Girlfriend tease in public

My girlfriend likes to whisper things in my ear to give me an erection in public. She's amazing at it and I can't stop getting hard. Getting up from the table in restaurants, standing in queues, she even managed it just before going out for a test drive (that was awkward!).

Occasionally she gives my d*** a gentle rub instead which gets me instantly erect. And she's only managed it few times, but has made me c** in my pants. Once it left a very visible stain!

Last week she got me hard in a bar waiting to order and the girl in front stepped back and I poked her bum with my d***. Fortunately I had dark jeans on because I came there and then!

I'm meeting her mom tomorrow and I'm terrified!!!

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  • I totally wish I had a girlfriend like that

  • I mess around with my hot older sister, and she does this to me all the time. Will say things to me like "How nice does my ass look in this tight skirt?", or, if wearing something revealing, tell me to "Look down my shirt and tell me if my b**** are tanned enough". She'll also use her sinewy, long nails (our shared fetish) on me at the most difficult times, at gatherings, and once, to ease my stress, before a court hearing with my ex-wife. We were outside the hearing room, alone in a hallway, and she reached her hand over, braising her nails over my crotch. I got up instantly, and thought..S***, the hearing is in five minutes, and I'm hard as h***. Know it's noticable!

    Went to a friend's kid's recital a few months ago, and sat next to her. We were playing around, touching, etc, the entire time, then, the song before intermission, tells me she's going outside for a smoke, and "come watch her lips suck on a menthol", with a quick crotch rub. She knew the lights were coming on in a minute, and, the friend would see me stand up. Thing is, I love when she does this to me!

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