister kk its cool sister kk it be cool kk sistet forget about it sister kk

  • Are you nude in front of your uncle?

  • I dont want to kk sister just forget about it sister kk why should he spank me sister kk please its cool kk

  • Get nude and go kiss him and say I love you uncle.

  • Tanks for ignore me sister kk and thought you were my sister kk and my big sister to stick up for me kk sister huggs xxx

  • Posting on here has been a challenge hope this one goes through. Little sis I love you you shall we cuddle ?

  • I went out to my uncle kk sister and he took my pj an all of kk sister and spsnked me for like ages sister kk and my bum is totaly sore and red kk and he make me go to wall for ages kk sister and not let me rubb my bum kk and he seen all me sister kk and mom is here now and said i have to let you give me 10 spanks now kk instead of 20 sister kk and please not do it hard kk sister im beg you

  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 now let us cuddle skin to skin chest to chest.
    I love you sis.

  • Morn rich and sasha got a proper spanking last night. her bottom was very red and she was highley embarased about her uncle striping her and he only needed his hand to spank her. i could tell even as she stood doing timeout she wanted to say something. but she must have found it hard to resists saying nothing and not reaching back to touch her bottom. her little face was as red as her bottom. i see emma was haveing trouble reaching her rich with connecion here i suspect. she ran straight to her room and after i finished with ten spanks and she was sleeping nude. we are all going out for sunday brunch rich. i will call sasha soon and she needs a bath or shower. again so you know i have her black skirt' white button down top' black tights and white panties with black slip on shoes. please tell my sweetheart emma i said thank you and give her a hug and kiss from me. i would be lost without you rich and your so kind hugs amanda xx

  • Have a good brunch. With love.

  • Sorry rich and meant to say. if you like ask emma to do it hugs xx

  • Hi rich and could you please message me and just tell sasha you can see her behaviour in restaraunt. then tell her she is in for the spanking off her life at home. you can tell her you hared her being rude to staff and kicking a chair and causeing it to hit somebdy. cheers rich hugs xx

  • At the top.

  • So its cool sister kk and mom said its cool sister kk so i dont have stay here sister do i kk sister

  • Forget about it sister kknits cool sister kk my mom even says its cool sister kk

  • No f way sister kk i just cant sister kk dont let him spank me sister kk will we forget about it kk sister im beg you kk

  • Sister Sasha are you up yet? I miss you so much can I hug you?

  • Hello like sister kk can you please tell my mom i dont have to go with her kk please sister

  • Sister you are not old enough to be left on your own and besides what if your dad breaks in and rapes you again then what?
    I love you sis and I want you to be safe and alive.

  • But please sister kk i can stab him if he trys come in kk im beg you please im not go with my mom kk sister

  • Sister I do not want to take that chance and then you might get bored and you make prank calls again no way. You go with your mom and be a good obedient girl for a once.
    I love you Sasha I want you to be safe.

  • Im not going sister kk and this final kk and please change your mind sister kk im beg you please kk and i wont mess kk sister

  • I am not messing with you I want you to be alive and well not raped and dead.
    That is final you go with your mom.
    I do love you Sasha my sister.

  • Well sister did you even listen to me kk please sister im f*** beg you kk huggs xxx

  • I did listen to you and I want you to be safe. I know at times life is boring get over it. You can if you choose and be taken away and stripped and they will find all kinds of things for you to do at the place near London with all the other boys and girls.

  • So i get to stay home sister kk and i can tell my my mom. you said i can sister kk cool huggs xxx

  • Sister you are pulling a Sasha switch deal again I said no such thing I should come over and spank your bum soon.

  • You mean you will be spank me sister kk

  • Saying things to your mom that are not true. Yes I will come over and strip you and spank you naughty sister. Why can't you grow up and be a good girl like me ?

  • Hello like my sister kk

  • Fine i go with my f*** mom then sister kk but its just dumb you no and why should you get to spank me sister you no kk huggs xxx

  • I want you to be a good sister and then you will not get spanked ever. I bet you that you will get spanked while you are out with your mom. Sis prove me wrong I dare you.

  • O no i wont kk sister and i would not allow it sister kk and mom says get in car now sister kk i talk later sister jj huggs xxx

  • I dare you sis.

  • Im home sister kk and my mom is a total b**** kk and are you there kk and dont tell your gran dad im talk to you sis kk huggs xxx

  • Sis you did not last a few hours not getting spanked. I know you could not last. You love getting spanked so get used to it more will come.

  • Answer me please sister kk

  • Why are you hiding ? Did you disobey mom? Sister I am ashamed of you.

  • Stop give out to me sister kk mom is bang my door kk and uncle and aunt are here sister kk and they are angry also sister kk will you tell my mom to leave me alone please sister kk im beg you sister kk huggs xxx

  • Answer me sis what did you do ?

  • Im beg you sister please kk i want you sister kk huggs xxx

  • You proved that you can not last a few hours of being good. You had to go and curse mom. I will tell grand dad and he will call the woman to come and take you away. Sister why can't you be good ?

  • Please stop sister kk i dont want to fight with you kk and will i go out to them sis kk hugs xxx

  • That is a good sister I am proud of you and I will hug you and kiss you.

  • Will you wait on me sister kk when i come back kk and i go out in a minute sister kk and my uncle is shout in door at me sister kk i dont want to go out to them sister kk bit i will sister and im scared sister kk huggs xxx

  • I will lay with you I will be in your bed waiting for you. Love you sis.

  • Pleeease my sister kk and were are you sister kk i cant stop crying now sister kk and i cant beleave what they did sister kk i need you so bad sister kk hugs xxx

  • Let me rub lotion over your whole body sis I know how to make you feel better.

  • Why you not answer me sister kk and mom and them are bastards sister kk huggs xxx

  • Sister your cussing again you were nude and your bum was spanked and your v***** slapped. Am I right? Love you sis.

  • How h*** you no i had no clothes on sister kk and my f*** mom says if i keep scream she will let you spank me sister kk she is a b**** to say that sister kk huggs xxx

  • Sister if we are going to cuss then you are a b****. Because you b**** all the time how you get spanked. Well sis I have not been spanked in three years. You can not even go a half a day without running your b**** mouth. Maybe I should tell you to f*** off. You like this better cuntface b****.

  • Stop saying that to me sister kk and my mom is here and wants you kk for a sec and watch your mouth to me sister kk

  • Don't like the cussing back do you sister?Grow up then.

  • Emma im reealy sorry kk sister and do you have to do what my mom says kk and she is gone kk sister please can you tell her you spanked me like she says to kk and pretend you did sister kk and she wont no sister kk im beg you please kk dont do it im beg you sister its not rite kk huggs xxx

  • Hi swetheart and its sashas mommy here. i have told her about screaming. and curseing. she is here now nude and i have told her you are going to spank her 20 times and then she can cuddle with you. if she uses anymore bad language or disrespect. you let me know angel and tomorrow i will spank her in front of her my sisteer and husband. your very good sweetheart hugs xx

  • Sister grow up. You just do not listen to me about growing up and being good.

  • Please stop sister kk and i never even cursed at you sister kk

  • Let's go to bed and cuddle.

  • Kk sister and will you tell my mom you spanked me kk please sister kk huggs xxx

  • It's about time you put your nipples against my nipples I love it. Sis this is much better.

  • Kk sister and lets not fight sister kk and have you even got to ware train bra to school sister kk huggs xxx

  • I do not wear a bra and I never will. My mom does not wear one either. I feel better all the time.

  • I cant wait to get a train bra sister kk and you have to ware one sister kk even at school kk you might let people see your b**** sister kk i got cream sister kk and please will you put it on my bum sister kk and can i ask you something sister kk

  • I am proud of my b**** if I could go to school top less I would.
    I will never wear a bra.
    Night night.

  • Morn rich to you and sweetheart emma. sasha is wiped out and i hope she sleeps for a good while. emma is so wonderfull with her and she realy is in awe off her. beleave when i say she thinks emma will truely be over to strip and spank her if she misbehaves rich. she is shocked that she is only 13 and given permission to spank her. she would normaly not listen to anybody this long rich. so i know she finds it hard at times rich. but she realy cares for emma as she does you. she allways wanted an older sister. i beleave she will test emma no end on this. im certain that she will push the boat out and see will emma carry through. if she acts up today rich would you please tell emma i said she can tell sasha to go to my brother and rescive a spanking and then to stand either naked or bottomless in corner for half hour. she will then go back to her room and emma will either use her hand or hairbrush to give sasha 20 spanks through me please. she will be wareing just mint green pj shorts that are even quite small on her. her little bum cheecks stick out a little rich. im purposley laying them out for her. i know she wont like her uncle seen half her bottom. especialy since he spanked her last night. her slippers will be mint green also. my thankfulness and love to yous rich. love amanda hugs xx

  • I am glad we can help and Sasha is stretching her boundaries. It is so peculiar that Sasha yearns for a training bra and yet does not understand that Emma and her mom do not wear a bra ever.

  • Thank you rich and she is still flat as a boy. i dare not tell her that though rich hugs xx

  • Amanda you wear a bra I assume that is why Sasha is determined to have one also.

  • She breaks my heart rich hugs xx

  • Who breaks your heart?

  • My doll and she has woke up a little narky and i will bite my tounge for moment hugs xx

  • Like Emma was saying Sasha can not be good for even a few hours.

  • Well rich if emma is there. i can put sasha on before she kicks off hugs xx

  • We are back and we are nude again.

  • Hi rich and will you please tell sasha to go into her uncle for a spanking as i told emma last night to do if sasha was naughtie and then i told emma sasha was to have half hour corner time naked or bare bottom and in her room then for 20 spanks off me from emma. thank you and if you go to top off page again and talk with sasha please rich hugs xx

  • But my f*** mom actualy let my uncle spank me sister also kk and no clothes on and i hit my aunt sister kk and they seen me all sister kk and my uncle f*** put my legs in the air and spanked me to hard sister kk and had stand corner with no f*** clothes sister kk and will you tell them they are bold sistet kk and no rite to spank me mr kk huggs xxx

  • Do you even f*** no what the did sister kk and they are bad sister kk and no rite to do it kk and guess what they did sister kk huggs xxx

  • Please sister kk im in so much trouble sister kk huggs xxx

  • I cursed at mom in shop sister kk and she is do mad at me sister kk huggs xxx

  • Are you there my sister kk and in not f*** bold sister kk and mom is say she will spank me kk sister but i locked myself in my room sister kk and my aunt and uncle are here sis kk huggs xxx

  • What you talk about sister kk and what you mean strip kk and im f*** 10 sister kk please please please sister im even beg you kk i love you sister huggs xxx

  • If grandad gets a call he can call that lady and she will pick you up and take your clothes off and take you to that place where other girls and boys that get into trouble all the time like stealing or breaking things stuff like that and the parents even with spanking the kids do not listen. So the parent has a choice now. The kids will return home when they start minding and be good.

  • Hold on a sec sister kk this is dumb kk

  • But sister what if i just say no kk please i dont want to go to boreing shops kk and see my moms friend kk sister and its bad enoufgh my aunt and uncle are come here later sis kk please tell mom you said i can stay im even beg you sister pretty please sister kk

  • Hi emma my sister and im up kk and i dont want to go with my mom kk and will you tell her i can mind myself kk pleeeease sister kk

  • Sasha we love you very much.

  • Sasha sweetheart we love you very much.

  • Is this emma and her gran daddy kk and my bum is reeealy sore kk and emma pleease i was think of you kk

  • Sasha I heard you stole some earrings I am so sad and I told granddad my sister does not do those things anymore. Did you?

  • Im in bed since so early you no emma kk and guess what my mom f*** did emma kk and im not bad and i thought we were sisters emma and im 10 and nearly 11 kk im so mad and im crying emma kk

  • How did you no emma kk and yous hate me now kk and i wanted them so bad kk and you no my mom used a spoon on me plus her f*** hand kk and im so mad at her kk and if you hate me and dont like me anymore thats fine kk my mom should not spank me kk

  • You were naughty sister and doing bad things like stealing you get disciplined. I love you very much. I would asked Mom if I do some chores then can I get those earrings. I do chores for granddad or my mom and then I was able to buy a laptop.

  • Is your gran daddy with you emma kk

  • Yes he is home here but not next to me.

  • Hold on emna and im 10 i said kk and that is way to old kk plus i feel like go into my mom this sec kk and tell her she has no rite to spank me kk and if you seen my bum you will agree kk i bet you never got spanked that hard kk and stop fight with me kk im your sister kk

  • This sister never stole anything and not going to steal in the future that is so not cool. I love you Sasha.

  • Emma are you there kk and im in deep s*** sister kk and are you not taling to me kk and dont tell my mom or your gran dad im talking to you kk and i hope they dont find out kk i was think of you sister

  • Sister what did you do now?

  • Emma please and why are you ignoreing me for kk sister

  • Doing those kind of calls cause a lot of trouble because they know who is calling very fast. Never ever do that again sister be nice and good from now on and you will not get spanked.
    I love you.

  • I was just have fun my sister kk and they are dumb and what will happen if i tell police to get out my face kk i dont want to get spanked sister kk please

  • You never ever disrespect the police they are good people.Be nice to them and apologize. Kindness works better than being bad.
    I love you sis and I hope you learned a lesson from this do not be a bad girl.

  • It was just fun sister kk amd mom says they will be here soon kk and wont let me get f*** dressed kk i was just bored and haveing fun kk sister my mom does not have to spank me kk it is no big deal kk sister

  • It is a big deal never ever do that again. Will talk with you later we have to take a road trip. Talk with you later sis be good please.

  • Hello sister and i realy need you kk please sister huggs xxx

  • Hello sister how are you doing ?

  • I was only f*** do prank sister kk and my mom and dumb police cant take a joke kk sister

  • Prank calls are a serious nature. Specially recently terrorist activities happen. Calls have been monitored.
    Sister I am going to be in law enforcement when I get older.

  • Is that a police person sister kk and they could take a joke kk and mom had no rite to spank my bum and them see kk and i would not say soirry sister kk was my mom bad sister kk

  • You should have apologized and your mom spanked you and you had it coming. Yes I want to arrest rapists and pranksters. I love you so much sister.

  • Are you even for real my sister kk and not listen to me kk they seen mom spank me and seen my bum and down there sister kk and she f*** make me say sorry and had hold my nighty uo you no and they give big lexure kk and mom say stand in corner to me and bare my bum kk and made them tea and you cant say my mom. is not a b**** for doing that on me sister please kk

  • Your mom is not a b**** she is a nice person. The next thing you will call me a b**** because I agree with your mom. Is that right sis?

  • How is she rite sister kk im 10 kk and she has no rite to let them see me kk or spank me kk and stand ages with nose to wall sister kk and what you mean if call you that name sister kk like you think you can spank me to or something kk she was total b**** sister kk

  • Sister I see that no other way out of this with the mouth you have calling your mom a b**** or cuntface or other bad mouthing mom. I will spank you myself sister remember I am your big sister.

  • Is this like a joke sister or something kk

  • But wait sisternkk im f*** 10 sister kk and why you say spank me for nothing kk cant you see sister my mom was totaly wrong and should not let them see my bum and down there kk and hold my nighty up so them see me and f*** stand against wall and bare my bum sister kk

  • I would have done that myself to you doing a prank like you did and not apologizing. You had it coming .

  • Remember last time I was spanked I was ten. That was the last time. I love you so much sister let this time be the last time you get spanked. You can be a smarter and a good girl from now on.

  • Hi rich and is emma there hugs xx

  • Morn rich and i dont know wether to laufgh or cry. sasha is just being so disrespectfull. i was amazed at your angel grandaughter emma rich. she has sasha on the ropes for sure. sasha is shocked that emma said she would spank her the same way. she is a sweetheart and is wonderfull to back me up. if you like i will tell sasha emma as her big sister will be in charge of her discipline and if emma could talk with her about the chart i made. im going to wake her up soon rich. i have a few things to do later. my sister and brother in law are comeing over to stay for a few days. my sister still insists i spank her more. or at least let her husband do it and im not sure rich. would you think this a good idea or wrong. so you are aware i have set out a white knee lenght dresse and white cardigan. with white ankle socks and white panties and white slip on shoes. i thank you again rich and give emma a big hug and if she ever wants to sit on my lap for hugs i would be delighter. love to all amanda hugs xx

  • It wont let me send this to sister you kk and my f*** mom. is like psikic kk or something kk and said from now on if im act up and kk you will f*** deal with me kk. sister and is this even for real sister kk and you cant do that and you say you would of done it kk and. do you not care the seen me sister kk please

  • Emma my sister please are you there kk and i realy need you kk

  • I just wanted fun you no sister kk i dont see the big deal kk my mom is being so unreasonible kk sister and dont you think so and please dont tell your gran dad or my mom im talking with you sister kk and dont forget to come back sister huggs xxx

  • Were are you emma my sister kk

  • I pranked somebody with a call kk and the police were called kk sister and they are comeing over kk and mom said im not go to sit comfortable for ages over it sister kk and it was just a prank call i did sister kk

  • Morn rich and i fell asleep. that little chancer. i did not realise she never logged of sooner with emma. i will chat with her when she gets up. how is my sweetheart doing rich. she truely is a gem and a credit to yous. i think its so cute how she is with sasha sasha is realy taken with you and emma. she seems to be still trying to get her head around emma agreeing with her needing discipline when she is naughtie. maybe yous can chat again later with her please. i wonder could emma bring her around a little also regarding the chart i made rich. i need to get a routine for her. give emma a swueezy hug from me please. i am going to put her in a white nightie and no panties and white socks rich. yous have being a life safer in this dark place. your whole family must be wonderfull. love to all amanda hugs xx

  • Emma im tired and can we not fight kk and my bum is very sore kk and i want to be your sister still and hug each other kk i wish i was with you my sister kk here is xxx for you nigh sister

  • Fine whatever then kk and thought we were sisters kk emna and i cried for you emma kk

  • Are you gone emma kk and are yous mad at me kk

  • Like you never stole at all emma kk

  • Fine and im sorry then kk emma

  • Hi rich and i hope everything is ok hugs xx

  • Hello is Sasha there please? I would like to talk to her

  • She is in her room at moment..

  • Is she able to talk you can stay too!

  • Yes she is and im about too spank her soon. talk with her for a bit if you wish..

  • Will you be staying? I would like you to X

  • I have things to do and will come back asap...

  • Hello Sasha my beautiful sexy girl xxxxx

  • Who is this mr kk

  • Your boyfriend I've been looking for you and missed you xxx

  • Ye some boyfriend mr kk and never f*** answerd me for ages mr

  • I have been looking for you for ages and when I did leave comments you didn't answer xxx
    I know you've missed me you slit is tingling isn't it xxxxx

  • I have my nightie on kk

  • I love you and want put my Willy inside you Sasha xxxxxx

  • No way my dad did that kk

  • Do you want me to do that to you mom instead I don't mind? Xxxx

  • Ye whatever mr so xxx

  • Can you tell my mom not to spank me please xxx

  • I lost connection sorry tell your mom to come here then xxxxxx

  • Kk so whatever

  • Hi and my mom is f*** stupid kk

  • Sasha why do you say your mom is stupid?

  • Whatever so mr kk and you lied so there mr kk

  • About getting back yesterday you are correct but we had some problems. Emma was raped yesterday by a schoolmate.
    I am sorry we did not get back to you I hope you will forgive us.
    We do love you Sasha.

  • What mr and that what i think my dad did to me mr kk and im crying now for emma my sister mr kk is she with you mr kk

  • Yes she is Sasha and she is shaken up a bit. We love you Sasha.

  • Can you tell her im sorry mr k and if she wants to be friends mr kk and say i love her mr kk

  • Sasha I am glad I told granddad what happened and the two boys are arrested and they will go to jail where they belong.Emma

  • Im crying emna and you are so brave kk and can we be friends kk and its ok if you dont want to kk huggs xxx

  • Sasha you can be my sister how about that.

  • Reealy emma kk huggs xxx

  • Sister yesterday when those boys tackled me and on held my arms down the other one had my legs pinned down spread apart and he forced his p**** in me I tried to scream I just could not. He filled me up with his sperm and I was glad they were interrupted by a teacher coming into the storage room. The teacher was smart and took a picture of the boys. I called grandad right away and those boys were arrested.

  • Your so brave emma kk and i cant stop crying here kk for you i love you emma xxxx

  • Sister how about a hug and kiss from you please.

  • Kk sister i love you and i wish i was there to hugg you xxxx

  • Sasha we will be back I need to get some clean clothes for school Wednesday/ I love you Sasha talk with you soon> I needed that hug thank you thank you.

  • Kk sister and i love you very much kk

  • Sasha I am back I want to give you a hug and kiss.

  • I forgot you might be sleeping I am so sorry.

  • Im here emma my sister kk huggs xxxx

  • Im here emma kk huggs xxxx

  • Here is a hug and kiss for you sister.

  • Can you sleep in my bed my sister kk and i think your so brave and my mom wants me to go to bed and i dont want to kk huggs xxxx

  • Remember sis I sleep nude is that going to be OK?

  • Emma do you have a bedtime kk huggs xxxx

  • I go to bed sometimes early and sometimes later. I have been a good girl to my mom so she allows me to know when I should go to bed. She tells me if you feel sleepy the next day then go to sleep earlier just a suggestion. You know my mom is right. I quit fighting with Mom a long time ago I did not want to get spanked any more.

  • Emma when did you last get spanked kk huggs xxxx

  • Three years ago and I wish I would have learned earlier to obey my mom.

  • Like realy emma kk 3 hole years kk mom made me get in my bed rite now or else kk and are you in bed sister also kk hugs xxxx

  • Yes I am in bed right now.

  • Are you there sister kk huggs xxxx

  • Kk sister and can we cuddle and are you reeealy naked kk huggs xxxx

  • I am naked and you can see my pubic hair and my arm pit hair and you can see my b****.

  • Kk cool and if i take my panties off sister and promise you wont make fun of me kk huggs xxxx

  • Sister I was once like you I will not laugh. Besides you can see my button stick out when I open my legs apart.

  • Kk thanks sister and i took them of kk i cant wait till i get b**** and hair huggs xxxx

  • Sis you want to touch my button you can if you want to?

  • I dont bo sister kk and do you want to do stuff kk also huggs xxxx

  • What kind of stuff sis ?

  • I dont no sis kk and can i touch your b*** kk. hugs xxxx

  • Touch it or you can suck my nipples sis.

  • Reealy sis and you do that to somebody before kk huggs xxxx

  • My mom to be honest.

  • Emma your my sister now kk and m tired kk and are you able to stay with me kk plus you are reealy brave kk huggs xxxx

  • Sis let's go to sleep I will put my arm around your waist. I love you sis night night.

  • Hi rich and sasha is in bed with a red bottom and crying. i feel like a terribale mother. she was asking after you and angel emma. if its not late i will let her talk with yous. i apprecciate everything rich. am i a bad mother hugs xx

  • Amanda I think that Sasha needs to do chores to earn stuff like earrings and such. You probably are over spanking her and not gaining. She is turning to resentment. Hopefully Thursday we can get her to become better with her sister's help.

  • Hi rich and im tired and feel bad. would you like to talk with sasha a bit hugs xx

  • Hi rich and i will let sasha talk with you for a bit and im a bad mother hugs xx

  • Hi rich and hope your well and angel emma. sasha was a complete brat while out and i cought her stealing ear rings i had refused to buy her and threw tantrum inbshop. i almost wanted to spank her on the spot. i told her she could talk with emma and you only if she has a bath at 7 and in bed with a spanked bottom before 8. if not she does not realise it yet. but i will bath her myself and still spank her and put her to bed. im hopeing she will submit to it herself rich. paitents is needed badly here. love to all amanda hugs xx

  • Morn rich and first of all my love and hugs to all and extra hugs and kisses to my sweetheart emma. i would love for her to cuddle with me later for a bit if she would like that. just to comfort her rich and she is a treasure. i want to thank you and your little angel emma also rich. she kept sasha very quite chat with her. i know she is thrilled to have a sister and especialy an older sister. emma is a doll and a gorgeous child. sasha is certainly taken to her as she is you. i smiled as i checked in on her and her arms wrapped around her big teddy again and covers fallen off and her naked as day she was born rich. i just kissed her and coverd her and she did not budge. i need to go out later and will have sasha with me. please wish me luck and so you no what she is vwareing. white jeans' white t, shirt with a red love heart on it saying angel' red trainers and white panties with red love hearts all over them and matching ankle socks. i hope yous have a good day rich love amanda hugs xx

  • Im glad you love me emma kk and i love you also my sister and we can hugg each other good night sister huggs xxxx

  • Reeealy and no mess sister kk huggs xxxx

  • I guess so kk and i dont want to go to bed kk and mom says i have to kk hugs my sister xxxx

  • Hi mr and she f*** spanked me kk

  • Sasha my beautiful and awesome girl. Are you worried again?

  • What mr and worried over what mr kk

  • You worried about school?

  • Maybe a little bit mr i dont no kk i guess a little bit but it is not just that mr kk

  • Sasha what else is bothering you ?

  • Ye whatever so mr kk i new you would not get it mr kk

  • Does not matter mr kk and nobody gives a f*** mr kk and its cool mr kk and my mom did a dumb chart with lots of dumb rules and things mr kk

  • Sasha you can tell me I care so much about you sweetheart. I really do.

  • My dad is gone mr kk and he did stuff mr kk and i f*** hate him mr kk and he never f*** loved me mr kk and i dont care anyway mr kk and i dont want stupid dumb chart mr kk

  • What did your dad do to you he forced you to do things ?

  • F*** you to so mr kk and i dont care mr kk

  • I cant say mr kk or my mom will f*** hate me also kk and im better if im not live anymore mr anyway kk nobody gives a f*** anyway mr

  • Sasha it was not your fault your dad forced himself on you to suck his p**** or to put his p**** in your bum hole. He hurt you and that is not right at all it is not your fault never think that.

  • He only done it when mom was out mr kk or mom was down stairs sometimes mr kk

  • Did he try to put his p**** in your v***** also ?

  • I dont like say it mr kk and put it in my v***** also mr kk i hate him mr kk and he hit my mom. and me mr kk

  • Did he hurt you while he was putting it in ?

  • Of corse mr kk

  • Sasha he raped you and he should go to prison for this.
    Remember Sasha I will never hurt you I really care about you and I cry because you got hurt. I am crying right now.

  • But how are you crying for me mr kk and you dont no me mr kk and my dad said im bad mr kk mom is in my f*** ear now mr kk say i have to have a bath soon mr kk and i dont want one mr kk

  • Sasha I love you no matter what happened to you. You are a wonderful girl that was not treated well at all.
    I cry for you because I really love you and I want you to be happy and safe.

  • Fine whatever mr walk away thennand see if i even care mr kk

  • Sasha I had a phone call from Emma and I need to pick her up I am sorry that I was away from you. Sasha we will talk after your bath OK. I love you I will let you know when I am back.

  • Hi rich and please contact me when you get this please hugs amanda xx

  • Amanda I am back.

  • Hi rich and my heads all over place her. i will let you talk with sasha and just to inform you i did have too spank her after her bath. she broke mirror in bathroom and called me some horribale names and slapped my arm twice. her bottom is glowing red and even as i spanked her. she was asking after you rich. she is taken with you rich. i told her she can talk with you and though not to think for one minute would you allow this type off behaviour from her. i bed she could do with a cuddle off you rite now rich hugs xx

  • Well Sasha why did you break mirror ?

  • What you f*** talk about mr kk

  • Sasha I heard you broke a mirror.

  • And so what mr kk its only a dumb wall mirror anyway kk and who told you mr kk

  • Sasha you keep breaking things you will have nothing to break. I know you will start ripping clothes then what ?

  • It was my moms fault anyway mr kk

  • Because she said something to you.?
    Mirror are not cheap they cost money. Are you going to work to replace it ?

  • Plus my mom had no f*** rite to spank me mr kk

  • Why are you get involved anyway mr kk because just my moms friend like mr kk

  • I know you don't like me or any man . You do not even like your own mom.

  • Ye see i f*** told you mr kk

  • Your the one that does not like me mr kk

  • Sasha I love you so much words can not describe. I know your pain. Do not be angry at me.

  • You are the one who is being mean to me mr kk and plus my mom reealy f*** hurt my bottom worse ever mr kk

  • I will always love you just like my daughter.

  • How do you no you love me mr kk

  • I want to hug you and tell you that everything is going to be alright. I know that loving you that you will feel warm all over.

  • You mean like hold me in bed mr kk

  • If that is what you wish I could cuddle with you.

  • I dont no mr kk only if you want to i dont no mr kk im confused mr kk

  • I know it is difficult to trust me. I assure you I will love you as a good person should.

  • Do you have a teddy bear pretend it is me as I lay next to you and cuddle you.

  • I have a big huge teddybear mr kk and it takes nearly all my bed mr kk and do you think my mom was bad for spanking me with bathbrush mr kk

  • Your mom wants you to be real good and not get in trouble ever. She would be very happy if you loved her and listen to her and not be bad.
    Sasha you can pretend the bear is me and I will cuddle with you.

  • Well mr she could just put me in my room kk and im hold my big bear mr kk

  • Tell Mom you are sorry that you will do better.
    I love you so much.

  • What mr but i told you she spanked me with bathbrush mr kk and she should say sorry also mr kk

  • She feels bad enough that you do bad things that she needs to spank you. Your mom would be the happiest if you never get into trouble or break things.

  • I did it mr kk and mom said you and her are go to talk about my chart tomoro mr kk

  • Sasha I am so proud of you and I love you so much.

  • Morn rich and thank you. im going to wake sasha up in a minute and get her to get sorted. we have a meeting at 11 this morning. she was so tired last night and out for count. i feel so guilty rich and she had her biggest teddy beside her and bottom was bared and stick out. my heart was torn for her. one arm was wrapped around her teddy and other on her llittle bum. im broken for her rich and would lay my life down for her and give her my last breath. she is such a handfull and i know she is hurting so bad and i feel guilty. i told her we would talk about this chart i did for her and then she could talk with you about it rich if thats ok. im going too have her in her school uniform also rich hugs. amanda hugs xx

  • Amanda you do realize what her dad has done to her. No wonder she is lashing out and blaming you for everything.Now we need to work on the healing process.

  • We are home from meeting at school rich. can you talk with us when you get a chance please hugs xx

  • Hello Amanda and Sasha I love you both.

  • Thank you rich and your an angel. meeeting did not go well and sasha cursed at them and threw a chair over in the office. she is thrown a full blown tantrum here and has now broken her music player rich hugs xx

  • She needs to see a counselor that can help deal with her dad's sexual abuse of her.

  • Can you try calm her rich please. i tryed to hug her and get her to talk and she just curses me out rich. i think she could use a nap as she is so upset and scream her head off rich. if you go to top off page rich and she wont see these. i will tell her you are looking for her rich hugs xx

  • Night night.

  • Did you and mom say yous will talk tomoro about chart my mom did for me mr kk

  • Fine mr i go to her now kk

  • My mom says alot your nice mr kk and you no mom used bath brush on my bottom mr kk and do you think it was mean of her mr kk

  • Your mom has this type of discipline to make sure you behave real good.

  • But mr not spankings kk are not nice mr kk

  • Is emma staying with you mr kk tonight kk

  • Fine mr kk and i will have a bath and i dont want to though mr kk

  • Would you not of let my dad do that then mr kk and mom says 5 minutes and bath mr but im notbin humar for a bath mr kk and she f*** says she needs to talk with you and she must think im like dumb mr kk because she said if do what im told i can talk with you after it mr kk and im not wnderrfill mr

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