Ughh I'm so tired of woman cryin about no wanting to have s** after a baby, 6 weeks is fine, most men have no problem with that h*** we already know that in advance, but after that time stop making excuses and give us something to help us restructure the relationship, it's not fair that woman have s** before the baby and then after stop cause they don't feel like it, the same way women need understanding and compassion, men need s**, and if men arent understand woman have a problem, well If men arent gettin s** it's a problem for us too, if ever newborn came with a prostitute and a life coach everybody would be happy and relationships would all work, but they don't so all we can do men and women is deal with it, cause life's a b**** and then you DIE

Or am I wrong about the topic?

Apr 23, 2016

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  • You quoting Nas at the end? Lol. But nah you don't get it, it takes a toll on a woman's body. No one is really in the mood when they are exhausted, even if they are, they don't have energy.

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