This will be a long one!

I hate my sister. Not even in a sibling rivalry, sort of angry, type of way, I mean I REALLY hate her. I hate everything about her. She is a selfish, self absorbed b**** who doesnt deserve the air she breathes. I wish I had never met her and I cant wait until I can get away from her and cut her out of my life for good.

I am sick of being the better person. I'm sorrounded by irresponsible lying douche bags that have no idea what work ethic or integrity are. They whine all the time. They suck the life right out of me. I am sick of carrying their stupid a****. From now on they get their own work or fail on their own. They arent my problem.

He wasted years of my life. Now he whines that no one wants him. I did until he proved he has no sense of appreciation.

Best friend my ass! What sort of best friend uses and manipulates a person for their own selfish gain? You used me, you tried to guilt trip me into being the person you wanted me to be. One that wanted to be with you. Well I cant stand you. I hate the way you talk and your stupid cologne stinks. I hate everything that you love. I dont care about your stupid sports or your annoying mom, I hate when you contact me and then get mad if I dont carry the whole conversation. I hate your facial expressions. I hate that you think your cool and that you try so hard to be. You are unitelligent and it drives me insane. You have no manners at all and wouldnt know what tact was if it opened your door for you. No one likes you, no one thinks your funny, and your an embarassment to be around. I hate that you brag about going to the gym all day everyday but you waste your time there working on nothing but your arms. You still have a gut, no one cares how big your arm is. It just looks fat. I used to like talking to you but now everything about you bugs the h*** out of me.

Yep thats right ladies I hate you too. I am trying to help you with a career and you run off and hit a girl in the face with a bat. Who the h*** does that? Are you really THAT uncivilized? now you are mad at me for dropping you? Hello can you say liability? Not to mention immature and utterly stupid. You cant even carry on a conversation without turning into a neanderthal and clubbing everything in sight? and dont threaten me. Just because I know how to be professional doesnt mean I dont know how to be a b****. Quite frankly I do. I can make your life a living h***, I just wont get caught.

and YOU! You backstabbing lying b****. Did you think I didnt see right through your power trip? I knew you were trying to steal my job from day one. Why do you think I never trained you? I know when to protect my position, thats what got me where I am today and thats also whats keeping me there. I'm doing you a favor, your too stupid to do the job anyway. We gave you simple tasks for practice and you blew it. If you cant handle that then you'll never to be cut out to handle my job. You think I dont know but the best part is your about to get a rude awakening on just how much I have been enlightened about your little scheme.

You guys are perverts. Quit talking to girls about s**. We dont care. If we want to talk about s** we'll bring it up. If we arent talking about it its because we dont want to talk about it so SHUT UP!

I'm sick of impossible goals and nothing getting done and wasting time just being here to be here. I'm sick of smiling and taking the higher road, always listening, always being there for you, always being the happy one, the reliable one. I hate you all for taking and never giving a damn thing back you greedy self absorbed p*****! I'm not asking a lot. I dont ever ask you to bail me out, I never ask you to help me. I deal with my own problems I fix my own mistakes. I dont cry to you I dont make you listen to me. I'm polite and observant, always ready to help. Do I ask more than I am willing to do? no. Do I ask even for an equivelant of what I do? No all I ask is that you SHUT THE H*** UP once in a while and give me my space. Give me a day where you dont ask me for things, dont talk to me, dont belittle me or yell at me. Just give me a day to hide out by myself. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is

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