I just read a story of a deranged man in Vermont that let his sexual fantasies get the best of ham & unfortunately his young niece became a victim of a brutal rape and murder. Wake up everyone ...young girls be very careful on the computer and even with relatives-you never know what is in the back of someone's mind. No one should have to live in fear and I'm not suggesting that, but please be extra conscious on how you behave publicly and privately because it can be misinterpreted by perverts and thus such and cause major problems. I used to have all kinds of sexual fantasies but thank God never with minors. If you have a problem with this type of addiction or behavior please get yourself some help before it is too late for you, your loved ones, or someone else who is innocent and vulnerable. I hope everybody reads this especially young people so they will be more aware of their surroundings and potential major problems caused from something so simple as an innocent smile or trying to act to choose ones and/or people you know. God bless all of you

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You have no idea what the real story is. Many underage girls want s**, have s**, get pregnant. When are we going to all grow up and stop punnishing people for being sexual. Why do we only punnish the person that is over 17? Age of consent is different state to state, country to country.

  • All the pedos hang out online and prey on children. I can understand giving the children knowledge about predators, you should start when they are just old enough to understand "private parts" and good touch VS bad touch. However, I think most of the responsibility should fall on the parents. There are ways of checking what your kids are doing online and who they are talking to. It is about the parents getting involved, and knowing what their kids are doing. My mom was extremely protective over me (lol before internet), and I was never molested, touched innapropriatly, or otherwise. When I was a freshman in highschool, my teacher made some comments to me about me maybe "liking older guys". . .because my mom taught me about things like this, I went and talked to my counselor right away. . .never saw the teacher again! LOL

  • My sexual fantasies got the best of ham once.

  • Your computer association with older guys is not cool either. Ninety percent of the time they are after a lot more than friendships (referring to under age girls). They seem exciting and trusting and curious to you online, but if you have seen dateline you know what can happen and even worse. I am so thankful to be out of that scene but I can still help by spreading the word. If you do not like what I am saying you may just be one of the so-called men I am referring to! Stay alert ladies!

  • Thanks you are a caring person

  • People like that guy in Vermont have issues to begin with and it would not matter how a girl behaved, if he had an obsession with young girls he would satisfy it regardless. But yea, be careful who you find yourself alone with too. Also, guys remember there are lots of young females out there pretending to be over 18. Word to the wise.

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