Five years ago, I had s** with my Aunt. I moved up north after a really bad break-up. A month later, my Aunt moved to the same city. We were never really close growing up, but she was around quite a bit during my childhood. We were both pretty bored with our new location, so we started hanging out at random dive bars together. Then one night, we both got really wasted. Drunk and lonely, we started talking about our miserable lives and the difficulty of adjusting to everything. Before I knew it, we ended up having s** in her car. It certainly made for an awkward situation afterwards. She moved away shortly after, and neither me or my family has heard from her since. I've never told anyone, and probably never will.

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  • When I was 13, I first rammed my aunt after she unexpectedly walked in while mum was riding up and down on my erection. After that, she let me ram her whenever I wanted her. My uncle never found out about us.

  • I was 14 when mum got her sister, who was staying with us fir two weeks, drunk and let me hump her. I'd been in a sexual reationship with mum for 8 months, and she would do anything for me. I'd asked mum once what she thought Aunt Doris would be in bed. Now she was letting me find out for myself.
    We undressed Aunt Doris, and I rode her on the sofa. Her love-hole was tight, but not as tight as mum's; she moaned and groaned the whole time I was ramming her.
    Mum let me have her once more before we took her upstairs to her room. Then mum and I went to mum's bed where I rammed her 3 times before falling asleep.
    In the morning, Aunt Doris blushed when I came down to breakfast. Then she smiled and said, "You're better than your uncle, you know. I'll let you have it again, but I'll be sober next time."
    She kept her promise, and I had her quite a few times before she returned home.

  • Find her. Hire one of those locations outfits that advertise on the Internet. You need to get in touch with her again. And maintain the contact. Do not -- DO NOT -- let her get away from you. Reestablish the relationship. Renew the s**.

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