Kids help line- what about human adults helpline?

They argue and argue and fight and her dirty looks and his drinking they are 70 and I am in my 40s and I feel battered and abused by them and everyone and actually do want to be rescued from after a while of her convincing me for years my needs the day the therapist said to me. I thought, yeh, I never thought about life like that but maybe I should be rescued but by someone way better then most of the idiots and the rapist! one does want better in ones life! do I look like someone who wants old farts and fat bald men annoying me for a f***? NO! It would be nice if some cute men with someone important to offer me did however!

how I hate you you b****. and want to make you suffer for all you have made me go through and are you any happier for seeing me suffer you fat old s*** J!

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