Boyfriends uncle, how it all started

my boyfriend was living with his uncle, me being 20 at the time, my bf 23 and his uncle about 42ish i guess, so i stayed most the nights round there and i went to town ine bight without him, he had work early next day and i got back at about 3 in the morning, his uncle spottes me getting back in a taxi and saw me suck off the taxi driver for payment for the ride, (another story for another time) so i came in and got confronted by him saying he was guna tell and that im a w**** and such but before i could even denie it he told me that he was guna f*** me and he would keep it to himself, still drunk i agreed even though i hated him, he was always perving over me he made my skin crawl, i told him to f*** off and we started insulting each other i called him a p**** and a c***, he called me a s*** w**** and b**** but before i knew what i was doing i had him holding my head, his dissgusting d*** in my mouth and my boyfriend asleep in the bedroom as his uncle grinded my mouth with his c***! with every chance i got i called his a a******,p****,c*** until he had enough, my bf must told him that i do a*** because he bent me over the kitchen table, pulled down my jeans and almost forced his d*** into my ass, he spat and lubed up alright but it wasnt long before he was f****** my ass over the kitchen table, pulling my hair spitting at me calling me names, his d*** never entered my oussy once but i came so hard as i fingered myself as he pounded my ass till he shot his disgusting s**** in my ass, i f****** loved it, i loved the feeling of being a w****, being used and despite hating him, it was amazing and so hot getting f***** by someone who i dispised as a person, after we came, pretty much together at same time he pulled me down and nade me clean his c***, i tasted my own ass on his d*** before he spat on my face, called me a w**** and left to go to bed,
after that every wednesday evening he would get home same time as me and about an hour before my bf, same as friday mornings he would bend me over and f*** me in the ass, this happened for about a month, sometimes he came in my mouth, sometimes my ass, few times on my face and t*** but he never once put his d*** in my p****,

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  • Was his a*** clean

  • I would love to f*** your beautiful ass sweetie

  • So let me get this straight, you cheated on your boyfriend with one his family members and that guy just f***** you in the ass only

  • Yea and henalso f***** my mouth

  • Your a right dirty little w**** arnt you? did u ever play with your p**** while he f***** your arsehole? or was the c*** in your a*** enough to get you off?

  • Well most time he held my hands behind my back so i couldnt play and other times like when he f***** me over kitchen table i would hold onto the table to reduce the noise, but whenever he f***** my mouth i would play with myself

  • How did he f*** your mouth? what position did he have you in? and how rough was it?

  • He f***** my mouth in one of three ways, sometimes id b on my knees, hed hold my head and pump into my mouth and cheeks, sometimes hed be sat down my head in his lap or his favorate was my head over side couch so he could duck my open mouth and i could take him all the way down my throat, i still remembr his b**** slapping into my face,

  • And you loved it?

  • I wouldnt be confessing it if i didnt

  • What where u wearing that night? the whole outfit?

  • Red strapless top, i think... jeans and boots

  • Did he just pull your jeans down or did he strip ya? what were your boots like? what type were they?

  • Pulled my top down and pulled my jean down to my knees bend me over the table and f***** me till we both came, my boots leather knee high high heeled

  • Mmmm he wanted your body and sounds like he had it, you said he f***** you loads more? what else did he f*** you in?

  • Never dressed up for him, like i said i hated him, although one time after s** with my bf i had dozed off still wearing some hold up stockings, woke up went out for glass water n met him in the hallway, wearing just them long tshirt, he had my tshirt off, layed me longways on the sofa and made me deepthroat him till he came, pleasures myself as he used my throat for his pleasure, other than that it was just normal clothes

  • That was hot!
    Now about this taxi story?

  • Well i knew him and had a sort arrangement with him xxx

  • Ooooh, go on? :)

  • Not much to tell, knew him thru a friend of a friend, she sucked him off for a few taxi trips and told me to offer the same, i did and about 5 times he gave me lift back from town as long as i sucked his d*** n swallowed

  • That's awesome!
    Anything happened since?

  • With my bf uncle? no

  • With either him or the taxi driver?

  • No both them fizzeled out, i sucked the taxi driver off only about 5times in space few months and my bf uncle only happened over a month, that was year ago now, but.....i have still had my moments

  • Had your moments?

  • Confessed on here before, "cheated on boyfriend with 3guys"

  • Was that a recent confession?

  • Kinda happened about month or so ago

  • Your a right nasty b**** arnt you?

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