My room mates puppy discovered my pocket p***ies

I was in japan 2 months back and came upon this adult shop that sold these things called onaholes, basically fancier flesh lights. I bought 2 and took them with me to NYC.

I booked an airbnb in Bronx with 2 medics in the army.

They gave me lots of privacy and I'd use the onaholes at night almost daily. God those things feel amazing. Anyway, the host of the airbnb bought a puppy. I left for work today but my door wasn't fully closed. I usually hide them under a pile of clothes. The puppy came in my room and I guess smelled my old j*** and lube and found them.

The awkward moment when I got a text from my airbnb host about how the puppy came in my room and rummaged through my clothes. And how he told me to close my door from now on. All I could think about was this puppy chewing on a silicon p**** sleeve and this weight lifting, study 6'7 guy discovering his new puppy chomping away at it

I still haven't made eye contact with any of my room mates. But when I got to my room, the onaholes were covered up with a towel that wasn't there before.

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  • Someone's looking out for you. :P

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