My girl friend PUNKED me out!!!!

My gf introduced me to a*** not long ago
Aat first it was on she would tounge and finger my ass. Then one day she brought home a strap on. That night she lubed it up with baby oil and kept going till she got it all the way in. I squirmed around while she thrusted that thing in and out. Then out of nowhere I felt like comeing and man it was so intense. I loved it. Then she started doing it to me regular. One night shhe brought a strap on from the bedroom that was so big I thought no way that's gonna go in me. Then she led me back to the bedroom she rolled me over ony stomach then she got out some handcuffs and cuffed my wrists to the bed posts. I thought she was just playing but then she put that big monster domg on. At this point I was nervous as she was putting baby oil on it and stroking it. My a****** started to quiver as she tried to slide it in. I could barely stand it as my ass started to stretch b**** started laughing and kept on working it till it was in. Then she started going in and out till I swallowed this big monster. She said that's it boy I knew you could take it all. She then f***** me hard for 30 minutes or so. I then heard giggling behind me and noticed two iof her friends back there even though I was cuffed. I felt totaly embarrassed and wanted uncuffed my gf said relax. Then friend put the strap on o her waist and came over and started working it in me. When it was done all three of me took turns on me. I'm embarassed they all got me good, but I still like it in the back door.

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