I need help, please no hate!

I'm 12 yrs. old, I'm bestfriends with a 14 yo girl and a 16 yo boy. The boy is the girls brother, I look as old as them even tho I'm only 12 [ height, weight, etc ]. But I like/love? her brother, I tease him,[not sexually] and we talk/text All the time. I can never stop thinking about him, I've even had a few sexual fantasies, and even unsexual fantasies [ Us having kids, Being married, Just hangin' out when we older] about him. No one knows I like him, but my family thinks I do, but I denie it to anyone and everyone who asks, cause I don't think he likes me that way. Than I have to remind myself how to most love does know an age, because I'm 12 and he's turning 17 later this year [2014] but he's sixteen [almost 17] and I turned 12 a couple months ago. I dont want to tell him because we are bffs and this could potentially ruin our friendship, and his sister is my best friend so it could ruin that too, and no one in my family would agree with the relationship if we ever got into one together. Please help, I honestly have no idea what to do, and I'm a tomboy so it's hard for me to talk to anyone [considering me and my mother can't stand eachother, and I grew up without a dad] and no I do not have daddy issues. But please help me, I know its socially wrong for that age gap but please no hate and please help me?!


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  • Crushes never last what you like now you will be asking yourself what was I thinking when your 16 . Enjoy the crush but never cross the line or it will mess everything up .
    Safe s** = No s**

  • Its the one who wrote this, and I'd like to say thanks, and he did get a girlfriend, and we're still best friends but I don't really like him anymore and I' like to thank you both. Because I know I sounded like a crazy lady, and you still answered the question, so sincerely thank you guys/ladys.

  • Your welcome :)

  • I think you do nothing and just enjoy having a crush on this guy. Probably not what you want to hear, but what you should do. People say age is just a number and that can be true when you're older. But when you're young and growing up, the differences can be really noticeable. You two are in very different emotional, physical, mental maturity stages in your life. Middle school is not like high school. And lets say you do go on a date or hook up or whatever and you like him more than he likes you..or it just doesn't work out. You can't tell his sister, she won't want to hear about it. And she may resent you thinking, you're only friends with her to get to her brother. Who knows..just throwing out scenarios you have to consider. The fantasies you're having are pretty normal considering that you like him and your hormones are raging. Keep the texting tame..no sexting. The more you talk to him, the more attached you may get and that could be an issue should he get a girlfriend. So just be smart about this. You want to keep them as friends. Being a tomboy shouldn't prevent you from opening up to people. And who knows, maybe later when you both are out of high school/college there could be more of a chance of something really working. But if you value your friendship with the girl and even the guy, then you probably shouldn't try anything with her brother. Sort of sucks, but you just keep your feelings to yourself on this one.

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